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  1. MTG is trash. You mean Boebert. She's the one fucking the flasher.

  2. It was Republicans who voted to replace RBG with a shitty, dishonest, right-wing asshole. Hold Republicans responsible for their actions, not the Justice that died, and who was fundamentally good and decent.

  3. This is cops 'learning' more subjective observations so they can harass and abuse people of color.

  4. What was the typo? Make sure I don't make that mistake.

  5. Jamaican beef patties, Mexican street corn, (Canada only) Montreal smoked meat pouches, ...

  6. Aw man. Would much rather have Lego expanding lol

  7. I’d rather see a logo saying, “The birth of fake news”!

  8. This is Tucker we’re talking about.

  9. You'd think his impending bankruptcy over the Sandy Hook lawsuit would make him think twice about volunteering an opinion on school shootings but I guess he didn't get where he is with intelligence.

  10. Ha! I started to write a screed about how he's rat-holed money away in shell companies so he'll be rich regardless of the lawsuits and bankruptcies, but I couldn't pass up focusing on that plain simple truth.

  11. Yes. Their point is that Texas could have gotten disaster relief from the rest of the US when their power grid failed. Whereas an independent Texas would have been less likely to get that.

  12. One Texan got relief from Cancun, Mexico.

  13. At least that kid didn't grow up to become a horrible person and shitty grandfather.

  14. Fuck that cop, but also fuck freebeacon and anyone who sends traffic to that white supremacist cesspool.

  15. I envision a wall, maybe 30’ high with sharp spikes on top and razor sharp edges to keep those Texans out. We don’t want their filth in the rest of the 47. Also, we will make Texans pay for that wall.

  16. Just think. With all of those refugees coming to America from Austin, Texas would be sending their best.

  17. Austin would get a whole lot weirder a whole lot faster that’s for sure.

  18. It would get weirder but not in the good way it’s weird now.

  19. I don't see anything in which he claims to have "survived near-death battles in Vietnam".

  20. ...and 64 days later, Donald gave birth to Eric.

  21. "You might say that she had a beef with them."

  22. Secession isn’t a thing under the constitution, but whiney individuals are free to go elsewhere.

  23. My wife and I both said we want electric cars for next vehicles and I'd be hard pressed to buy a Tesla. It's not like the heads of Toyota, Ford, GM, Hyundai are probably any better but at least they're not being outwardly vocal dicks about everything.

  24. I am more concerned with corrupt administrations than whatever the hell you 'think' klutzy is, or why you think it matters.

  25. First mistake is shopping at S&S. Team Shoprite!!!!!!!

  26. There's a ShopRite close to me that I'd use more often if the checkout lines weren't always so long and moving so slowly.

  27. All depends on the day/time you go for all food shopping!!!!! Shoprite has the best prices IMO

  28. I agree. I even like their pharmacy. But I just refuse to wait 15 minutes to check out, which has happened more than once.

  29. but he's keeping an eye out for them.

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