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  1. Fix the light off the Grindstead exit and you've fixed the highway traffic 99% of the time.

  2. I was there last week and noticed the green lasted longer than usual. Maybe they fixed it.

  3. Same thing happens a lot when a line of thunderstorms rolling in from the west hits the Ohio River. Loses all structure and reforms over Frankfort.

  4. “Oh Right, The Poison, The Poison For Kuzco, The Poison Chosen Specially For Kuzco, Kuzco’s Poison”

  5. The more life you’ve lived, the faster time seems to go.

  6. Pretty cool, wish it was longer. Besides Billy, I recognize Sam Bush, Michael Cleveland, and Bela… Can anybody fill me in on the rest?

  7. If Bela ever releases this officially I will definitely pay for it. Til then, I am watching this over and over.

  8. Oh wow.. Mario is trying to time the market. Thanks for the video.

  9. This is the one who, if you watched only this one, looks like they understand what they are doing because they are making all the right moves. But that's survivor's bias. What you don't see are the 999 runs that failed.

  10. Cold: Below 40 and/or pouring rain and I'm running the treadmill. I don't like wearing more than shorts to run in.

  11. “Bluetooth capability” is a what I avoid when buying most appliances.

  12. I suddenly realize, "wait, how am I reading if my eyes are closed?!"

  13. Bioshock, KotOR, WC3 (original), Legend of Zelda, and all of their sequels (for better or for worse).

  14. KOTOR in 2004 played no small part in me flunking out of college for a semester.

  15. "Can" but for every one that does there are 999 who lose most of it.

  16. He’s not very smart. He’s very stupid. Honestly, he’s not an intelligent person.

  17. He's a modern-day sophist. He can make arguments that sound reasonable but is really just Gish galloping and moves the goalposts when he's called on something.

  18. My husband hates movies where something is completely silent until it needs to be noticed by the protagonist then is it suddenly 150 decibels.

  19. They should’ve included a subplot where all the main characters had hearing damage from firing weapons with no ear protection.

  20. Amino acids move closer, and closer, and closer,.. ehh, nothing happened

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