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  1. I hear lost in yesterday at target all the time and freak out every time

  2. I’ve been saying this from the start of casa!!!!

  3. This is my first time coming on the sub since the season started because I haven’t been caught up but I’m so glad other people see him as a knock off Justin Bieber!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Do you think they got him out of there early enough for him to not be on tonight's episode? I'm hoping we see him gone tonight instead of having to wait until Sunday to see it go down

  5. Wait what happened with Kyle?? 👀👀👀

  6. fav album <3 so literally all of them but if I must, privilege then wasted times then call out my name

  7. Whoa before I read your first sentence I thought the EXACT same thing, he really do be looking like a total Greek god tbh. I haven't read the books but have seen that he gets a character assassination, I hate it when an author doesn't know how to handle a love triangle and just makes one of the love interests a horrible person out of nowhere. I was thinking about Shatter Me recently and how it did the same thing.

  8. Literally same!!! I was telling my family exactly how he looks like a freaking Greek GOd in the scene where his mom paints his portrait while she’s high and he’s shirtless with the leaf crown on…..

  9. No they’re literally so beautiful, i have to say it every time he comes on my screen

  10. So does Henry only end up marrying Clare because Ingrid commits suicide? Or does Ingrid commit suicide because she knows the love of her life is pre fated to be in love with someone else? Which came first?

  11. He’s so manipulative!! I definitely believe he prolonged taking her to the birth center in hopes that she’d be too far along in labor to receive the epidural

  12. Do people like kaylen and her parent’s actually exist in the world??? What is wrong with these people?? Jason’s parents too?? How much of a door mat can a person be?? What’s with these parents that are scared of their kids? Wtf are the kids gonna do? Kaylens parents are afraid she’ll cut off contact even more... but she’s not in their life as it is... and they legally can make her come home... Jason’s parents can really get away with saying stuff because the kids live in their home.. Jason’s sooo independent.. so kick him out.. see where they go. I’m disgusted at these adults . I’ve never known of parents being afraid their kids will be mad at them . I am now thinking this may be how people that age, that now have teenagers, are like this and this is why gen z is so messed up. I hate kaylens parents more than I hate Jason... grow a pair and save your baby!!!! Idc if you have “anxiety” or you’re “scared of losing her” . Fucking do it! Make her come home now! Even a few months of her being under 18 could make a world of difference... it could easily just take getting away from Jason for just long enough to focus on her baby and such , to never go back to him...

  13. I literally want to laugh dead in his face every time he says “I’m an adult too” as a way of saying he should be able to do whatever he wants and not answer to anyone. Like no! Being 18 does not make you an adult. If you want to be treated like an adult then act like one!! I wish so badly that they would kick him out on the streets so he can see what it really is like to have adult struggles. And that way kaylen could go back home to her parents…

  14. That was horrible to watch he’s so possessive over her. I love how he said “I’m an adult and I have plans”. No, a REAL adult would have not scheduled plans with friends or at the very least not drag his girlfriend to HIS plans with HIS friends so she could spend time with her family 🙄

  15. He literally put a time limit on how long she got to spend with her parents!! So sad. I really wish literally anyone would speak up for her since she clearly can’t do it herself.

  16. I used to love her but this was always the one thing I did not like about her and still probably my biggest issue because It’s like she refuses to wipe their dirty noses!! She just leaves them all the time with boogers running into their mouth to the point where their noses are literally red, sore and raw. Why leave their faces dirty?? As an adult, you would not walk around or post videos of yourself with boogers running down your face so why the girls?? It’s not cute or okay. It must be so uncomfortable for them

  17. Unfortunately I don’t think she is going to change anything until something very bad happens to one of the girls. I don’t think this incident it’s going to deterred her from the tik tok money she is getting. It’s very nice to see a change in the comments and just no only her Stan praising her every move. I also think a lot more people are finding this Reddit because the Stan’s are such idiots that think by calling this Reddit out it’s helping them and it’s just making people aware that there is more of us not agreeing with what Maia is doing. Hopefully she stops now before it’s too late because I think it’s only going to get worst. But sadly like i said I don’t think she is going to do anything about it because the money is too good for her to let go sadly.

  18. That’s exactly how I found this Reddit 💀

  19. Well, yeah. Jason’s an abuser, if she talks back to him she’s putting herself at risk. Plus, she’s pregnant, and she’s probably worried that he’s going to leave her/nobody else will want her. Her parents love and miss her unconditionally, so she has nothing to lose. It’s really sad.

  20. Jason’s parents having more money definitely plays a huge role in it as well. It’s so sad to see her putting up with the abuse just because she prefers the life they’ve given her rather than her own :/

  21. I honestly can not believe a person like Jason exists… He’s wholeheartedly one of the worst people I’ve ever watched

  22. Anyone selling Boston 3/16 GA tickets?

  23. Selling a boston ticket in loge 1! $130 fv

  24. On Track would've been nice but he cut Posthumous Forgiveness for it...I definitely prefer PF.

  25. I’ve been begging for him to play on track but not at the expense of PF 😭😭😭😭😭 I’m genuinely so sad. I really hope PF returns for Boston

  26. Y’all I’m confused. The scene with the Nate and Maddy where he traumatized her with the gun to get the disk back of his dad and Jules was because he didn’t want his dads name ruined so that he could inherit his company. The he just turns him into the police himself?!

  27. Him giving it to Jules instead of destroying it himself or giving it to his dad makes it seem like he did it more to “be the good guy” and right his wrongs with Jules or at lest redeem himself because he genuinely did like her and felt guilty for what had happened

  28. I don't see it either with Shayne but this once again show's us that beauty and good looks really are subjective. There are a few other people from this season i wouldn't call hot when others do. So in the end we all have our opinion and none of us are right or wrong.

  29. I’m very much aware which is why I said to each their own. I don’t think anyone is right or wrong but I do personally think some of these opinions are crazy 😭 and possibly racially motivated. That’s just my opinion tho!

  30. Hard to tell. Some might be racially motivated when others are not. In a way this makes it impossible to say anything 'bad' about POC because people will say that it's racially motivated. Not really fair imo. Lauren (season 1) was the most beautiful woman of both seasons, Iyanna is imo the cutest woman from this season but i don't think Deepti is that beautiful, same about Natalie and the white chick with the double chin (i'm horrible with names).

  31. Yea I agree with you 100%! In no way am I saying everyone who’s saying she isn’t pretty is only saying so because she’s a POC or because their racist so I really hope it didn’t come off that way. Its just a little bit questionable to me when a very average looking white guy is being considered the only “above average” person on a tv show that has multiple POC that I would say are more attractive than him. I honestly didn’t think Deepti was very pretty at all… or the white girl who’s name I also can’t remember 🤧 Natalie was alright. I thought Mallory had a very pretty face but I only found her attractive when she didn’t have those dead curls in her face. Iyanna I think ofc was very pretty but I wouldn’t say “hot” or “sexy”. She literally looked 14 😭

  32. That’s so incredibly sweet of Chloe to think of Madisson and make something special like that for her on what is supposed to be her day.

  33. The second to last photo of her husband and his friend (I’m guessing) gives me the ick 😵‍💫 I honestly don’t know a single thing about the guy except for what I just read in the last two minutes on this sub about their wedding being extremely fast but he definitely looks like a total weirdo in that photo

  34. It's so bad people on the FB pages think Madisson is Meghan!

  35. I literally just saw the new season’s promo for the first time on TV and came RUNNING to the sub to find out who the mystery blonde next to Brandon was and you’re trying to tell me it’s Madisson???? 😭😭😭😭

  36. I mean really when you zoom it could be either but no way Meghan makes the promo over Madisson when Sam, Joe, Jordana etc aren't even on it. Its so funny how bad it is! Lol

  37. Yes I definitely agree now that I’ve looked at again it has to be Madisson! but holy shit!!! They did not hold back on the editing 😭

  38. I was literally crying tears every time it switched to his house and Lexi’s face watching his empty seat

  39. The entire dawn fm fake radio station thing gives me aionwell/rushium fake pharmaceutical company vibes. Don’t know how to explain it

  40. I don’t think it’s weird at all! I think it’s adorable he really loves her like she’s his own and wanted to show that by getting a tattoo dedicated to her. Maybe the placing is weird 😭 but I think the portrait and the font of her name actually came out very nice!

  41. The one where the teacher intoxicates and fucks the student and it’s all good in the hood?

  42. The one where the boy’s fantasizing about his teacher and at some point she swallows him whole, rebirths him then tosses him away… iconic

  43. Totally agree, the way the video transitions from real life into animation as things get psychedelic is most iconic.

  44. I can see why it’s so controversial tho 🥴

  45. Tell her how you feel! Sometimes girls can be very oblivious so she may not have any clue how you feel about her especially if you guys have been talking for a while and you’d yet to make a move or said anything to let her know you were into her. Maybe she thought you friend zoned her first?

  46. I’ve been refreshing since 10am and GA tickets finally popped up on Ticketmaster at $250 each 🙃

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