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  1. I wouldn’t say 13 is senior since cats can live to their late 20s, but you go Patch!

  2. Cats 11-14 years old are considered seniors and 15 and up are considered geriatric

  3. The waves typically happen when you pull the walls up too quickly. Slow down your wheel and slow down the speed of your pulls. The first piece is always an accomplishment, keep with it!

  4. Royal Oak! Would love the girlies to come to Detroit but I think the closest tour location is Chicago 🥺

  5. So cute! It looks like she’s about to board her flight with her neck pillow 😂

  6. Spitting on the ground! If you MUST hock a loogie, at least aim for the grass or somewhere I’m not walking!

  7. It depends on the season for my neb. She sheds like a monster in the summer and spring and I have to brush her every day. But in the fall and winter I can get away with every couple of days!

  8. Correct me if I'm wrong but you can't pass it to someone else if you're not having an outbreak, right? With the stats so high I've always had this fear of like, what if I've secretly caught it or given it to someone else but nobody's aware

  9. You can absolutely get herpes from someone not having an outbreak. Herpes asymptomatically sheds like COVID, you can pass on the virus with no symptoms. Shedding rates vary based on if you have HSV1 or HSV2. I contracted HSV1 genitally from a partner who had cold sores and did not have an active outbreak. Check out

  10. During hibernation, a bear’s heart rate will slow to 5 beats per minute!

  11. I have been reading Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach, it was mentioned in the pod a few episodes ago. I have mixed feelings, it has some good wisdom and stories but I also feel like it may be drawn out at times. It is a comforting book though and I have incorporated bits of it into my life! Has anyone else read it?

  12. I have this on my shelf but haven’t gotten around to reading it. I did just finish When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chödrön (also recommended on the pod) and felt similarly about it being drawn out

  13. Cold sores are painful and typically burn/itch. People tend to have a more painful first outbreak, so if this was a cold sore you would be rather uncomfortable. Not a doctor, but this is most likely a pimple.

  14. What glazes did you use inside the bowl? I’m working on my glaze combinations at the moment.

  15. My cat also has seizures but she's completely healthy. They did a ton of tests on her. They don't know why. I'm so happy for your cat!! I hope your cat never has a seizure again 🥰

  16. Yes, and one of the only ways to determine the cause is an MRI, which I don’t have the money for. Luckily we figured out her trigger (my phone alarm, surprisingly) so changing to a gentle rise alarm clock has solved the problem for now! Wishing your kitty good health too 🥰

  17. Yeah, I can't afford it either. So I have no idea if she may have a tumor. My cat doesn't have a trigger, they're just kind of random. Every time I look to see what was happening sound wise and even where she was located when it happens. Nothing stands out. It's happened even when the apartment was in complete silence.

  18. I’m glad you found something that works! Seizure meds can do a number on their little livers and kidneys too, so if something else manages it then that’s awesome!

  19. Beautiful, what a coat too! She had seizures?

  20. Yes, her seizures started in January and she was diagnosed with Lymphoma in April. The vet isn’t sure if the two are related, but most likely. So the longer she is seizure free, the better!

  21. I always love your space trash stuff, but I love these even more! 💕🏳️‍🌈

  22. :) glad you dig 'em! I don't see a whole lot of bi- specific pride stuff so I figured I'd make a few pieces for pride month (and I really like the color palette, haha)

  23. I remember your original post and I think about this shirt almost every day

  24. I love my Curology prescription! My formula is Tretinoin 0.04%, Clindamycin 1%, Azelaic acid 7%. It has drastically reduced my active acne and cleared most of my hyperpigmentation. It took about 6 months and a strength change to see results though.

  25. Did you still have active breakouts while on the .04% formulation before they bumped it up?

  26. I was on .018 tret before they bumped it up and I was still having active breakouts. Breakouts faded and my skin is mostly clear now 6 months later. You do have to give it time to work. I am now getting around one pimple a week/every two weeks, huge difference from before.

  27. It’s my neb’s rescue day too! Happy 2/2/22 😊

  28. I adopted my nebbie girl at 8! I’m hoping to get 12 more years with her 😊

  29. Was it delayed from the storm? Or did she still go on?

  30. If we’re going to get rained out, what time should we know by? I really don’t want to pay for an Uber if I don’t have to…

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