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  1. For me, it's make my way to Caelid via the teleporter behind the Third Church of Marika to eventually make my way to the Night's Calvary north of Lenne's Rise... who I then cheese off the cliff and have a bunch of levels and Bloodhound's Step.

  2. Keep going and grab radagon's seal from fort faroth! You can sprint past the mobs in that fort, especially so if you have BHS. I didn't cheese the knight but successfully got in and out again first time

  3. I hate how the worst deathbird is the only one it doesn’t need to be night for

  4. I'm sorry to break it to you, but there's another in the snowfield and it's even nastier

  5. what are the funniest nicknames in the sport? for my money it’s keith “the dean of mean” jardine

  6. It's a fan nickname, but Dave 'Your Local' Branch

  7. Eh. I'm sure OP didn't mean to mislead, but Sage left on a 3 fight winning streak, and Barberena was an 8 day notice replacement against sage. By no means was he a worldbeater, but he did go 6-2 in the UFC.

  8. The UFC scraped the bottom of the barrel to give winnable fights to Sage

  9. "Sandman’ Cory Sandhagen, tough dude. Long, rangy – I do think if he went up to 45, he might have a little bit more success because he has such a long frame."

  10. Yeah that's honestly not a bad idea. He's never struck me as a natural outfighter either, he's learned to do it because of how his frame lines up with the division but his early fights are full of him getting in the pocket with everyone.

  11. His skills? Nothing he’s done has been considered egregious by UFC standards. He talks shit sometimes and is probably somewhat of a prick, but he’s one of the highest earners in the lower weight classes.

  12. His skills are undeniable but his performances have honestly not been impressive. He's fought two ranked fighters and looked straight up bad in both fights.

  13. An Australian Penrith? The British apparently copied the name of every single town they had when colonising Aus/North America didn't they. Always confuses me when I come across another one.

  14. K-1, RISE and the other Japanese orgs have much better fighters than Enfusion does

  15. Absolutely did him dirty with that lmao. Like he didn’t believe Francis trained MMA.

  16. Francis set the bar 🤷‍♂️

  17. Which ones in particular? Is it too saturated for you? (Genuine question as I want to improve as much as I can)

  18. It all seems super low resolution and over sharpened to me

  19. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll try playing around with some of the settings. Is there any in this set you like and which one is your least favourite ?

  20. I don't think low resolution was correct - more like low poly.

  21. Why do you say that? He's a little cringe but he seems to articulate exactly what I'm seeing at any given moment across 4 sports.

  22. Honestly, to me, he comes across like he doesn't know what he's talking about. In fairness though I only watch the MT/KB out of ONE, maybe he's better with the grappling

  23. I hear you. That's a tough gig. You're never going to make everyone happy across 4 sports. It's an insane task when you think about it.

  24. I've dealt with this. Don't stop with the exercises that are working - you'll only end up dealing with that pain day-to-day in a decade or two.

  25. She has said many times that there isn't a place for facists or facists nostalgia in her party, and that she condones anti-Semitism. Brothers of Italy is a right-wing national-conservative party that has nothing to do with fascist, being eurosceptic and not being in favor of illegal inmigration doesn't make you a Fascist lmao.

  26. Of course she says that. Fascism isn't legal in the country, she literally doesn't have a choice but to say that.

  27. Go to the menu, status, switch view & crop the screenshot

  28. This is lovely. Would make a good desktop background I think!

  29. A chimp ripped a woman's face off. They are also full muscles and have feet that they can use like their hands.

  30. This was a woman in her late fifties with serious health conditions...

  31. Who, in their prime, is the best BW fighter ever?

  32. The answer is whoever comes out on top from the current mix of contenders

  33. absolutely not, none of these guys are even close to prime TJ or Dom, I'd argue most can't even beat prime Assuncao

  34. I think Prime TJ and Dom were great, but the flashiness maybe made them look better than they were. Yan imo would beat both. Sterling, Merab and Sandhagen would be tough fights either way.

  35. Best post I've ever seen on this sub

  36. I always wonder this question. At what weight could an untrained person not get his ass beat by Yan? Granted Yan probably walks around 145-150 lbs.

  37. People dramatically overestimate how effective untrained people are in fights.

  38. I thought Vienot had the win in the bag too. My trainer suggested the same thing, but said the win may have went to Petchmorakot based on one of the scoring rules. The mentioned rule seems to award the kicker that lands a kick despite getting swept.

  39. Many of Vienot's sweeps late in the fight were actually not legal so literally would not score. Still had him winning overall though

  40. He definitely showed dominance in the game, and majority agrees the win should go to Vienot. The level of dominance vs the attacks coming from Petchmorakot were miles apart in my opinion.

  41. Interesting do you mean dogs don’t have that dominance hierarchy instinct in the same way wolves do?

  42. He means that it doesn't even apply to wolves. Outdated thinking

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