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  1. But did you see him eating that soup?? I expected a screenshot of that to show up here. Made me not want soup for a while. shudder

  2. The story is that a couple was sitting at the bar, at the same time as the woman's ex-boyfriend. Apparently words were exchanged between the two men, then the ex walked over to the current boyfriend and shot him, then shot himself. Ex-boyfriend (shooter) died at the scene, current boyfriend was taken into surgery (condition unknown), and someone nearby was hit by shrapnel but was okay. Crazy shit over here in the Wild West.

  3. Her entire storyline is fake. She's actually honing her acting skills to parlay them into a role on The Young & The Restless.

  4. Yeah the booing made me sick and absolutely infuriated me. Mac handled it well, but who knows how that shit will affect him mentally. He's so young. Since when did the people sitting in those seats in Gillette become such absolute fucking disrespectful garbage people???

  5. This has a southwestern desert feel which is leaving me confused about the "first snow" comment

  6. Santa Fe and Taos have lows in the 30s right now, definitely cold enough for snow!

  7. How is this guy affording multiple rings & sweatshirts & delivery fees....

  8. She doesn't know how to unlock the door of her own house that is definitely not an Airbnb or anything....🙄

  9. Happy birthday! We share our birthday with.... Kim Kardashian, unfortunately 😄

  10. She didn't strike me as an animal lover, yet here she is with a guinea pig on her head.

  11. Looks like their comedian friend "Jiggy" (Mark Jigarjian) from the Hard Jimmy office nickname episode.

  12. Looks like a very close copy of their other location.

  13. It is except the sound system & visual effects are much better since it was built from scratch. They also have their own restrooms steps from the bar area, unlike the original.

  14. Looks amazing! What was your favorite drink so far?

  15. The Lady in Lace was very fruity and delicious. I watched all the drinks being poured around me and walked out with a long list of what I want to try next...

  16. See if those troll skull mugs are limited and if they are hold on to one for me!

  17. Aww Mang, thank you for running recon though! Would you happen to know if it's a limited edition or an open edition mug?

  18. It says, "Released Sept 2022, production 500 units". I'll post the entire merchandise list when I get home.

  19. That poor duck just wanted to enjoy the Angelo's pizza.....

  20. I love hearing about these kind of run ins! My only one has been stiffler from America Pie in LAX. Not as cool 😂

  21. I'm jealous - I've always thought he was adorable and he's one of those celebrities who's super private - no social media at all (which I appreciate) so it makes running into him somewhere even more interesting...

  22. If he hadn’t been with Carly, I wouldn’t have even recognized him. The last time I saw him was about 4 years ago, and he had a lot more facial hair.

  23. Oh I was responding to the comment about Seann William Scott 😉

  24. I guess she thought he was supposed to embrace her with open arms and tell her how much he loves her and missed her after she tore his car up and woke up the whole neighborhood. So embarrassing that he behaved the way he did, right?

  25. Exactly. This was the first time he'd be seeing her since her weight loss and she also had full makeup and hair done (well, that hideous ponytail piece covering her cotton candy hair) and she expected he'd hear her voice, run out and hug her, compliment her weight loss and fawn over her. When he didn't, she was embarrassed. It's all about him not fawning over her like her online "fans" do.

  26. "If someone you know is dating multiple inmates..." Hmmm let me check with my friends at the next happy hour 🤣

  27. Sure, he's never had any formal obstetric training, but his business cards say he's a Doula and an Empath. Such a gem!

  28. And now, ladies and gentlemen, we take a moment from our normal Truly and Bulleit promotional ads to bring you an inspirational message from Chambong...

  29. How dare you speak that way about a mother and her child... 🤭

  30. She was fake sleeping in this pic, but she farted and ended up with this pic💨

  31. Bill also said that he’s friends with Trump.

  32. Trump likes criminals that don't get caught... pretty sure he'd never be caught dead with Bill.

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