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  1. Cos I saw her on holiday for like 2 minutes in a small ass town, so yeah I can't really do a whole lot with that, but it at least let me narrow down a type for the first time

  2. maps. there was just something about the map design from the first game that was never recaptured (IMO) in the sequel, this may just be because I really only like playing OT tho.

  3. I got sick of dealing with the mission so I just stabbed Pious in front of everyone and then tanked 10 days in jail lol

  4. As a previous student of Leeds Beckett University... I can't believe I was deceived for so long!

  5. I've been considering putting Leeds Beckett on my list for unis, was it any good?

  6. Depends what subject, some they did amazingly well, mainly sports/physio based subjects

  7. Have you turned escapes to high? All you need to do is do that, release the flyers and they'll breakout in seconds. But remember to release the flyers after turning on escapes

  8. Frontier really are the best game company at listening to the community

  9. 7/10 is pretty great. there's no such thing as a perfect game, but a B is a great grade!

  10. *sympathy to Gus for me. I think IMO, love is a bit too strong in regards to the event

  11. I feel ya man. Maybe Love is a bit strong but I really must suck for him and his family and friends online to see this everyday.

  12. no your not bro, boys must support boys even when it's difficult

  13. The problem is people are letting relativity unimportant things cloud the stuff they a few weeks ago were super hyped about. I feel the mass majority of folk that are gonna play are gonna really enjoy it, mostly because they haven't had people try to pry their hype away

  14. I think most of these have been removed due to the new features around comfort and guests and territory. All I want back I'd to turn off combat but that's really it from that list

  15. I'm doing the same. It seems to me to be a vocal minority but that can still have an effect on folk. Enjoy the anticipation! 👍

  16. How ridiculous. Waste of time if we can’t use it in Sandbox. Modders will allow us it with a bit of luck.

  17. You can use it in sandbox, just only on the san diago map

  18. a paleoanthropologist or a social anthropologist

  19. So I guess “tweak” would be a better word?

  20. gonna make a late extension to the hundred years war

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