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  1. 👍 I'm still using a 6 years old MSI laptop xD MSI GV62 8RD i5-8300H, GTX 1050 Ti, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD. I got it used for $200

  2. gaming on a budget is satisfying af

  3. It's better that you didn't get note 11. Note 10 is way better than note 11 in almost every term

  4. i've been using the note 10 pro and i'm very satisfied with it

  5. I have heard that you’re not supposed to salt the eggs until the last possible second when cooking because it’ll start messing with the moisture levels or whatever

  6. yeah i noticed when i beat the egg with salt, it become less thick and turn transparent a bit

  7. I’m pretty sure u can get a 3070ti 5i pro from Walmart for like 1400$

  8. ah forgot to mention, it's in AUD

  9. Western australia by the way

  10. ok wtf, is this some stockholm syndrome type of stuff?

  11. I guess bc a box of flour that big would be extremely heavy so it might stop them from even touching it. They can’t run fast with a very heavy box. Psychological warfare?

  12. yeah the price to weight ratio

  13. Old enough to do the crime, old enough to do the time.

  14. she's also kinda easy to draw

  15. bet it sound like a lawn mower

  16. mini car that you could ride

  17. holyshit, how much calories in each cup?

  18. Was it proven that he had nude photos of her?

  19. how is that even allowed, there is question to be answered but they just wasted everybody's time

  20. Imagine having a nice frosty nap and then someone forces your mouth open?

  21. now that he woke up hungry while the rest of the swamp is still frozen lol

  22. the most fucked up thing is those lions are probably killed for this reason, for being a lion basically

  23. whoever chased the kid just gave up mid way lol

  24. It did backup. But if it went into the ditch then car behind it would have moved forward because he couldn't see the obstacle. Which means the semi would have to choose who to kill. Ditch truck, SUV, or school bus.

  25. i think if the pickup moved completely to the side, the car behind it could see what's happening

  26. still can't figure out what character she's cosplaying as

  27. what happens if somebody too cozy and just butt naked in the living room

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