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Alex Jones is a legendary hero to the USA and to planet Earth. For decades he has been screaming the truth out to the world and educating all of us on the NWO even while being called a madman or controlled opposition. He has directly woken up Tucker, Rogan, CIA/FBI people and world leaders. TY Jones

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We basically live on a prison planet.

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  1. Size doesn't matter lol. And these are the strongest. Don't know where you heard that they aren't as strong as regular PE

  2. Yea they're definitely not talking about potency. You actually have to call them to make the payment when you order and they specifically say it's for microscopic use only lol

  3. Oh, you have to call them to complete the order? That's... different than what I'm used to.

  4. Sorry but I respectfully disagree, they knew EXACTLY what the were doing. The real question is.... are they all in on it?

  5. Please clarify something for me... as I'm understanding it as you believe "they" did everything over the last 2 years with the express intent of crashing the world economy... is that right?

  6. It's basically the end plot to Fight Club. You reset the debt, and everything goes back to zero. Populations are growing weary of their governments and are increasingly difficult to control without the use of heavy propaganda. Corporations and shadow agencies run the world anyway, governments are such an outdated thing. Insert the the NWO that usurps all authority under the guise of a newer pandemic that is intentionally set upon the population once again. Complete with all sorts of fear porn, the people will either do one of three things. We tear eachother apart in the chaos. In desperation, turn to a new system established under some form of Marshall law. We reject it all, and create small community based societies that cooperate and behave ethically to eachother and the planet. I'm for the third choice. It seems like it's the only way humanity gets a pass at making it through the next 30 years as a species.

  7. McAfee sold his company in the 1990s for 100 million and he pissed away the money no he was never a billionaire. The company he sold became a billion-dollar company afterwards.

  8. "Better to live a short life full of things you love instead of a long life spent in a miserable way" --Alan Watts

  9. What's even crazier is how often I keep reading this statement today... who's trying to push a narrative here?

  10. Yeah, look at this one's history. It's a bot or a paid shill.

  11. He's already been busted twice that I've seen in this thread forgetting to log into his alt account so yeah... this thread is an operation

  12. Wow you missed the entire point of the OP, sorry you don’t sound capable of understanding it even if it were explained verrrry verrry slowly to you.

  13. Once again... you forgot to swap to your alt account you feckless cunt

  14. Especially since if he was still a Democrat, there probably wouldn't be much coverage of this story

  15. I'm thinking the Cuomo brothers sure wish you were right

  16. I used this calculator here and it seems to be close to accurate.

  17. Good ol' Mexican brick weed that reeked of diesel

  18. Man, it sounds as if we need a federal agency to set standards or something, huh?

  19. Same with any ad hominem really... libtard, soy boy, repuglican, npc, etc. are all the same low effort attempt to attack the person because they don't have a position to begin with.

  20. I'm surprised you can type with Jones' cock shoved down your throat

  21. This is a well established Nazi symbol. Obviously not every Ukrainian soldier is a Nazi, but you're a fool if you don't think there's a lot of them.

  22. You're a fool if you think this somehow justifies the invasion of Ukraine.

  23. We have minimum age limits for government office... we need maximum age limits too.

  24. Ownership is primal, dude. Ooga booga I hunt meat, as I am roasting, you ooga booga over to the fire I made and start eating it? Unless you a cavewoman them's fightin actions

  25. For the animal side of us, yes..., but to be human means to overcome the instincts of species propagation and self preservation and putting someone else's interests above yours.

  26. It is being made a prison planet. Essentially it is not a prison planet if we choose to as a collective. There is no free will in the systems that are setup, and humanity is run by the systems that are setup, so no free will. Humanity is unconscious and can't see the bars of the prison they are in, the biggest bars are propably the corrupt money system which holds humanity down and make the parasites richer and also people that prefer profit over balance (greed).

  27. I remember hearing decades ago that Humphrey Bogart was related to the Queen

  28. Once again... not to the level it matters, I think.

  29. I'd like to hear as well because my assumption is that being religious does speak to his policies because religious folks are on average out to ban homosexuality, women's rights, abortion & birth control

  30. You'll never fill that hole you feel in the core of your being this way. This approach is designed to make it grow.

  31. Because the hole doesn't exist. You were conditioned to believe it was there but once you realize you're a whole being that does not need to improve your quality of life improves exponentially.

  32. Bro, you did just the opposite. Get ready to have a fun trip!

  33. I'm starting to get the feeling the Russian Propaganda Engine is starting to get jealous that Ukrainian propaganda is so much better

  34. It's because they can't handle the idea that their entire life has been a lie, they can't handle the fact that we are starting to grow in numbers ever since the 2020s started and the elite began their fuckfest of a plan to make a worldwide dictatorship. They've given more proof than ever before now with the world economic forum stating that a crash is coming and a new world order is too, but because of how they've been taught they get Stockholm and cannot accept it and would rather be dead than accept it in extreme circumstance.

  35. That’s a question I ask myself a lot. I take solace in the fact that I know I could be wrong where is the people I disagree with tend to believe without ever considering other options.

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