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I hate when tictacs rattle, so I built this.

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  1. Please make palmless gloves. All finger warmth, no sweaty palms.

  2. Please make biking shorts that are actually functional heating pads. My hips would be forever grateful.

  3. Living in Vermont, that might be a bit too necessary for me.

  4. Modern Day Mr. Chindogu! Great Work!

  5. I do technically break a few of the official rules of Chidogu though!

  6. What I really wanna know is what is your husband up to in his camera roll 😳

  7. I filmed this at 7am on thanksgiving when I knew no one would be around 🤭

  8. His profile literally has pinned links to his youtube account where he advertises his store. This guys is one giant meme advertisement.

  9. Yeah I am very blatantly advertising here on Reddit. All you have to do is see this post, then click my profile, then click out of Reddit to a YouTube link, then watch a YouTube video where I mention a store, then go to the store that I mentioned the video then realize I don’t actually sell any of this stuff in the store and it’s just some shirts and socks that say Unnecessary on it.

  10. Why is your prototype build quality so good?

  11. I have a full design studio with a number of 3D printers + other tools. Plus I have gotten good at creative angles when filming. Like in this one I only ever show the left side on the inside of the arm so you can’t see all the wires going down on the right side arm. But this was fully 3D printed in a couple different parts.

  12. I literally just got like 5 of these dudes videos in a row

  13. Yo! Just seeing this - you should have gotten an e-mail with everyone who ordered the hoodies. They are currently stuck in customs with DHL - trying to get them to my studio ASAP but seems like it's just a waiting game :(

  14. I don't have his username on here, but he purposely makes useless products.

  15. are you based out of burlington vt?? this looks like the top of church street!!

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