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  1. I add black pepper to my carbonara. Oh, also there's some pasta in there. Am I doing it wrong?

  2. Totally fake tho as it says Japan and passport instead of "日本" and "エロアニメ"

  3. Did you know 5/4 people have trouble with fractions?

  4. Not so much the part where Uhura gets zapped and mentally handicapped (forced to re-learn everything from a kindergarten level).

  5. I believe if the margarine is being marketed as "vegan butter" it has a similar fat to water ratio as dairy butter.

  6. In the UK we have been getting this flora plant butter which works really well in cookies and well pretty much everything.

  7. Yes, sadly there are no acceptable subs for sugar in baking.

  8. I've seen sugar free baking sugar (if that makes any sense), but never tried it.

  9. Why do all of these look like a cross between Jeff Bezos (without the skin suit) and the alien in Men In Black 1 (with the skin suit).

  10. It’s just that the fake American cheese that doesn’t melt seems like a gross combination

  11. Yeah it would be a different story of it was brie or gorgonzola or that cheese with maggots in.

  12. Yep. I just recently saw a video where a chef was showing kids how chicken nuggets are made. So all the gross stuff is thrown in the pot and then it’s blended into the paste. He asked the kids if they would eat the paste and they all agree they would absolutely not. Then he takes the paste and forms the nugget shapes and bakes them. Right in front of the kids, they see it all. When they come out of the oven and the chef asks the kids if they want to eat them now, of course they all want to.

  13. I thought you were correcting saying the kids were midgets 💀

  14. I think you're right about that however in this instance I would have reduced the gravy down a bit so it's thicker

  15. Can't argue with that, it does look like an island in somewhat polluted water.

  16. To be totally honest here, I had literally no idea what a mud room was, and thought it was like a sandpit, but with mud. I’m glad I was completely wrong.

  17. Just imagine how much mud they will be able to store in that thing.

  18. That too, but not every sauce needs that does it? Im thinking more about flavour stuff on this one.

  19. It's still beneficial over a non fermented product as fermentation will have broken things down making it easier to digest.

  20. In Germany we have mandatory deposits on most bottles (0.25€ for single use plastic bottles and cans, 0.15€ on multi-use plastic bottles, 0.08€ on glass bottles) and they do get recycled if you bring them back.

  21. I imagine Germany is probably one of the better recyclers in Europe.

  22. Am I the only one who thinks leaving trash on someone else's property is awful even if it is a very neat and sorted pile?

  23. Oh sure but not as awful as leaving it scattered about everywhere.

  24. Now there are only 3 remaining TOS cast members alive.

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