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  1. I just envision all the "Green eyed demons" securing Dada in cuffs, then gathering around and giving the little girl a stirring rendition of "Happy Birthday to You" before escorting Dad out.

  2. Can’t believe he doesn’t get more love, I’ve never seen him put on a bad performance. Severely underrated actor

  3. "Menacing Real Estate Broker" isn't something you normally hear, but damn if Michael Shannon didn't nail the role in

  4. When is the last time Sharkey or Stacey-Davis were actually in front of a classroom, and not full-time working CTU issues? For Sharkey, I think it's been more than 10 years. I think that alone is an argument for new blood at the top.

  5. Looks like pretty significant fire damage on the second floor.

  6. I remember about ten years ago hearing a presentation about how radical feminism—far from empowering women—simply erases them by functionally turning them into men. I couldn’t quite wrap my head around that proposition at the time, but the older I get and the more I see is the direction our culture is going, the more I’m finding I agree with that. Radical feminism doesn’t highlight ANY trait that makes women unique/special/different from men; instead, it takes a sort of vicious glee in shredding every single traditionally female characteristic (being gentle, taking pride in a home, providing and caring for children, basically all the things we would traditionally describe as “maternal”). Cut adrift from that (deliberately), women are lost.

  7. I am actually interested to hear your theories on this because I’ve noticed the same thing but I’m not sure what to attribute it to. Do you think it could have to do with increased pressure to excel in a career on top of being the primary caregiver/homemaker? That could make sense except that those pressures have been there since the 80’s so it really wouldn’t explain the recent spike in prescriptions. What are your thoughts?

  8. Middle and upper-middle class white women are struggling. They've been told their entire lives that they can "have it all," where "all" means a high-power career, a "high value male," perfect kids, and a house complete with white picket fence.

  9. prob the wealth gap. poor people dont give a shit. what in it for them mentality, ya know?

  10. I feel like littering is one of those things that spans across the socio-economic spectrum.

  11. Don't forget George Soros funding the elections of State's Attorneys and District Attorneys. Kim Foxx becoming the State's Attorney in Chicago has been entertaining, like when she declines pursuing charges after a gang shootout, calling it "

  12. Is this actually payed advertisement/promotion?

  13. Anyone knows if a red light violation (camera) ticket goes to the driver record if you decide to pay without going to traffic school? Thanks

  14. My understanding is the camera tickets are treated as similar to parking tickets. As in, no affect on insurance, etc.

  15. I appreciate that you're trying to keep your costs down, but I don't think this is the best idea unless you can find an honest retired mechanic. Getting some rando to come over to change your brakes could be fine or it could be risking your life as well as the people that you hit. Cars aren't something to paly around with. If you can't find the right person, I'd suggest asking around (friends, coworkers, etc) to find a small reliable mechanic in your area. If you have a credit card, call and ask if you can set up a payment plan to cover it, some cards are pretty good for spreading out major expenses.

  16. Another vote for getting it repaired at a shop and putting it on a credit card.

  17. Unpopular opinion: When an 18-month old account with almost no activity pops up with a fantastic story on Legal Advice, my B.S. meter gets triggered.

  18. Amazing that the VW bugs retained their look for such a long production run.

  19. You know the story is fake, because of how uncommon it is for det cc’s to give candid feedback.

  20. Got a speed camera ticket for going 6 over in a 30, while I was on the way to get new struts installed on my car (due to them failing after 5 years of Chicago potholes).

  21. Oh my god, are you me!? I literally just paid the same ticket — 36 in a 30 zone on Ashland. And I’m trying to hold off on those front struts because I don’t really want to drop $1k yet.

  22. The struts make a difference, I noticed it immediately after getting the car back. Handled much better. I used Joe's Expert Auto on Elston if you need a recommendation.

  23. Yes, people are being deceived about the Covid vaccine. The primary source of deception is the federal government.

  24. The Arts sector is so screwed. They are dominated by progressives so the entire culture is extremely woke which means the covid hyper-vigilance is very pronounced.

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