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  1. They need to get relegated. They can be shit year after year with a dilapidated stadium and they will sell out every game. Without the threat of relegation what is the incentive to improve?

  2. I don't think relegation is the answer for any Prem club in the "how do we improve" stakes, all that comes with that is the risk of no longer existing tbh

  3. They're too comfortable. Success is too hard, but they can rest comfortably at the foot of the table.

  4. Oh I'm not arguing with that at all

  5. What's worse, is those are both the wrong things to do.

  6. There was a report that a couple of Welsh teams had been having tentative talks with the RFU.

  7. I believe Prem recently loosened up the capacity rules (in terms of giving teams more time to get to 10,000 capacity after promotion if plans are in place) which could open the door for Ealing

  8. There aren't many times I've thought this about other players but I 100% do agree.

  9. Schalk Burger's eye gouge on the 09 Lions tour is included in this category for me (and any similar incidents that have occurred to that level)

  10. And this is why it's so easy for people to fall into these traps.

  11. Every conspiracy is attempting to find some meaning or reason behind our world. They want everything to make sense.

  12. I think that could very much be the case for a number of people.

  13. Do Toney and Mitro not really annoy you as a Kane owner?

  14. Why have De Bruyne when you can have Mac Allister

  15. KDB is one of the biggest myths in FPL - doesn’t take penalties, uncaptainable at 12.0, subject to rotation, multiple fitness issues, has never even scored more than 210 points in a season (apart from the one year he was priced for FPL at 9.5)

  16. Thought I'd just respond to your dumb statement with one just as dumb tbh

  17. Depends how you define "talent". Ronaldo was of course flashier, but didn't have the clinicality or spacial awareness of Haaland or Mbappe.

  18. If Ronaldo was as laser focused on stats as he is now/the game is now he'd be pumping the same numbers at that age

  19. Rumours is this is Robertson's showcase for why he should be England's next coach, meaning that this is Zach Mercer opportunity to show why he should be involved. Big game, just bought tickets for it.

  20. I've got my hopes way too high for Robertson to be England coach after the World Cup.

  21. Could really do with Haaland blanking...

  22. Fancy actually giving some examples and making some points?

  23. I mean. Groß and Rodrigo are less than Salah combined. But have more points than Salah even if you captained Salah every week. There is lots of value. Could upgrade a player to Zaha and Gundogan midfield. There’s many options. Nunez looks more threatening than Salah you could take a punt and make him your third striker.

  24. Having Salah doesnt prevent you from having any of those players though?

  25. Yes it still comes up in the feed when you’re browsing through Reddit, I’m not specifically going to this sub Reddit. Like I said it’s usually common practice to have pretty strict spoiler rules for other sports or score lines happening that day

  26. This is pretty much one of the only sports subs I've seen that actually has any spoiler tags in the first place.

  27. I rarely use the Rugby 'values' argument as we have our own subset of terrible lad culture that comes our way and its by no means perfect.

  28. Eh you'll see this in a lot of sports a lot of the time tbh

  29. Hedge is reducing risk. You cant guarantee a win with sports. There's no such thing.

  30. Veltman and Andreas sat chilling 2nd and 3rd on my bench ffs

  31. Ole should've never been given the gig after his caretaker period

  32. You say this like he’s culpable and didn’t want one. glazer and Woodward failings.

  33. Ole was a board yes man so he can happily take his share of the blame

  34. F1 and in general motor sports are a fraction of climate emissions.

  35. This is exhibit A when it comes to FPL being a marathon not a sprint.

  36. Parts of it are a sprint though, catching players for runs of form is vital, as is ditching them rather than holding too long.

  37. Last time Villa won on Matchday 1 they were relegated

  38. Funnily enough, that was at Bournemouth

  39. On the plus side, I missed the gameweek 1 deadline last year and most people had an unreal week, so I guess things are looking up this season

  40. I bottled it and switched him for Harrison, which would be fine if I hadn't benched Harrison for Bailey...

  41. Germany paid reparations to Israel for a long time, even though the Nazis were gone. That money was used to help develop Israel. Not a good example.

  42. So you're saying there's a difference between Germany and Germans...

  43. The entire world is built off blood money. You think countries that are hundreds of kilometres wide just existed out of nothing? Even the poorest countries were built off of one tribe killing another and taking their land and resources.

  44. No mate only the west have done bad things in the world obviously

  45. Maddison over Diaz? Just no. Had maddison in my draft last season, done nothing for half a season, picked up a little for a few weeks after I dropped him but Diaz far better for me when I picked him up and shouldn't be rotated as much now mane gone, granted he normally rotates with jota

  46. Pretty dismissive of the 5th highest scoring midfielder last season...

  47. I don't think they'll play 5 at the back, seems more likely to have a midfield 3

  48. efbo says:

    At this point just snap them all, who gives a fuck? Injure them for the proper matches.

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