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  1. I was working on one for a little bit that I was calling Kuchean (I figure a lot of other people's Tocharian projects will have similar names). Similar to you, it was meant to be a Toch B descendant that had lots of Turkic influence and Central Asian areal features. In the setting, it got some Persian and Arabic influence (mostly via Turkic) after speakers mostly converted to Islam, followed by a more modern Chinese adstrate, since it ended up as a minority language in Xinjiang, Gansu, and Shaanxi. I had some fun with it, but I haven't worked on it for over a year now.

  2. Narrator voice: they did not fix it once they got home later tonight ;)

  3. A pine tree! For a canoe! Aren’t you worried that it splits and cracks?

  4. I am now… I don’t know much about which woods are waterproof and I sort of wanted to coin the words. What does the village elder tell me to do instead?

  5. I usually have a few that I’m cycling back and forth on at any given time. As long as one of them is consistent then I make good progress on it even if it’s not 100% constant.

  6. Is there a calendar where these events are scheduled? What's the best way to know about these challenges ahead of time?

  7. Hey! There’s no official calendar. The best way to know is to join the official discord server (link in the sidebar) and watch the #activities-announcements channel, where we announce events and activities like this.

  8. Do clitics violate the no noun affixation rule? What about compounding or noun incorporation?

  9. Compounding and noun incorporation are definitely fine. Clitics are ok as long as you can show they’re clitics and not affixes that you’re calling clitics to get around the rules!

  10. Hey! It’s not the sub to post such things. Check out

  11. my job right now is more or less helping an "expert" "complete" their "errands" so two days in a row where i get to act out the lexember prompt

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  14. Ah yes vintage 2014 terrier blend, exquisitely aged

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  16. Hou sai lei ah! Once you start shipping to the US I'll be first in line for the MTR one

  17. That one is challenging to print and I love it.

  18. For sure! Let me know. I definitely have other friends in the US who would be interested

  19. (I linked to a PDF of that paper in my comment upthread if you're interested!)

  20. Some South Indian languages have a zero negative!

  21. could i denote different cases by putting different words before the noun? ie different words for nom sing./pl., gen sing./pl., and so on? or are endings essentially the only/easiest way to do it? thanks!

  22. For sure you could do that. Think about articles or prepositions.

  23. Watch all of Biblaridian and Artifexian, understand nothing, keep watching those vids and making scrap conlangs to test things out until you understand it. That's how I now know the basics. Also, watch conlang critic (jan misali) to see where others went wrong.

  24. That said remember that jan misali is just one person and just cause he doesn’t like something doesn’t mean the creator necessarily went wrong while making it! You can make conlangs to your own standards and not to jan misali’s

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