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[Official] Manchester City are the 2021/22 Premier League Champions

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  1. It was his excuse for trying to kill someone with helmet. N word = helmet to the head

  2. $14.25 an hour for an educator position requiring a bachelor's degree, what a joke

  3. Video premiere was considered a stream on youtube.

  4. pssst when does he get back from vacation i cant find the answer anywhere and im gonna die if i dont see him live soon pls pls pls mr

  5. if i link an article as evidence to back a claim i made, then yes, i would read it all the way through

  6. I used to think that it was silly that New Jersey and Oregon don't let people pump their own gas.

  7. It still is. I'm not sure why people in this thread are acting so high and mighty, but this has never happened to anyone I know ever. Nor have I ever seen it happen. If you've ever lived in OR or NJ you know how fucking annoying it can be waiting 10 minutes for a pump to open because one dudes trying to pump gas for 8 different pumps

  8. Ignore these dopes saying Inca. Been there twice, 6/10. Azteca is 8/10 at a minimum.

  9. just as weird as being all worked up about that stuff. I ignore the Biden signs I see, not make some big point about being uncomfortable because they exist

  10. Its one thing to see a Trump sign. I don't care if someone has one in their yard or a bumper sticker. Its another to see a car covered in 50 stickers, all about trump or how bidens evil. Or to see a store front with 50+ shirts dedicated to trump. Or a literal shrine to him. Or anything about "the big lie". There is no equivalent for Biden because Biden supporters don't worship him like Trump supporters worship Trump.

  11. But the fact that you're getting all worked up over something you can just ignore is why I'm saying rent free. He's made such an impression on you that we get a post or more a week here about him when it's been over a year since he left office. Toughen up. Whining isn't going to get you anywhere.

  12. Its so interesting that Trump supporters say toughen up when all they do is cry about how he actually won the election. Gross. Anytime I see gross worship of a cult figure, I'll say its cringe and weird. Trump or otherwise.

  13. Ok. Still weird y’all English get so picky about all the little different wordings as well.

  14. Hi there! I have a close connection with the zoo (as well as a degree in zoo science), so I feel the need to answer this question.

  15. Depends on what you want to do. But generally, yes, especially as a keeper or in education.

  16. As I've said before on this sub, it entirely depends on where in the country you are, and peoples age. It is 100% not considered gender neutral everywhere in the usa

  17. Can you elaborate? Where is it not okay? How so does age effect it?

  18. My job entails giving tours, teaching classes, fast educational interactions, etc. In Oregon, we were specifically not allowed to use "guys" because it was considered uninclusive. In Texas, if you referred to a group that included a woman as "guys", at best you'd get weird looks and at worst you'd get an upset guest.

  19. did you miss him playing 20 offline league games per day for like two weeks?

  20. I didn't miss that, and to me it also seemed slightly worrying? I'm not sure what you're asking. I think Destiny even said something along the lines of that when he's in a bad place mentally he defaults to playing a lot of league.

  21. im sayin why would elden ring make you worry if you knew how bad it can get

  22. Ah, the guy who can't read and doesn't understand anything.

  23. Bro you're fucking C R A Z Y. Sorry if no one has told you before because they were scared you'd kill them. But you are certifiably nuts.

  24. ive heard some girls ask to not be called bro but only when they were a romantic prospect who “didn’t want to be treated like one of your friends”. otherwise “bro” and “dude” and “guys” is pretty neutral IN ITS CURRENT USE SOCIALLY, even if not in its originally intended use

  25. Completely depends where in the country you are in my experience :)

  26. I'm sorry, I thought you said that commenting "get fucked" was a clear indicator of upsetedness? Or does it not count when you do it?

  27. It’s Hasan’s dog. A smaller streamer (who’s name isn’t worth mentioning) only exists to hate Hasan, so they covered the art.

  28. As a reminder, yesterday Hasan and his community actively tried to destroy Destiny's art :) denying he struck first like he denies the Holodomor

  29. Exact quotes are hard to find when you never watch. So i went to the Experts, those engaged enough to run a subreddit. The majority of the subreddit has told me "go away".

  30. Do you have to agree with someone 100% to find them entertaining and interesting? How boring

  31. Yet on the flip side, you are advocating for the validity of a drug that has absolutely no basis for effective covid treatment, due to the politicization of Ivermectin. It is totally more "Trumpian" to defend Ivermectin during a pandemic, and the politicians who boast Ivermectin know they could be hurting citizens who are far-right and already as distrusting as possible. I find it disingenuous to say that it is worse to call it horse dewormer, as its harm would be marginal compared to the other outcome.

  32. It has nothing to do with platforming conservatives. Instead its platforming them and giving them an underserved amount of charitability. I mean let's be fair, Nick Fuentes is a neo Nazi, Lauren Southern is not far from that either. I don't think it's a good look as a leftist being buddy-buddy with alt-righters.

  33. Dude I’ve replied to several year old comments just because a month is nothing

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