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  1. Does it have to be PHYS (is there a specific reason?) or can it be anything else that follows the price of gold?

  2. What about EWG0LD, which is 100 percent backed by gold and certifies a right to physical delivery of the gold?

  3. Oh yes, everything is all doom and gloom.

  4. You're a product of the guilded age. You think everything's gold when it's rotten beneath. You say it's the best time, but ww3 is being initiated, the southern us border was literally being rushed by an army of a thousand migrants, there is an impending bank collapse starting with the collapse of the second largest lending bank in the country, people are angry that the government is no longer allowing the ww2 Nazi practice of sterilization via gender reassignment, in Canada, the state is euthanizing people who cannot legally consent (minors and mentally impaired individuals), the current sitting president has evidence that has been made public of his whole family committing crimes against humanity. I'm not spending my whole day listing what's wrong. You are either completely oblivious, the most gullible kind of person, or are extremely evil. Which is it?

  5. "oblivious, gullible, evil". That is a terrible assumption to make. And you have a pretty negative attitude. Looking back into history, the world has come a long way indeed.

  6. Sure, Austria will still hit you with exit taxes when you leave sadly.

  7. Ahh that’s what I was afraid of regarding Austria :( A bit of an unrelated question, but are there any tax free government bonds in Austria worth investing in for say 3-5 years? (We have those in Hungary, but Hungary is not the best place to keep your investments atm).

  8. I have absolutely no idea. I'm not tax resident in Austria so can't tell you unfortunately. I don't even know how to invest in bonds, it's a field I don't know yet ;)

  9. Modern men: no job, no ambition, addicted to games and porn, no assets, no vision, depressed.

  10. I currently get 2% at TradeRepublic, which can be moved/used any time.

  11. If you do it as a savings plan, depending on the broker, there are no costs involved (TradeRepublic and Scalable Capital).

  12. "I have some wine, and was wondering if you can teach me some Blues dancing? ;)"

  13. I'm making lasagna. You bring the wine and your toothbrush.

  14. And some floss because you might get some hair stuck in your teeth ;)

  15. Bogle though would advise you to go with the SP500, not VWCE.

  16. I like the S&P500 because their companies operate everywhere in the world: Cocacola, J&J, Google, Apple, McDonalds, etc. The S&P500 is diversified enough.

  17. This is like the worst comment I’ve read on this post so far

  18. From my perspective, he is spot on.

  19. Many thanks for your answer. I’ll take a deeper look into SWRD. However, I have just been able to see taking a quick look that the size of the fund is way smaller + it’s not free in Degiro. Therefore I’d say that it’s smarter for me to stick to IWDA!

  20. If IWDA is better for you, then please stick to it!

  21. Yes! Regarding the size of the fund, I mean how much money is in it. For instance IWDA fund’s size is 44.012M and SWRD’s size is 1.951M. Therefore, IWDA is a way larger fund. You can find more info about why size matters here:

  22. Yep, agreed. Started taking up Swing dance classes at 34, never met so many women at any given time in my life.

  23. It's easy. I attend partner dancing every Thursday. And then there are some socials happening over the weekend as well.

  24. I find it hot when they can distinguish between "your" and "you're". They don't even sound the same! :P

  25. I hope you're a black African. Because blackface isn't an ethnicity or nationality thing. It's a race issue. And if you have no problem with it then you are wrong. Racism ain't a good thing and any normal person wouldn't tolerate that

  26. Yes I am. And you are in no position to tell me that I am wrong, you don't get to decide for me whether I have a problem with it or not. There is a difference between someone going as Stevie Wonder and painting their face, as opposed to someone making fun of others for degradation.

  27. I'm not going to waste my time or even discus with you. Either ways no one will be painting their skin black anytime soon 🤷🏾‍♂️ keep praying tho

  28. IB's user interface is not so ideal.

  29. Why do they show the one guy from the front and not the side like the others?

  30. I wake up, take a shit, get of bed ;)

  31. I'd keep the BTC and use my fiat to buy other projects that 1. I understand and 2. have long term horizon.

  32. Go bang an actress of GOT, then call it quits?

  33. You have to check, but I think there is something that you can transfer 400kEUR per 10 years to wife/kid tax free.

  34. Thank you very much for your comment! I was wondering, would I then still just open up the accounts in my own name, and gift the assets, so to speak? If I were to realize the capital gains after 20 years of ETF saving plans, I'd have to pay taxes over the realized gains. Seemingly, the only way to circumvent this is by gifting my children the asset directly. Is this how it works?

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