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Cruelty to cats.

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  1. Godsdamn, that post history. What an angry little bitch you are, OP.

  2. Yes, we should all be civil to the nub named "Fuck Commie Redditors" who just happens to like posting alt-right, racist propaganda.

  3. I don't know exactly what article this is in reference to, but one thing that really drives me crazy is when this is cast as a rural/urban divide - "We have to understand that these poor rural people blah blah blah." It's so condescending. I grew up in a rural area. I live in a rural area now. I've also lived in cities. City people aren't smarter than rural people. On average they are more educated; but rural people often have more first hand experience with the value of vaccinations. Rural people who have livestock know damned well the value of vaccines and medical treatment. Usually they're the ones applying the drench or giving the animals the treatment. Rural people who don't have livestock almost all have friends or family members with livestock so first hand or second hand, rural people know this stuff. This isn't about book learning; this is about stubbornness and willful stupidity.

  4. There was a whole "Head of the Class" episode that addressed that, iirc

  5. Holy shit, didn't think I'd see that show mentioned. That's some middle-GenX stuff.

  6. That's the episode where I learned why barns are red

  7. I work for the state as an environmental geophysicist. I work for home Depot on the weekends due to just buying a new car and wanting to pay it off asap. I'm new at home Depot. Today I opened with a girl who told me she was a director or environmental health services for a nursing company. She was making 180k a year. She said once the vaccine became mandatory she quit mainly because it wasn't her choice and they were forcing her. I said, well I hope you enjoy your 14 dollars an HR. She said she loved it here and wanted to work her way up. She likes how they don't make you get vaccinated. She also told me that even though the home dept lets you decide to get vaccinated, she is still not vaccinated, she had to move into a trailer home, sell her cara and buy a cheaper one off Craigslist, and her husband left her for making this decision because once she left their kids lost health insurance What a fucking idiot.

  8. I don't know about any letter, but if you don't know the US has been funding gain of function research on viruses, you just haven't been paying attention. It doesn't stop being true just because people in D.C. are now trying to politicize it because of Covid.

  9. You sure seem to have strong opinions for someone who doesn't know shit.

  10. Of course! Don't you know literally anybody can, without training or range time, outdraw a shooter who is already aiming at you? Now go buy a dozen before Biden takes them again.

  11. I remember seeing a stat that said only like 2% of all gun fights were solved by a “good guy with a gun.” The bulk were solved by cops, and a not insignificant chunk resulted in cops shooting the “good guy.”

  12. EJ Bradford. Shot in the back while going after the actual shooter. Police let him bleed out while patting themselves on the back. The shooter got a state over before they caught him.

  13. "Things are going to start happening to me now!"

  14. Who was he actively shooting at the time he was attacked on the ground?

  15. Ah, I get it now. Your arguments make sense when you decide you get to arbitrarily decide what words mean.

  16. Why don't you try making airplane noises when you want to shove words in people's mouths?

  17. I assure you my reading comprehension level is adaquate for anything you have ever attempted to read.

  18. Damn, you're so lazy, you're demanding other people read it for you.

  19. The part about them having to leave because it was unsafe for them. Maybe read.

  20. Actively reducing their own audience seems like a dumb idea, but... OK.

  21. Their target audience has 4+ children. They've always got an imbecile ready to take their place. Like shark teeth.

  22. Well that one's gonna get a lot of people canceling their newspapers.

  23. The people offended by this don't get their information from reading.

  24. I just read that article too. I am so sick of the medias stance on this issue - spreaders of vaccine misinformation are never treated as the problem, we are. 😡

  25. Antivaxxers' feelings > safety of the community. It's unfortunately all over reddit, people scared to be intolerant of intolerance.

  26. Normally people just create one or two strawmen but apparently OP's got Santa's imaginary naughty list.

  27. Indoctrination of kids, is the name of the game. Take back your local and state school boards.

  28. Yes. We should get rid of standards that make our graduates more competitive and implement science classes that teach humans lived along dinosaurs. That's totally in our children's best interests.

  29. Yes so I can agree with these Americans. That's what I'll do... Get into the vaunted, internationally acclaimed... American public school system.

  30. any school system would be an improvement compared to whatever it is that made you who you are.

  31. Coulda shot him right in the face and got off with some mild gun possessions charges ,and being a minor probably almost nothing on those. This is literally why guns exist, to defend against assault.

  32. American conservatives unhappy with an election.

  33. Maybe memeing isn't that important to them. Why should it be?

  34. Funny enough, it was Reagan that did come for the guns after he was shot

  35. Before, too, in California. Where he also legalized abor tion

  36. lol here's what Fox News is going to cover for the rest of the week.

  37. Hey look, a valid criticism! Let's see how many months we can milk it!

  38. In your mind, to better the lives of the people. In a libertarians mind, to restrict the freedom of the people. If the government wants to regulate a regional water supply, most libertarians would agree with that. If the government wants to tell me how close my deck can be to my fence, most libertarians would say that’s fucked. Those are obviously extreme examples but they are so to make a point

  39. Everything you love requires regulation by The State. Maybe get new hobbies if you can't live in a society.

  40. Plenty of time to get over to sporting goods and back. J/s.

  41. The officer asked Karen if she was "Concerned about Section 1" to which she confirmed she is and this could relate to either Section 1 Firearms offense, or Section 1 Terrorism Offense, both "reasonable" grounds to actually stop and search someone, had it been valid.

  42. "Are you concerned about this particular issue that could allow us to legally inconvenience him?"

  43. No, I she's definitely a giver, if the price is right. Her account keeps getting deleted, probably for the prostitution.

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