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  1. I’ve lived in mountain towns where you could buy locally, if you were wealthy.

  2. Bingo. Park housing in the desert. Should have a proper kitchen available.

  3. If the soil isn’t cement-like, you can try growing your own plants? Dragon fruit, prickly pear, pepper, and onion might be a good start. Use drip irrigation for efficient water usage.

  4. Temporary housing and quite cement-like :). Hoping to have an indoor windowsill herb garden!

  5. Seasonally I do . In summer its balls to wall for about 2 months.

  6. experiencing that life rn. What do you do?

  7. Seasonal biologist here: for my 1039 position I'm spending two months in Montana (camping in Wyoming 90% of the time) , 1 month in North Dakota (hotel stay), and one week each in New Mexico and Arizona (also camping). I miss my friends, partner, and not being homeless. I get to travel and explore, but the trade-off sure is rough.

  8. I have an MLD prophet size small if interested!

  9. I have a hexamid solo tent of the original design. Bought it used on reddit, and put ~55 nights on it thru hiking the florida trail among some other shenanigans. Has a few blemishes/possibly holes that can be closed up. Willing to sell it for $250. PM me if you are interested.

  10. Keep a mug and teabags / instant coffee in my car so I can visit gas stations and get hot water for free instead of paying for a drink

  11. This is when you ask a friend for a lift. Used to be you could leave your car unlocked for days and it would be fine.

  12. Unfortunately I am moving to the state next week and don't have any friends up there yet.

  13. Where are you staying prior to getting on the train and when you return?

  14. I'm staying in my car, which will have all my belongings inside of it, which is why I'm pretty hesitant to leave it sitting for nearly a week

  15. Middle school. I thought people having crushes was fun drama, but I didn't know I was supposed to like people too.

  16. Environmental scientist checking in. Measuring desert plants to study climate change 🌿

  17. honestly same. Makes dating hard though if you make your intentions clear that you don't really want sex all that much. I very much identify as asexual lesbian (or possibly bi but men are on thin ice?). I've met many men that I think I would enjoy hand holding or cuddling with, but the idea of me touching anything below the waist makes me immediately cringe. With a woman I feel much more comfortable but I don't have alot of desire for the sexy time, but I know I wouldn't mind it as much.

  18. Look up tzimmes. Its an amazing Jewish stew that can be easily veganized. Cholent is another good one.

  19. Just had an interview for the Tucson location today. Opting for that location because the weather is better for cardwelling/rock climbing

  20. How long did it take to hear back from them? I sent in my application a couple days ago and am waiting to hear back.

  21. Just a couple days from the application to the interview. Still waiting to hear back about getting in or not

  22. Soup with a broth cube, frozen veggies, elbow macaroni and textured vegetable protein

  23. Not graduating with an honors chord because I transferred over with too many credits

  24. I would really appreciate some plates ☺️

  25. If you are interested I am selling the tarp/nettent combo:

  26. In 2019 the water in the northern region was pretty sparse. However if you're good with rationing your water, 3L will be plenty. Just drink as much as you can at each source then fill up and go

  27. Willing for a different trade? I have a Pa'lante V2 (the smaller size) and an SMD poncho & nettent combo if you are interested in either of those

  28. Have you tried incorporating entirely plant based meals into your rotation of food? Great way to eat super large quantities of food for less calories

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