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  1. Was that spike due to Fourth of July gatherings? Does that mean we’re gonna see a similar spike January-March from thanksgiving and Christmas?

  2. Delta in general. 4th was the first big event but you also had return to school, football season, and ending of many state mask policies.

  3. The United States has 28.2 million documented active Covid cases, which is 8.5% of the national population and 39.6% of the world’s cases, and there’s been no major changes.

  4. India is a small fraction of worldwide excess deaths, even by the most 'generous' estimates.

  5. Yeah this is the point I was making. The global excess deaths are already in the 15 million ball park which would roughly quadruple the total death toll and is “several million”, but the total volatility depends on how much faith can be given to reporting by individual countries. As in it may be 10 times higher in some places, but 1.5 times higher in the United States, and about the same somewhere else. Adding that clarification since it wasn’t clear to everyone reading my original comment.

  6. It bothers me to keep seeing people say Covid has a 98 or 99% survival rate. The official stats are much lower than reality both because of intentional efforts to not cite Covid as a/the cause of death and lack of resources to document Covid infections in certain cases. Those omitted deaths are several millions of people, depending on how well a given country is reporting. I think many of the vaccine hesitant would be more persuaded to act if they understood the real death toll, not to mention long Covid and the unclear long term effects of being infected.

  7. If this was killing 5% of their lemmings instead of 1-2% they would be shitting themselves trying to force them to be masked and vaccinated. Not that many elections will be substantially affected by COVID-19 deaths at current rates. At 5% Gerrymandering collapses in a lot of places.

  8. It is closer to 5% than 2%. I guess if the official stats were accurate they would be more concerned but the death rate is well over the 2% that is officially reported.

  9. I’ve been posting weekly updates on vaccination for a bit but did some more digging this time. Based on the estimated population from the last census this is where the U.S. is:

  10. Those are a lot more encouraging. Thanks for sharing. Nice to see other countries are handling this better.

  11. I tend to agree with the general principle that most of the big name GQP folks are vaccinated on the down low and are lying to the rubes they grift.

  12. Yeah that’s literally a cut and dry case for perjury. Tucker Carlson went with the “it’s only entertainment” defense for a reason.

  13. Don't forget Beasley. It's like all the unvaccinated lost.

  14. Chiefs kicker is unvaccinated and helped set up the overtime

  15. That was a great play but “should have squibbed it” is the update to “should have run it.” Not a guarantee either works, but both are the expected call that wasn’t made.

  16. Bills have no one to blame but themselves if they give up a TD here. 1) They didn’t burn 3-5 seconds by doing a squib kick like most teams do. 2) They gave up 44 yards in 11 seconds.

  17. Bills not squibbing it gave the chiefs an extra play here

  18. Rams down the stretch: 2 turnovers when in field goal range, 2 turnovers to give Tampa short fields, and a missed 47 yard FG. They’ve had so many chances to not lose

  19. Turnover means the time isn’t even a factor anymore.

  20. Could I swap mine to “💉…Baby One More Time”? I think it’s important we have good branding around boosters lol.

  21. I loved the digs SNL took at antivaxers in the Macgruber sketches but doubt anyone who needs to hear that will get it

  22. What's the actual survival rate? Of course we'd need everyone in the world to get it to have an accurate rate.

  23. ~98% by official statistics, likely ~95% with excess deaths included.

  24. Was she raising any point from slide 1 in good faith? No.

  25. Exactly, I hope he was vaccinated but I fear he is not

  26. That would be bad news for different reasons, namely the antivax crew will have a prominent example for “sOmEoNe WhO gOt CoViD aNyWaY.” Always a lose-lose unfortunately

  27. So I can’t say he’d do anything for love, but he wouldn’t do that (get vaxxed)?

  28. Also we know that covid deaths are underreported by about 40%. That means the real survival rate would be closer to 95% depending on how many of the actual Covid cases are caught by testing.

  29. Effective vaccination rate is 37.5%, about 2/3 from boosters. Rate of vaccination is starting to fall behind the summer rate so things could easily get worse in a few weeks.

  30. Slide 2 is so problematic even by nominee standards. Kills my empathy every time.

  31. TJ Watt after seeing the offense get 12 yards in the first: Fine, I’ll do it myself.

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