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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Having as many children as possible. Divorcing the wife as soon as she cannot have more; having three, four families with each monarch. This seems like success to me.

  2. And then matrilineal marriages for 4k+ at end date in dynasty.

  3. Likely democrats since russia was supporting republicans. Anything to help tear the country apart.

  4. When starting tribal blending with conquered “civilized” areas is a must to catch up in tech.

  5. You should put it into a video so i can hear it!

  6. But i thought the eye couldn’t see more than 30fps /s

  7. Depends, do you have the traits line for dynasty with some levels? If so there are some boosts to good ones and reductions to bad ones. Any kid can inherit any combination

  8. The bigger you are the more expensive. You can grant independence to anyone you want, you just wont be able to conquer them again until you change rulers or they die.

  9. You cant win when there was no definition of victory. America sucks at anything other than topple and marshal plan. We don’t commit genocide (anymore), we don’t go all colonial. We were never going to do anything other topple the current government when we went. We “lost” in that there was never a way to win.

  10. No the russian funded republicans have done a good enough jobs without russian immigrants….

  11. D_D says:

    To get an offer? No way.

  12. I have hired more than 100 engineers. Are all of them as amazing as each other? Hell no. Have 98% of them worked out, yep. I can either sit around interviewing tons of candidates for lots of hours, or i can get my shit together and have a functional process thats effective enough.

  13. I built a 20 man dev team at a startup. All my hires worked out and one went awol (edit) and stopped showing up so i fired him.

  14. You can always swap to catholic then create a new schism with the traits you want…. Only need 1 holy site.

  15. Where the hell are slavias borders. Im trying to figure it out without painting the whole damn map but i cant see the lines when i try to click on own all slavia dejure territories

  16. If you go into the decision you can click the requirement for the territory and it will outline it for you!

  17. She must be a count and be under another vassal.

  18. So for men at arms. Is a good mix a better strategy than all heavy infantry? I am never quite sure what I should be building so i favor heavy infantry but still bring some stuff to counter heavy infantry counters and horse counters.

  19. Sometimes you have to kill little brother to get the rest of your inheritance that was split.

  20. 3 way battles dont happen. You either camp and wait for previous to finish or you jump on a side to help. No effort on your part required.

  21. Money is the biggest thing we work for. That being said i routinely turn down opportunities paying 20-30% more that work 50%+ more hours. Sometimes less pay is ok and a better choice overall.

  22. I thought you were going to link what trump said on twitter about it.

  23. Crusader kings (2 or 3 are great). Iffy on rpg as its more empire managment and growth but i play it as a rpg.

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