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  1. The hideous tattoo that makes it look like he has a tracheotomy hole in his throat 😑

  2. OK I looked it up on Yelp... It's not even an actual spa, it's billed as a "weight loss center". Despite being open for several years, it has exactly zero Yelp reviews. Rent in Cincinnati must be cheap for this place to stay open with no customers outside of the LAL cast! Photo of lobby shows they sell tacky jewelry, shapewear, and their own foam wash for... your lady parts. Sign on door says "Now booking private bridal showers, Bachelorette parties, and Girls night out" 😆 Jesus. No.

  3. Yeah when I traveled to Japan, I briefly considered sneaking my edibles that I use for insomnia. Quick Google search and realized it is NOT worth it. I'd rather not sleep for the entirety of the trip than spend 8 years eating toilet ramen in a Japanese prison cell.

  4. Another point in the direction of a substance related death: Why was she in long sleeves in July? I didn't see any tattoos that would be requested covered in a professional environment. That leaves two reasons, and one of them happens to line up with the other indications of a possible OD.

  5. I'm in sweltering AZ, and I wear long sleeves & pants to work because they keep the air conditioning cranked in the office and I'm always freezing in there. Doesn't mean it has anything to do with drugs.

  6. I'm gonna go ahead and write my will now, because if I ever run into one of these babies, it's pretty much guaranteed I will hug him, and pet him, and squeeze him......

  7. It's easy being a good dad when you have all day to spend with your kid because the child's grandparents are financially supporting your child. He wants to have 10 kids when he isn't even able to work full-time to support his first.

  8. Did anyone notice if any family was in the court room? He was awfully wrinkled so I don’t think anyone dropped fresh clothing for him for court

  9. I read that the shirt & khakis belong to his attorney's son. Doesn't seem like his family is supporting him.

  10. I think they're beautiful and I love mine 🤷‍♀️

  11. I feel like all their scenes (especially that one) comprise of terrible, scripted acting. Did they break up before shooting started and they're just reenacting their break-up for the sake of giving Katherine a storyline?

  12. The little plaza in Mystic is a good move. Deviant Donuts or Mangos Pizza are pretty solid

  13. Ugh, please. Just the first scene alone where she was explaining that she was unpopular in high school, but now everyone wants her!!! She's Venita, the popular influencer now!! Then complaining how mentally & physically taxing influencing is. 🥱 She's trying waaay to hard. So what -- she has a lot of dresses (that were gifted to her or she just has a shopping compulsion?)... is this a skill now? Is this what we should applaud & admire people for? Vapid and boring.

  14. Her telling us that being an influencer involves “so much hard work” made me roll my eyes.

  15. It's so challenging that she needs a personal assistant. 😑

  16. I share the same affliction and I was yelling, "At least recycle the cardboard carton!!!!!" (yes, we recycle paper & cardboard where I live....)

  17. Thanks! When the flower eventually dies, should it be trimmed off?

  18. Yes, once the bloom dies, you trim it close to the plant's base. I have one too :)

  19. Thank you for your help! It's a nice plant, I have a bunch of pothos so a change in texture was welcomed.

  20. Yup - very easy to care for also. I was surprised when mine first flowered and I had to research it... now I look forward to the blooms every year!

  21. I just picture him standing on a ladder in Home Depots lighting section to get this shot. You can't tell me he's not hiding in a chandelier. Lmao

  22. They're sending security over to the Ceiling Fan/Looking Glass aisle as we speak 😄

  23. Sidenote: Facetuned Lewds would make a great band name 🤭

  24. Considering how many women are killed during pregnancy by their partners, this isn't far off the mark. (Seriously, it's crazy, homicide rates go way up for pregnant women.)

  25. True. Google "leading cause of death for pregnant women in U.S." The answer is homicide. Imagine how much worse those numbers are going to get... disgusting.

  26. Oh dear, the thrill is gone for Woody! How will all of us marginalized women sleep tonight when this upstanding member of high society has lost his zest for his career?! We must take this to the streets...

  27. When he said she was raised with "too much freedom", that's it for me. He should go the fuck home if that's going to be his attitude. We don't need more people in this country that oppress women.

  28. But she gets to drink alcohol and date! Look at us American women, too high on freedom and autonomy!!!

  29. It's the standard reality show recipe. Someone always invites the odd man out to the big event to stir things up. It happens every season on this show.

  30. Oh yeah, if Naomi had just turned a blind eye with all his lies about the bar, sitting at home doing nothing while living off of her and her parents she could be enjoying his success lol. She has her own success.

  31. Not to mention his addiction to Adderall (and possibly coke, if rumors are true...)

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