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  1. Nothing is going to happen to Trump. I’ve been disappointed too many times with these headlines.

  2. Wrestling is fake. Beet would beat that creeps ass in real life.

  3. When you want to punch someone in the McRib.

  4. I had one on my Hyundai Excel back in the day. I would not have surprised me if they stole the Club and left the car.

  5. Howard has become one of those morning radio guys he used to make fun of. The sad part is that his staff knows it, but they want to keep their job.

  6. I was at Epcot in the mid 90’s and they made an announcement to come see this rising star perform. I skipped seeing this singer, but because I’m latino I remembered her name - Christina Aguilera. So Disney is there before you’re a huge star and after.

  7. So, I’m one of the people that liked AEW from the get-go. I went to both Dynamites and one Rampage here in the Los Angeles area. I have not been liking the product lately. The last PPV was fantastic but the build up and Dynamites have been not good. I am one of those people Tony is dismissing in his comments. It’s very disheartening to read.

  8. Same here. My partner and I used to snuggle up on the couch every Wednesday to watch. We went to every show that came to Pittsburgh(attending the 4th ever Dynamite and the first ever Rampage). I still wear an aew hoodie almost every day I bought from the first show I went to.

  9. I can completely relate - but now that Triple H is booking WWE, maybe my money will start going that way….

  10. The more I hear Tony talk and the more I read Tony’s comments, the more I worry about AEW.

  11. I mean it’s a dream match to a very very niche audience… it feels like TK intentionally tries to make this company more and more small time

  12. I agree and posted something similar. This match is going to be amazing but it deserves better in terms of a set-up. When AEW is on fire there is nothing else like it - but I worry they won’t be around for long if Tony keeps booking this way.

  13. He should do the Millie Bobby Brown agent schtick.

  14. Sony, stop bitching and bring back the kick-ass Resistance franchise. You’re sitting on a gold mine.

  15. My thought on Colt Cabana is that I haven’t thought of him.

  16. And throw horse chestnut tree balls at cars.

  17. AEW/WWE waited too long on Osprey. By the time they get him (IF they get him), his body will have a lot of mileage on it. Shame.

  18. My best day of my life will be James Corden’s last on TV.

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