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Megathread: FBI Searches Former President Donald Trump's Florida Home

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  1. Shit we gotta beat Utah and UK first. Both are superior programs to Tennessee.

  2. What is wrong with you? The PS5 controller is an MSRP of 74.99, the Xbox Series controller is an MSRP of $69.99...

  3. The price of controllers is too damn high! PS5 controllers should be 40 bucks, and these retro ones should be like 20 bucks at most. IMO 35 for just wireless (with a huge dongle) is way too much. The PS5 gets me gyro/motion controls, joysticks, more buttons, a touchpad, it's wireless, it's bluetooth. My old wireless ps3 controller lasted me 15 years and judging by the quality of this new ps5 controller I got, it seems this one may last me just as long.

  4. Together they almost form a real butter bar, who is still going to get you lost as a motherfucker! Ask your local infantryman about getting lost with the new Platoon Leader today!

  5. Giving houses to 2,405 people via a lottery system does not solve the housing crisis in a county of 1.9 million people. Thats not even a drop in the bucket.

  6. yeh but it's good enough for them to tell us to go fuck ourselves.

  7. The fact that Republicans are tripping over themselves to call this “government overreach”, “purely political”, etc. without knowing any of the details of the raid tells you everything you need to know about their concern for the truth.

  8. They all fell in line for iraq. Pretty sure we've known for a long ass time.

  9. Well big safe is, I'm sure!

  10. Lol the pics they use are hilarious. Oz looks like he smelled a fart just a second ago but can't move out of the area for whatever reason, and fetterman is looking like he caught you reaching in the cookie jar again.

  11. If this is true it pretty remarkable. For comparison in the 11 years that the US had combat troops in Vietnam there were about 200K casualties. For Russian to hit 80K in six months is telling.

  12. In the Battle of Kursk (1943 - WW2) Russia lost more than 800,000 casualties - more than four times what Germany lost - but still won the battle. A shocking price to pay for victory.

  13. Good point, Russia is traditionally slow to start from my understanding.

  14. Yes they'll play, because the league won't let them choose otherwise.

  15. No no no no rui needs to rest. A hammy never heals if he doesn't take time off. That is exactly why he didn't heal over last off season!!

  16. Believe they suspend and fine the player for not participating if I recall correctly. So if you rest him, you rest him for much longer than you want. Both are bad options.

  17. True, time to bribe the all star coach 🤣

  18. Don't forget the homeless part while rich people and companies buy the house they lived in.

  19. So you would suggest to keep the k70 and keep rolling with the New lenses? Ok thanks, will look into those!

  20. Generally speaking lenses are more important than the camera! Except for ISO, that is where the higher end cameras really shine (for low light shooting), along with connectivity stuff.

  21. Im getting paid whether or not the internet at work is functioning, so yes Kevin.

  22. At this rate they are going to find Alaric's grave.

  23. Furthermore, NATO has explicitly said nuclear fallout on NATO land can trigger article 5.

  24. "can" and "will/shall" are completely different things.

  25. That was a legendary oline. The amount he could consume at sonny's bbq all you could eat was also legendary.

  26. Back in college, my friend was politely asked to leave the Sonny’s in Athens after he sat there and destroyed plate after plate for approximately 4 hours. No idea how much money he lost them, but it was a lot.

  27. That's hilarious. I don't think they could ask Phil to leave because everyone loved him so much. I believe sometimes he would go to the archer road location with the pouncey twins as well.

  28. Isn't that between him and his agent? Is Gainesville/North Florida not able to support the opportunity he is looking for?

  29. I don't really think about South Carolina, ever, for any reason, and I won't stop now. If the entire state broke away into the Atlantic I don't think I'd notice. I don't think anything of repute has ever happened there, ill or otherwise.

  30. I would have greatly preferred they try to update the BCS system instead of jumping straight to a (small) playoff. A National Championship after bowl games would’ve made sense to everyone, maintained the value of the bowls, and allowed for a “definitive” national championship after we have a very good sense of the two best teams. I have no idea why this wasn’t tried.

  31. No, it was stupid before when there multiple claimants some seasons.

  32. Sweet, can't wait to play. Will you need beta testers?

  33. I've found that people who think they are clever and saving time with vim are never really saving any time. It's 2022, notepad opens and saves pretty quickly.

  34. Every programmer using a vi plug-in in their IDE is most definitely saving time.

  35. I'll be honest that seems pointless. Most things I've found I can do just as fast by clicking the gui.

  36. That's a funny way to say distraction from her husband's DUI and insider trading.

  37. Ha, I bet the who's who of silicon valley beg to differ. It also serves a useful distraction sure.

  38. Omg she should send one of her toddler age grandkids and they could turn it into an episode of Old Enough. 🤣🤣

  39. I'm just happy all the arm chair experts talking about the trial can stop speculating about how the jury is going to act.

  40. I fear some Koch brother or mercer will ride to his rescue, unfortunately

  41. Koch would never give money to this man. Jones is way too extreme for that old man.

  42. Nothing is too extreme for koch

  43. Were we to elect an infinite number of presidents, we would inevitably draw the worst and best of candidates. Just by probability alone, it's silly to write laws that assume every president will be some morally great person who will not abuse their king like power.

  44. "radical", "fundamentalist", "fanatic" and even "terrorist".

  45. I've been told that outside of america they are less awful. I have some sympathies with the libertarian viewpoint however, I disagree that freedom can exist without duty.

  46. Having been a libertarian in my younger days, I came to find it was nothing but a bunch of people dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the tragedy of commons.

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