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  1. Hope the 3 of them take over the whole of IPL with different funny ads.

  2. Ab koi nahin bolega how sweetly Salman came to Divya’s rescue when Aamir abandoned her during the concert. Magar footpath aur blackbuck ke jokes karke “cool” zaroor banenge. No wonder why these losers will only copy each other and never stand out

  3. I don't know, I guess maybe because the "good deed" of performing at a concert doesn't excuse murdering a bunch of people?

  4. Go ahead exaggerate everything. Cold blooded Murder aur car accident ka farak nahin pata jinko woh yahaan gyan pelte hain. Kaafi log hit and run bhi bolte hain jab ke accident ke waqt uski gaadi wahin pe atak gayi thi aur phir police ne khud Salman ko bola yahaan public jama ho rahi hai aap ka ghar kareeb hi hai hum aapko chhod dete hain. Hit and run tab hota hai jab maarne ke baad gaadi samed tum bhaag jao. “Bunch of people” did not die kiddo. It was only one and that’s really unfortunate but don’t demonize him for that. He was at fault for being careless. But so are all the other people who make those insensitive footpath jokes. At that time they forget someone lost their life. But those lowlifes think at least we are better than Salman.

  5. Lmao I am not supporting and caring about an abusive lover, a careless driver, a person who hunted an endangered animal, and someone who insensitively dismisses rape as a passing metaphor... just because he performed at a concert instead of Aamir lol

  6. Idk why people are hell bent on victimizing him. He had a lot of screen time. He had more character depth and screentime than Padmavati. In fact his role was more significant than Kashibai.

  7. Not at all. Kashibai was such an interesting character who had a diverse amount of scenarios to play with, leading to a range of expressions and interactions that carried the film

  8. No, it's on lazy writing that failed to give Shahid any room to act in besides the exhausting and annoying theme of "Hum Rajput hai, hum righteous hai, hum cheating nahi karenge". Shahid did the best he could with a character who had absolutely nothing likable abut him. There's a reason why a few actors before Shahid refused to play this role.

  9. It does have a slight undertone of her looking down on Taylor herself

  10. uh...Taylor gets a lot of flack for it or used to at least, has she been living under a rock? in fact her relationship is still scrutinised despite being in a stable relationship for years. it's true that she'd be scrutinized harder over here, if you wanna be private you have every right to be but what's with that dumb reasoning of hers lol

  11. Hey can you please explain to me what this is about ?i mean i have no idea what terrible two ban was ?

  12. There was a huge influx of Ranveer-Ranbir-Alia-Deepika-Katrina posts, with each one talking in a negative manner about the other. A fan war was going on basically, so the mods had banned the use of "Ranbir" and "Alia" in the sub (Terrible Two) to counter the influx

  13. I am sorry, OP, why do you think this was funny and why do you want to paint all "insiders" with same brush ? What's your definition of insiders anyway ?

  14. One thing I learnt on this sub is that privilege will always attract hate no matter what you go through while having it.

  15. Lezz gooooo Kartik Aaryan Best Actor for BB2

  16. Deepika talking about people that look good but once they open their mouth its a different story🤦🏻‍♂️

  17. Yes that’s my point he could have been much much bigger, now poor guy gets slotted with Akshay and someone from the newer generation who we aren’t allowed to mention this week on the sub lol. I think the latter would have been a great superstar after Hrithik

  18. I personally feel Hrithik's like a bridge that's between the Khan, Akki and Ajay generation and the RK, Ranveer generation. He isn't as big as the Khans (almost was once), but he's much bigger than Akki and RK. It's hard to slot him somewhere.


  20. It was supposed to be directed by Paul schrader not scorsese he was just going to produce it n As great as they r dicaprio n scorscesse have planned many projects n shelved them for various reasons (recently a tv series with keanu reeves)

  21. The poster says the same thing

  22. The post title doesn't n most ppl dont read a FAN MADE POSTER. U Talking as if this was an official poster.

  23. The post title doesn't say Scorsese is the director. Just that he's involved as well. And I know this is a fan made poster, I'm just saying you're correcting for no reason since the director credit already has Paul Schrader on it.


  25. Okay honey that's enough reddit for today

  26. I live in Alabama and my fiancé works in a hospital. Guess I’m even more fucked than usual!

  27. The article says it's only a threat for people who have a very weak immune system.

  28. I've probably come across this fungus since I work around folks in Healthcare facilities.

  29. Apparently the article says it's only a threat for people who have very a weakened immune system.

  30. Curious case of Shahid's bad reputation and the role of good PR agencies.

  31. It's a shame Sid Malhotra can't act well, he would've been great as a Dhoom villain for the new gen

  32. An underrated performance, but she has such chilling and creepy expressions in Ek Thi Daayan

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