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  1. Well it's certainly painful. I would imagine it's not good for your health long term. And if that's the case you should certainly do the things the make you anxious since that is how you overcome anxiety (not that I'm a good example of this, I avoid a lot). I'm not a doctor but I'd imagine it would be good to get over the anxiety so you don't have your anxiety hurting your heart for a long time, even though it might mean increasing heart activity for a short time.

  2. Yeah, I was shocked halfway through the song when I realized I knew this story. I love the way Adam sang about faith in this album.

  3. It’s the best song on the album, in my opinion

  4. Sorry to hear it's been such an excruciating experience for you. How long have you been forcing yourself to keep in touch?

  5. You can get online therapy from therapists trained by David Burns like Matthew May. Just go to his website. He is usually pretty expensive and doesn't accept insurance although sometimes you can get your insurance company to reimburse you, and May has people who he oversees that charge less.

  6. I'm on a 10 month plan to go from 37.5 to 0. I reduced my dosage by 10% every month. I have to use a scale to weigh the beads. Haven't noticed much physical symptoms that I would normally associate with withdrawals.

  7. Probably not, but you might have ED due to some other factors. Can you not get hard at all? Do you get morning woods? How old are you? there's so many factors that can cause PIED and the recovery is different for everyone.

  8. I wonder if it's my age. I'm 37 but that still seems kinda young. I can get maybe 70% hard. Yes to morning wood but maybe 70% max hardness

  9. More than likely you are fine tbh. I had a lot of the same worries when I started so I did a shit ton of research, granted I am about 17 years younger than you are but a lot of the anecdotal stuff I read were stories from men ages 30-40 that beat PIED. I still wouldn't rule out everything else when it comes to ED though. Could be worth getting it checked out/getting medication.

  10. Thanks for the encouragement man. I hope you're right. I should do some more research of my own.

  11. Christian here. A lot of christians say this about Christianity: "it's not a religion, it's a relationship." I understand my fellow christians don't like the connotation of the word religion, but I think the saying presents a false dichotomy. Yes it is a religion. The New Testament even uses the term religion to describe what God wants from us: "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." James 1:27 In addition, part of that religion is a relationship with one's creator, and the primary characteristic of that relationship should be love.

  12. Don’t know if you’re male or not but if so you could try getting your testosterone levels checked. I found out mine were very low and just recently started testosterone replacement therapy. I’ve heard many guys who said they felt happier, more energetic etc with treatment.

  13. It greatly depends on the quality of your therapist and your commitment to do the work and make changes.

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