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Baby ducks in the lake

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  1. There are some grammatical collections that can be made in the tutorial.

  2. Android: at first start, it will run through prompts. At least it did for me.

  3. Just add some broth, slow simmer it so the veggies get nice and soft (and absorbs some of the broth/sausage flavor), and you'd have yourself a real hearty soup.

  4. Okay, but, can you go back and read the same thing twice?

  5. She kinda gives me Dillion Harper vibes, if you don't already know about her.

  6. That is amazing. I couldn't train my dogs to do that.

  7. Well obviously, the barrels would be way too small for the dog to stand on. :|

  8. The Sims, but it's not story or dialogue-driven at all, it's just kinda clicking the interaction buttons and watching relationship meters slowly go up.

  9. It used to be Order of Battle: WWII for me. That's a turn-based wargame in the vein of Panzer General that had solid reviews at first, but they took a steep dive when OoB was changed to a "free demo plus paid campaigns" model that made people think it was a F2P game with really expensive microtransactions. I was a huge fan of the game back then, playing it basically every day for months, but I eventually got tired of yet another German campaign (no idea why so many WWII strategy games seem so obsessed with the losing side). I came back to it recently to check out the new Allied campaigns, but I feel like it just won't ever be the same for me anymore.

  10. Definitely Cyberpunk. It went viral to hate the game just because. Most haters probably didn't even finish it.

  11. And also any breed that basically has physical deformities baked into the design (like pugs not being able to breathe).

  12. A lot of roguelikes (or roguelites) are built in such a way that you can get wildly OP under the right circumstances (usually a combination of luck and practice).

  13. The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt is F2P (and doesn't seem P2W in my experience). A couple things I like about it that Sid Meier's Pirates doesn't have is the ability to bring multiple ships into a fight, and the ability to upgrade a little hideout town with passive perks.

  14. Have fun explaining this to the insurance company

  15. Why would you need to explain baby ducks in the lake to the insurance company???

  16. Rising Star 2 (a rock band sim) lets you place the guitars you bought around the walls of your house, so if you wanted to just make the focus of that game be all about collecting as many guitars as possible to put them on display, I suppose you could.

  17. This has to be one of the most bizarre aspects of America culture. Just why? What on Earth is the point?

  18. Not an expert, but I'm guessing it has something to do with how much more of a cultural identity religion is in America than most places in Europe. It seems like people are a lot more likely to be "culturally Christian" around here, to do something that has religious roots without even thinking about the reasons why.

  19. It's so weird though because it's not Christian... a few historical views is that circumcision was dropped to make conversion of adult males easier. And was seen as abhorrent by Romans etc.

  20. Inside and Spec Ops: The Line would fit the bill pretty well, I think.

  21. I have wished for something like this for a very long time. I even once wrote some pretty extensive notes about what kind of game mechanics I'd like such a game to have, and even toyed with the idea of trying to code it myself, but I don't think I have anywhere near the ability to achieve that. Sadly, it doesn't seem like my conception of an ideal Star Trek game (where you can sometimes get into intense battles but also spend a lot of time exploring strange new worlds, and it's not just a scripted thing where you've seen everything there is to see after you've played the game once, and there's crew management and command decisions and meta-progression and strategy...) will ever happen.

  22. They're old-school but Star Trek 25th Anniversary (can be found on GOG) plays so much like episodes of Star Trek. It's even spaced out in an episodic format. It's basically a point and click, but your actions can cause various outcomes, including keeping your red shirt alive!

  23. Is this all public domain stuff, or is it the kind of thing where I could make it a part of my daily routine to try out a new book every day, only to have someone take the website down over copyright infringement issues?

  24. The mountain-climbing roguelite Insurmountable has a very story-driven reason for why you finish a run and then start the whole thing over. Very atmospheric game, highly recommended. There are some other examples in

  25. Rebuild 1-3 has this. It's turn-based, like a strategy/sim type of thing, but there definitely is a strong focus on reclaiming city blocks and securing them from zombies. Rebuild 1-2 were old browser games, Rebuild 3 is on Steam.

  26. If you want something more triple-A, XCOM2 is based on the premise of "what if the aliens in XCOM won?" so it's fair to say you're playing as the insurgency in that (not that the gameplay is really much different from the first one).

  27. I am old enough to have watched stargate when it came out and at the time knew what "MacGyver" meant in this context. But also young enough that I did not know that Richard Dean Anderson was MacGyver.

  28. Well, shoot, now I gotta see if they’re on streaming services.

  29. I don't know, I only watched it in reruns when I was a kid, so I didn't have a strong sense of which episodes were from which season.

  30. If you're not familiar with it already, I would recommend One Deck Dungeon as a game to look to for inspiration (Dicey Dungeons is more well-known, and probably more simple, if that's what you're going for).

  31. I like the statement I've heard about the GOP - claiming them to be pro birth - not pro life

  32. I already linked to my longer explanation in another comment, but I like to say they're not even pro-birth, they're pro-punishment. They just want to punish women for having sex; it's the only hypothesis that makes sense of all their policies and positions.

  33. “Opposition to abortion in ectopic pregnancies” should be in the right-hand column.

  34. As much as I hate defending the pro-death side, it does seem like most of the anti-abortion laws do include exceptions when the pregnant woman's life is at risk. That being said, if people can get arrested for miscarriages, I don't see why we shouldn't be concerned that they'll get arrested for terminating ectopic pregnancies (if they don't do it in exactly the right way) too.

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