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  1. That’s my site! I really appreciate that 😊 I’m hoping to keep it growing and be able to do some more in-depth stories soon.

  2. I heard rumors that Carnage will be in this game but idk it feels way too soon. I'd rather we get a Venom game that handles Carnage.

  3. Cletus Kasady was in the first game. I can't remember if he wore the symbiote or not but I'm pretty sure he didn't. So to see him as carnage wouldn't be a big surprise.

  4. What first game? Cletus wasn't in Spider-Man PS4. He was in TASM2.

  5. You really gotta offer more information if you are gonna post something like this. What is it? Why would the community care? Stuff like that. Please.

  6. Thought the general consesus was "F this place" considering the way they said "F our employees".

  7. Well it isn't that black and white. To say F this place is saying F all the people who still work their, the small businesses they partner with, and so on.

  8. I have SPD, and have since childhood. My theater training started when I was 8, and loved the idea of performing. I didn't have stage fright and then I had a mid-life- type crisis around 13 and I couldn't do it after that, I just couldn't remember my lines and having an entire school laugh at your humiliation is really hard to come back from. I found it hard to get back into theater, but as a 20 something I became a pretty decent musician ( vocals, Accordion) and was getting a bit of a name for myself. Then my alcoholism got the best of me and I hate to take meds to stop. Great news, I stopped drinking, I'm alive, I'm relatively happy. But I can't pick up or play the accordion anymore, like I can play but I don't have the drive. The same for performing, my main drive was my anger. So, now I'm not that angry, and I don't gave that drive to play anymore. Now I'm pursuing a new artwork, writing.

  9. Maybe that's similar to my problem. I always did comedy for the validation and attention. But recently I've really not enjoyed getting attention. And I'm getting a lot of pride and validation from my business so I don't exactly need comedy anymore. But it's always been my passion so I'm confused

  10. You listen for the songs and then mark them off on your bingo sheet. First person to mark off 2 rows of 5 wins.

  11. This flyer looks like something a cosmic entity would make to lure children from our world.

  12. because people suffering from mental illness shouldn’t be thrown in jail due to actions they cannot control

  13. I'm sure it's in his control a little bit. Like perhaps getting off of drugs would make him slightly less erratic.

  14. I am an event organizer outside of Fortnight. We just partner with them to do events so I dont make any money on the alcohol sales. So it covers my cost of advertising and such.

  15. Maybe a stupid question but I've never been there- inside or out?

  16. Yes. The private l event room. They have a private party that ends at 7 then ill setup

  17. Yes. The private l event room. They have a private party that ends at 7 then ill setup

  18. When is this? Part of the image is blocked for me

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