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  1. “It takes a crew of 5 assistants to do these mass signings and we couldn’t do that during the pandemic….. “

  2. He didn’t finish the sentence “It takes a crew of five assistants (a total of thirty minutes) and we couldn’t do that during the pandemic.

  3. Yes, but imagine having to write your own name 900 times for only a half million dollars?

  4. I can’t believe I’m old enough to remember watching this live. You kids get off my lawn

  5. I suppose Kieslowski is semi collected considering he worked in series

  6. Sick Boy as the Prime Minister shows if you can stay clean l- you can accomplish almost anything

  7. I was told years ago in school it was “unprofessional” but the way I paint there’s almost no way to avoid it.

  8. Like a zombie it continued lumbering mindlessly for years after its death

  9. This just seems to be a list of television shows they want to put on a list. Did I miss The Facts of Life or is it omitted?

  10. There are only two seasons, and the second one is being shot now. The show ends where Rogue One starts

  11. Ragnorok was so good because it was unexpected and there was a surprise around every corner.

  12. Light pollution isn’t going away if the air cleans up.

  13. Interesting- but revenge killing probably isn’t a route the mouse is gonna take

  14. People who didn’t watch Boba Fett are going to be so confused why Baby Yoda is back already. I mean, all that drama about getting him back to his people, and then Luke showing up- and BY’s not even going to be missing from a single Mandalorian episode.

  15. So damn cheap. They needed to keep them apart for at least a season. Maybe cut back to Grogu for 1/2 an episode every few episodes.

  16. At least a season- have Mando deal with Mandalore, and have BY train with Luke and/or Ashoka.

  17. It’s a bold strategy Cotton, let’s see how this plays out for them

  18. It’s around the corner from the Moakley Courthouse. Walk behind the Barking Crab onto the Harbor Walk

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