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  1. Is it possible to just knock the can over or take off the cover?

  2. What's stopping the guy doing his own furry/hentai art?

  3. No way Candice anon even talk to a 9/10. She prob passed him up on her greet n meet

  4. If all the parts are there, I won't be complaining. If there are extra parts, that might be a bonus.

  5. Always wondered why those weapons and those turtles...makes total sense

  6. Oh, we all already know it is just a front for the Global Zionist Conspiracy! That is really old shit!

  7. Yeah, right?! Everyone knows that "CZG" is just backwards for GZC, which as you so astutely pointed out, is the Global Zionist Conspiracy

  8. LOL - why does the camera show her from the side??!

  9. There was actual proof at ours and the video was released. My stepsister went there and it's the only reason I know.

  10. I can accept that Cruise has the best exercise regime and dietician that his money can buy.

  11. He definitely has. You can tell around his eyes, but his restraint and the surgeon's skill are top notch.

  12. I'll take weird ear scars if I can still look like I'm 20. Besides the elegant surgical touchups, let's not discount the fact the Cruise has incredible self-control to maintain his body and face. It's definitely not all surgery

  13. When all those mysterious "little green men" showed up in Crimea and Donetsk in 2014, Putin said they were "concerned citizens" and "polite people". But apparently being a foreign "volunteer" on Ukrainian territory is only a good thing if you're Russian.

  14. Xi's just complaining bc that's the CCP's strategy while it arms up.

  15. Looks like a gay dad using a giant gay shield to keep the hetero monsters at bay

  16. Eggs do not cause increased cholesterol. Huge retrospective study spanning a decade showed no link exists between egg consumption and increased cholesterol.

  17. German just sounds so sexy when spoken by a beautiful, bouncy, screaming woman

  18. please don't be American....please don't be American

  19. Let me ask you. How likely do you think that they are NOT Americans?

  20. Couldn't tell if the music is American, and whether it's original to the scene if it is

  21. Wait, you guys don't pull out your dick eye as well...?

  22. Seems to definitely have Roman/Greek influences or am I mistaken?

  23. Well spotted - the Staffs Hoard helmet was a type called a ridge helm, which is made from several smaller iron or bronze plates strapped together with a strong 'ridge' from nape to brow (the Sutton Hoo helmet is also a ridge helm). The style originated amongst Sarmatian and Scythian foederati (levied allies) horsemen, and spread across the Late Roman Empire as they were deployed to various border regions. The reconstruction with the red horsehair brush makes the Roman connection even more obvious!

  24. How did they figure "optimal moisture retention"? If the pic is scaled accurately, looks like the water thoroughfares can accommodate 2 canoes.

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