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I thought all you mean angry jealous Bully Trolls only projected hate, negativity, & crazy conspiracies in this chat room???? 🤔

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  1. Why is it square?? If you zoom in on it, it looks square and hairy. Is that what fake Spanish belly buttons are supposed to look like?

  2. Is that him speaking because I don’t see his mouth moving.

  3. The 2nd slide is effort # 47,068 @ trying to present herself as mysterious, quirky & weird.

  4. Ooooof she's mad. What's wrong Hillary, did Alec go to the Paul McCartney tribute without you last night?

  5. I fucking loved this movie when I was younger. It’s called “Running with Scissors” based on the book by Augustin Burroughs and Alec has a very minor role as the deadbeat dad.

  6. HiLIARia was too busy growing up in Spain to know this movie. I bet AB didn’t know at the time his earnings would later fund a fake Spanish liar’s many facial surgeries.

  7. Hilz looks like a blue veined throbber with a mushroom tip artfully concealed

  8. The best part of that interview to me is after she is asked that question… And you can almost see the fear in her eyes. She was not ready for that question. She had already scripted in her head what she was going to say To be cutesy and engaging. She has the IQ of a fence post

  9. She opened her mouth and stalled. I could see that little hamster spinning around in the wheel in that empty head of hers.

  10. Doordash on back order until she gets one with olive skin and honey dipper eyes 👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶🏾🍯👀

  11. She’s already admitted to slowing down but I don’t see her quitting because she’s greedy.

  12. I have never heard of boys doing this and am married with two sons and have five nephews. I asked my sons if they witnessed that while away at college and they said no. So who actually uses “pee buckets” and why?

  13. My brothers or male cousins never did this type of thing but then they were supervised and weren’t neglected.

  14. And. FURTHERMORE, what CHILD would be able to urinate in such a small bottle without getting it everywhere - all over himself, the floor, other kids and why would anyone encourage this?????

  15. It’s almost as if she’s proud of it by posting it. She needs to pay closer attention to her herd of props. Now it’s pee bottles, next it’ll be drug paraphernalia she finds.

  16. Unlike HiLIARia, I work 2 jobs and don’t have endless free time and have hired help to clean up after me so it can be a challenge to keep up with this sub sometimes. 🤣

  17. She went from a delicate Spanish flower with delicate olive skin to a full fledged Spanish farm worker with sun damage.

  18. Zoom in on the first pic and you will see hemorrhoidal anus lips. 🤮

  19. “Super awkward photo of me” screams insecurity. I see a normal teen but she obvs sees something diffront.

  20. What is with the bizarre mouth movements?

  21. That’s what the typical person does when they get home from work. You don’t “work” so you wouldn’t know.

  22. I feel like I am losing IQ points when I read her nonsensical posts.

  23. Blah, blah, blah..the words matter not, just an excuse to show her fake boobs.

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