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  1. The Chewbacca & C3PO fake-outs were so avoidably lame. They instantly show Chewbacca alive so there’s zero time to process it, let alone have any emotional build-up. C3PO on the other hand is all slow morose build-up that ends up as comic relief and not mattering.

  2. My #1 Top 10. That record was so amazing when it came out

  3. I think you could drive over those bushes with a lot less damage

  4. It’s good they didn’t lose to those robots on Gilligan’s Island

  5. I’d watch A Hard Days Night, listen to Rubber Soul, watch Help and then listen to Sgt Peppers

  6. How big do you have to fuck up to make the Swiss not neutral?

  7. Loretta Swit played Hot Lips on M * A * S * H for the younger people out there.

  8. If you order 50 million lobsters, and don’t get a split colored lobster- the next 50 million are on us

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