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  1. The fuck does that even mean? Do you understand the situation with China and baby formula? Chinese nationals in both NZ and Australia effectively rape store shelves of baby formula and send it off to China because China can't produce their own quality product.

  2. Is that because they can't afford the ink anymore?

  3. Well, we know there’s no doubt now, but when the news was reporting it, they didn’t know that yet, so they reported it as such.

  4. No. The article is dated today. All of what I wrote was well known yesterday.

  5. The article is made in July 29th at 16.55 tho? I’m pretty sure this news only around since 14-16 hours ago. Unless it’s in the 28th then I guess I’m wrong.

  6. This could be a timezone difference but I am seeing the date on the article as "Sat 30 Jul 2022 01.55 AEST".

  7. China is clearly going to come in and take over one day - it's just a matter of when. Anyone in Taiwan that doesn't like the idea and has any options to get out, should do so soon. This ain't Russia vs Ukraine; when China comes, it'll all be over pdq, and the West isn't going to (be able to) do anything to stop it.

  8. I presume you're being sarcastic. I'm sure Taiwan has been preparing as best it can, but they'd be foolish to think they can rely on the West for any meaningful support. Just ask the Ukranians about that (and the West had plenty of foresight about what was going to happen there - what good did that do?) And Taiwan is not a large place, and China's armed forces are somewhat better prepared, better armed, and larger than Russia's.

  9. Firstly, the US has already stated they would help defend Taiwan.

  10. Russians have a ferry there, they can certainly escape if they really want to. Which would be preferable to everyone (especially Kherson citizens). Fighting to the death would be the worst scenario

  11. Would be a shame if something were to happen to that fer...

  12. Finally! It's always "Russia warns" and "Russia warns". Refreshing to see "Ukraine warns" for a change.

  13. They're wearing advertisements the whole time....for betting companies. And they don't give a shit.

  14. Sure. As long as the world turns your way, all is ok. As soon as something happens that doesn't suit your agenda, bam, people can shove things up their arse. Nice

  15. Oh that would be tasty. But can the HIMARS target targets like that?

  16. If they're on the ground yeah, but it would be monumentally stupid for Russia to land their aircraft within HIMARs range, let alone their top-tier stealth fighters, of which only 5-6 are combat operational.

  17. "monumentally stupid" is Russia's middle name.

  18. Then go tell that to Secretary Stoltenberg

  19. Why? This is a discussion between you and I.

  20. Then back up your claims that a border buildup would be hard to find a spot for and that the entirety of the Russian ground forces are tied up in Ukraine.

  21. That's right bitches, keep bleeding yourselves dry of funds. This will only lead to permanent alternatives.

  22. Oh not a good idea. They'll be (even more) royally fucked in a few years.

  23. This is just my own conjecture, but the Russians in Transnistria happen to be sitting on one the largest ammo dumps in the world, one that is in very poor condition and within artillery range of the Ukrainian border. If it were to be destroyed, the resulting explosion would pretty much obliterate the bulk of the Russian force. Along with a nearby village, unfortunately…

  24. Would that be a shame... the village, I mean.

  25. I think Russia has to go through or around Odesa to reach Maldova. And that'll be an insanely costly operation for Russia to do that. They can't even get Mykolaiv.

  26. And that'll be an impossible operation for Russia

  27. To balance all the posters with suspicious account histories all saying some combination of "They should be funding healthcare instead" like clockwork on every thread about Ukraine...

  28. Putin Warns West Current Russian Order Is Over and New Era Is Coming

  29. Seems people don't quite understand the usage of cunt, and how is not always derogatory.

  30. Ok mate, and this is where I finish. Take your attitude some place else. If you can't have a conversation with someone with a point of view you don't necessarily agree with, then what the hell are you doing here?

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