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  1. wow this is incredibly useful advice you got here. i am in your same boat and i find myself trying to use less because I'm not trying to get myself there.

  2. One book I would recommend is Viktor Frankl's Man's Search For Meaning. About half of it lays out his approach to psychotherapy which he developed after returning to his therapy practice after surviving Nazi concentration camps, and the other half is his personal story and details from that experience. He writes that suffering is like a gas that any amount expands to fill any size container. I remain in awe of his interest and willingness to help others coping with daily life and mental health in the context of his own suffering and millions of murders.

  3. Possibly look at the opposite of those words and understand you are recommending Continuous Servility

  4. If this helps describe Americanness, I thought the "under God" part was culty so I didn't say that. But we sang all of the armed forces songs in elementary school choir (my parents said, because they're public domain) and the swearing in ceremony to the Army was very pledge-y and definitely the bookend of pledging as a child. If it is still done anywhere, and sounds like it is, those schools need to kick it out along with Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.

  5. I agree with you but also I've been asking my friends and just people I may see it the dispensary and the workers because I kind of know I'm a little bit and I asked them do they care about this new stuff that might happen and they say yeah then I'll ask them well man have you ever thought about doing something like going to a rally or calling your local representative or will you and then they're like I really don't want to mess with it! SMH. If we could all or even most of us unite we probably could make a difference like all the people that cared about 788 that would be a ton of people.

  6. even just anyone making the information available loudly and frequently so we can hear what is actually happening would be something to support. past 788 i never heard about anything i am supposed to be following in order to get some press releases and action alerts. who is assuming this responsibility in oklahoma cannabis community, i honestly don't know

  7. What is going on with the laboratory recall that OMMA sent out today I don't understand

  8. Yeah, and even then it's maybe acceptable if one person's English isn't top notch.

  9. This. Most conversations have the same words over and over again. You don't know how much of your shared language everyone speaks. I agree that I've heard of this norm from monolingual family members but nah, it's legit acceptable to do the thing that communicates. Like it's ruder to explain or back translate "we were talking about this Polish show that you haven't seen and how that joke relates to this and she didn't know the word for it and then we said an idiom in Ukrainian that kind of means this but only in the context of this and I was like oh my grandma because she knows my grandma did this thing i don't want to explain and now we're back" at least to me. I'm not saying most multilingual people would agree though. Maybe like it's okay to normalize noticing how you feel when you don't know the language and sitting with that? And maybe using that discomfort to... learn that language that your friends speak?

  10. I’m gen-x and I sincerely hope you’re wrong about this but I don’t have high hopes. For my part I promise to never be like my mother (a boomer).

  11. That is literally the lyrics of most boomer music too though. I used to think it dies with the olds but nope

  12. It's so surprising to me that people don't do this more often in the US.

  13. So what's funny is that I went to a small US midwestern Catholic college and they absolutely do. They do! But 90+% of the students live on campus housing, with campus police, parents don't live in the state, tuition cost is far above any state or regional university in the area, 20 years ago undergrads were approximately 93% white, no football team. They changed the dates of Spring Break so we wouldn't always have someone die on St. Patrick's Day every year. But pizza delivery doesn't go into the student neighborhoods and they flip cop cars at least every year.

  14. Some do in rural areas, but I've seen almost as many flags in rural areas in Pennsylvania, Maine and Massachusetts. Meanwhile the cities of the south are largely as progressive as the cities in the north.

  15. This literally is wild to me. I see it too. Like bruh, you live in Vermont "but it's southern Vermont". Bruh, you have lived your whole life in central Jersey "far from NYC and Philly and the shore though." Sis but your birth family is from South America "I'm adopted, I'm just another white girl" yeah OK relativity is real.

  16. Your point is valid and apparently lost in Reddit's nuanced opinions of CSA !?!?

  17. Maybe Oklahoma? I’ve never been to a gun show, or anywhere else, where nazi memorabilia is being sold, but I know museums and historians get their stuff from somewhere.

  18. Hey, I don't want to argue with you about the market for decommissioned military equipment or where historians acquire Nazi shit, but for those listening, yes there are always WWII memorabilia type vendors displaying swastikas at gun shows along with dudes selling pink stabby key rings, kiddie tazers, prepper literature, cast iron pans. Lots of these gun shows travel. They came to your county last month, know what's going on around you. Not just in Oklahoma and Ohio. Last time I went I really enjoyed noticing which vendors weren't making eye contact with me while i was wearing an Obama/Biden 2012 inauguration hoodie. Only the actual cops joked/harassed me about 2nd amendment / Democratic politics, because ACAB.

  19. Holy shit they’re just out there in the open selling nazi shit?! As if we didn’t lose close to half a million Americans defeating Hitler?! And people are okay with this and actually supporting their businesses?

  20. Agree. My partner regularly uses "well, that's because the Nazis won" colloquially.

  21. Shit like this is why I can't stand any, "omg not all Russians are bad most of them hate Putin! 🥺" milquetoast neutral comments. Like I dunno bruh, a good chunk of their population seems to be pretty gung-ho about committing war crimes.

  22. For me I literally read those comments as "I am having trouble integrating what I am learning about Russia and Russian media and Russian military with what I know from personal experience living in the US watching US media and working in US military"

  23. dont promote our suffering for your amusement. jk go to

  24. Genuine question since your a girl(I assume).when you notice that guy is slowly getting closer to you what’s going through your mind at that moment?

  25. Genuine answer, is he doing that, does my breath smell, who can see, do i like him. :)

  26. 2nd genuine question would you make the first move?

  27. AW, I did with my husband but not with anyone else I've dated :)

  28. Knowing the dates for when plants around you bloom and set fruit, especially modern fruit cultivars.

  29. Hi I am new, haven't read theory in some decades, i 'dentify as anarchist. From this description (much appreciated) and the tagline anarchism without adjectives I am curious how y'all perceive these two analogies. I am seeking to understand not to criticize (and not to debate meanings of the 4 words used in the comparisons).

  30. Clearly land back doesn't support the Homestead Act which was created to occupy tribal lands. "as free as anyone else" might be something to look at again.

  31. hey i am a new member, i read the synopsis, i 'dentify as anarchist but reddit just suggested this to me, congrats on winning the algorithm's spotlight.

  32. Hopium and Despair are two sides of the same Extremism coin. One feels good because it's delusionally upbeat and positive, the other feels good because it removes personal responsibility and allows one to just whine, basically, about how it's all shit.

  33. What is SUPER FASCINATING to me living in Colorado and Oklahoma in the past 6 years has been the legal marijuana marketing and advertising. I never cared all that much about marketing but I find it hella important and interesting for broader US culture, for eventual legalization, and for the destigmatization that never happened with, for example, abortion care which has been legal since 1972.

  34. Could you share a link to the ADOS stuff?

  35. Here's The Intercept on folks using the hashtags in 2019

  36. I finally was required to go into work at the Oklahoma Commons building yesterday. Aint nobody wearing a mask even at the health department??

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