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[Charania] Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving is opting into his $37 million player option for the 2022-23 season, @TheAthletic @Stadium has learned. Irving is bypassing on multiple opt-in and trade scenarios to fulfill his four-year commitment to the Nets and Kevin Durant.

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  1. Oh for fuck's sake, that was exactly like Gray's turn earlier

  2. On the beach right now, hope we can get a result. Shame to see the officiating has not improved despite the old fogies retiring 😩

  3. This is me getting greedy but do we not need some creativity in midfield, still?

  4. Just a heads up, those values for Q1 and Q2 are typically referring to PNP (i.e. germanium) fuzz face circuits, though like someone else mentioned, it is possible to find silicon transistors with such low gain.

  5. Been a big fan of Slice & Pie on 14th since it opened

  6. This is my Meaty Fuzz, which is based off the Mythos Golden Fleece. I got into building around January of this year, but had basically only done PCB builds up to this point. This is my first go at any kind of veroboard building, so it was definitely a bit of a learning curve to adjust to. Huge thanks to

  7. You wouldn’t happen to have the schematic handy would you?

  8. Hey man thanks! So there are some online suppliers but all I see is Japanese-only websites. I usually use Yahoo Auction (equivalent to eBay here) and have seen some who speak English, though you’ll have to maneuver around some Japanese to get there… any Japanese speakers around you?

  9. Sadly, no. But could try to get by on Google Translate possibly.

  10. I'm mad at myself for not thinking of him sooner. Based on his track record with the Clippers, he seems to check all three of the boxes QT laid out above.

  11. I'll be visiting next week and I plan to get something when they open. Is there anything in particular you'd recommend?

  12. This strawberry-lychee donut and their passionfruit donut are absolute must-try's

  13. Nice! Just got a pair of the Adios 7s for ~$93. Here's hoping they fit better than the previous adizero shoes I've tried on.

  14. Our only hope is he learned something from the relegation battle. Let the football people make the football decisions.

  15. Great, now we just have to worry about the football people being good at their jobs

  16. Any word on whether all of this year's models are getting some/all of these colorways, or is this just limited to the Endorphin lines?

  17. We did it boys. We moved up to the 9 seed!

  18. Think Wembanyama falls to the 11th pick for us?

  19. Rob Lowe instead of Pelinka is pure genius. Well done, sir!

  20. I’ve tried breakfast tacos all over the city, but nothing comes close to Taco Bamba’s. Omelet-style eggs, chorizo, guac, pickled onions, pico, sour cream, and queso fresco all neatly tucked into freshly grilled tortillas.

  21. Their bacon, egg, and cheese empanadas are no slouch either

  22. It seems obvious that Tommy is prioritizing one thing and one thing only: getting young guys to build his own team rather than being stuck getting out from under Ernie's mistakes. His stubborn refusal to trade away draft picks - even if his position isn't ideal - indicates that he is not willing to mortgage the future to go all-in on a late-era Beal playoff run.

  23. I’d be curious to see if the shit going down in Brooklyn might be a potential opportunity for us to move Beal in some kind of S&T but that’s baseless speculation/daydreaming on my end.

  24. I think any situation which has Beal taking a paycut (which he would have to do to make a S&T legal) is extremely improbable. Seems pretty obvious that teams are clearing out as much cap space as they can (look at the Jerami Grant move and the Knicks erratic behavior last night) so Tommy would be smart to lock Beal down for now and worry about trades later. Basically you're just hoping that Beal has a great season this year and proves 21-22 was just a fluke, thus driving up his trade value for next year.

  25. Yeah, no, I meant getting involved as part of a multi-team deal in case Brooklyn would want a star that prevents giving Houston the same kind of picks they gave Boston in the KG deal. I want no part of Kyrie and KD would obviously make more sense on a contender.

  26. Pretty sure these fascist fuckers are the monkey paw

  27. Did Woj take this segment while taking a shit? He's constantly bobbing up and down in his seat

  28. Over/under on the number of guys fake crying this year?

  29. Are we actually in for a draft that deviates from the general consensus in mocks? Daniels at 10, please.

  30. I'd tear Schlenk's arm off for that package and never look back

  31. Davis perfectly fits the type of players Tommy Shepard has drafted so far. If he is available I’m sure we take him, so I’m curious who would be the next target if the spurs draft him

  32. Assuming Daniels and Mathurin are off the board, I’d hope we take our chance on Dieng (assuming he’s still available) or Sochan and pray we eventually pick a 3-and-D wing that provides the shooting and defense for the role.

  33. I keep skipping over Sochan. If Daniel and Mathurin are gone, I wouldn't be surprised if we consider him.

  34. Multi-positional defender, good to great BBIQ, good facilitator: wouldn’t be the worst pick in the world provided we clear up the logjam on the wing. I just really hope Daniels somehow falls to 10

  35. ... but what if we bring back Durant's Favorite Coach© Scottie Brooks!

  36. Slightly off-topic: is there a sub which discusses the latest trend of Saucony to fuck up their kinvara (and peregrine) shoe lines in terms of foot shape and general level of stability? I've been using kinvara for the past 10 years and the last couple of yearly revisions are much narrower, and the kinvara13 feel basically like glorified marshmallows. I really don't understand where Saucony is going (or rather: are they switching from a serious running shoe company to a fashion brand?)

  37. Sign me up for that sub! Been running almost exclusively in Kinvaras since the 9s; I've taken two pairs of the 13s out on a couple short runs and am wondering if I could return them for store credit.

  38. Guys with more potential than griffin are Davis, mathurin and sharpe. Really good chance that sharpe falls. Hope wiz can get him

  39. If Sharpe were going to a team with a great infrastructure like the Spurs, that’d be one thing. When was the last time we actually developed/improved our young guys’ games in a meaningful way?

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