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  1. It's 2022, I've been a Giants fan for 29 years. If this current team is teaching us anything, it's that the unwritten rules are BS. Let people enjoy themselves on a beautiful day at a beautiful ballpark watching the team they love. Enough with this tired gatekeeping mentality.

  2. I was at the game (Friday) when the wave was going crazy. I didn't partake, but I don't blame those who did The Giants were getting smoked, the game was going slow, and the fans were bored. Do I like the wave? No. But I prefer that over the fans boo-ing or leaving entirely. Let the kids have fun.

  3. Everyone is in the seats behind the camera to get a view of the fireworks. I was at that game. A lot of people had left because it was so late, but fans were definitely still there.

  4. Wait the Mets got another questionable fucking call overturned last night to win a game? Jeezus Christ.

  5. I know! It's just frustrating all around. If I were the Mets I'd be questioning why the onfield call is constantly against them.

  6. Ahh, yes noted rhp killer Jason vosler coming up just in time. What's that...he hit .169 vs righties last season? No way a right handed batter could match that type of platoon production

  7. Haha, but currently 2-2 with an RBI

  8. Are they doing the MLB quick pick again this year?

  9. Yeah, would've been much closer too. I think he would've made it.

  10. Doval got a couple of bad plays. He was fine IMO

  11. Yeah, seemed like all soft contact except the HR. He'll settle in

  12. and picking up a lot of steam with younger folks (30-40's). Every place that has pickleball courts will be completely packed with people. It's crazy.

  13. Add some height. I am assuming that your drops and dink are also too deep. Try increasing the arc of the ball to get it to land short and can't be volleyed. Then keep practicing all your drops and dinks. That's what I am trying.

  14. Careful to not hit too high though... Or else it'll bounce high and it's an easy put away as well. I get the best results when I put a little spin on it and hit cross-court.

  15. So as many of you may recall, I covered our minor league box scores in the gameday threads for much of last season. I hope to continue that this season, though I'll almost certainly be unable to do it daily. With Spring Training now underway, I think it's important to highlight the interesting prospects that played yesterday! I'll try to mention some of the other, less known names in future posts. Note that the level is where they finished last year.

  16. Was a bit disappointed with Bart behind the plate last night. Saw a few passed balls (my view wasn't great, so not entirely sure if they should've been blocked), but definitely hoping his defense improved from 2020?

  17. What's the best way to contribute?

  18. Yep. Obviously anecdotal but I’ve always seen extended time off in the postseason as a net negative ever since the 2012 post-season for very personal reasons.

  19. It's just open play. If a court is open, you can start playing on it. But if there's a bunch of people, they do a paddle system (people can put their paddles down to claim the next game).

  20. Yeah, that's fine unless all the courts are full with doubles games and there's more people waiting to play.

  21. Well good for Jim Thom-oh-my-god!

  22. Alternatively, I won't miss at bats likes

  23. The base is clearly a tripping hazard. Time to get rid of them.

  24. Kuip's disbelief is just so funny. Everyone I watch it.

  25. Hey everybody! I'm really excited to roll out this app I've been working on the last few months. I'll start sending out invites for Early Access next week. You can join the waitlist here:

  26. So cool! Is it possible to also build in some way to distinguish which finger should be used?

  27. I bought an Oculus for my father-in-law and the right controller was never able to sync up. After talking to tech support on 12/25/21, they said to send in the broken controller and they would ship a new/refurbished one within 3-5 business days of receiving the controller. Fed-Ex delivered the controller on 1/3/22, and they have STILL not sent the replacement. The people at Oculus Support are pleasant, but their policies around customer support are absolutely horrible. Literally the worst company I have ever tried to get help from. I should have just gotten a replacement through the original retailer (Amazon).

  28. I finally got the replacement sent back to me... 2 months later. It seems there was a supply shortage, because I couldn't even purchase a new one from their site. So hopefully they got more and you'll be getting yours soon. Make sure to request some sort of credit for the trouble!

  29. It probably got caught up in the holiday order mess, along with the whole covid supply chain delay thing. Isn't there a support chat function? Have you tried that instead of emailing, you might get better answers chatting directly to a person vs emails.

  30. Thanks for the suggestion. Yeah, I tried doing the chat, and it eventually ended up getting routed to the person from the emails... Sigh. Good idea about the spare controller, I'll look into it.

  31. Bonds isn't going to make it, is he?

  32. Yeah, given the current roster I'd be happy to be in the 85-90 win territory. Still need more SP, a big right handed bat, belt and craw to repeat their 2021 performance, yaz to do better, and Bart to do decent.

  33. Kuip was saying that Castallanos would be a good fit and not as expensive as Bryant.

  34. Depending on the number of years, I'd love castellanos. I'm guessing he wants a lot of years though...

  35. Miller park (now american family field). It was just… sweaty. I didn’t have high expectations but it was definitely underwhelming

  36. Yeah, me too! Went there this past summer. Was excited because it seemed unique (exterior, roof, big slide, etc.), but it really wasn't very memorable. I do remember being fairly disappointed at the lack of beer selections (I was surprised there wasn't a ton of craft options).

  37. I was afraid people were going to say our park (which I actually really like) but then I realized no one has ever gone there

  38. My wife and I went this past summer and were very underwhelmed. This was stadium #24 for us, so we've seen quite a few. It was partly due to the circumstances though... We were sitting in the upper deck and due to COVID, they wouldn't let you explore outside of your section, so we could only walk around the upper deck :( Compounding this, they only had one place in the upper deck that was selling Chicago dogs, but they were somehow out of all the toppings. The pinwheel fireworks were cool though.

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