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That's a fucking black shoe

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  1. We haven’t seen the other 9 episodes of season one, season two or how Cassian met K2 which I’m sure they’re going to downplay or not show at all.

  2. Nah I’m good. I’m sure Sean will conduct a good interview but I’m over this hack. It doesn’t impress me anymore.

  3. I feel bad for the fathers of these kids. Either they’re complicit or if not worse or helpless in trying to stop this madness and bs

  4. I would prioritize getting something that has good detail and other technicalities. You might find that initially you don't like the tuning but as long as there is nothing egregious (there isn't for the aria and starfield) your brain will eventually adjust to the sound of the new IEM's. If you really don't like something about it EQ is definitely an option, although you are limited by the fact you have an Apple phone.

  5. I’ve been using JBL headphones since 2015. I’ve owned the Everest 300, the Club 700 and now the Tour Ones. The tour ones are my mains and they never leave home. For wireless closed back cans, until I can afford higher end, they’re the endgame. I love them. I did have a pair of Sony XM3s but they went missing. Those don’t factor into this conversation at all.

  6. Lol I got told this and I said “I’m not willing to commute that far for $12 an hour. That’s not breaking even.”

  7. I’m sorry but anyone who thinks that putting steak in a sous vide is a good idea, should no longer be allowed to cook steak.

  8. This senile fuck is the reason why I’m afraid to buy my first (and likely only) handgun and start my Mk18 build because if I end up doing either or both of those things it’ll end up with the ATF at my door, me on a permanent watch list and my dog dead on the floor

  9. As long as your still able to, arm yourself. You will not be able to defend yourself otherwise.

  10. I’m looking back into getting a handgun but money is tight and I’m taking care of other things. That’ll be the first thing on my to do list then it’s constant training (or as often as I can) with it until I have enough to start the Mk18 build

  11. Nice photos but this type of person who’s religious or Christian/Catholic bother me so much and I’ve had my fair share of run ins with them over the years.

  12. Why do I feel like this movie is going to be a huge mess and I will end up hating Jonathan Majors in the MCU going forward?

  13. The thing I hate about this is they want you to fill it out in .5 seconds sometimes…

  14. I thought it was going to be unwrapping a piece of cheese. My dog appears like magic when I unwrap a string cheese.

  15. I got so many good screenshots of baddie and Eli from this episode. It’s a certified hood classic of a episode

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