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  1. I wouldn’t mind. Would I have to get them long though? I have trouble using my fingers when they are longer 😅

  2. not at all if you explain to your nail tech that you would like a comfortable length just for you they should understand.

  3. ballerina is just more narrow than coffin. It’s almost like stiletto but without the point just flat edge

  4. I’d say 3b just from this picture. Your hair is also gorgeous by the way but I’m sure you already knew that ♡

  5. I’m only 21 but when I think about my future I don’t see myself with another. I was raised by single women and always been around single women which might be why I don’t imagine a partner. But dating now is so hard and no one really meets in person so until then it’s me,myself,and i.

  6. The townspeople dressed like the characters were dressed based on presumably on how they were seen in 1993 running around town, and town legends and stuff. The townspeople didn’t watch the 1993 movie.

  7. that’s specifically what I’m talking about but in the movie there’s another scene where the mayor sees the couple dressed as the wife and husband in the first movie. I don’t mind it being added it doesn’t do anything for the movie at all

  8. It's still a potential spoiler that there could be a multiverse involved.

  9. I don’t know how to change the title of the post. I can repost if that’s better I’m still new to Reddit

  10. I would just wrap it with a bandaid or so for a day or two. If it isn’t lifting then it should be alright but if it’s still sore I’d contact your nail tech

  11. Mann you and i was on the same page. But Daemon’s characters is meant to be seen as arrogant and selfish. He loves from a distance,he surely loves his daughters but cares about himself first. I think even if his daughter spoke up and said Aemomd stole Vahgar it’s out of their hands due to Alicent know about that he now has a dragon

  12. I sorta wish Stephanie Meyer made a book just about her following after Breaking Dawn because she is such an intriguing character. I would love to find out if she ever found love and if she eventually made peace/trust with vampires

  13. I hate to break it to you but the hair needs to be professionally cut to at least remove the damaged ends. It’s preventing such growth and i wouldn’t add any heat or such to it unless added with heat protectant.

  14. Did you do these yourself? If so these are so freaking cute and also what polish was use for the nail art?

  15. I can feel your frustration but at the same time i have ghosted so many people while getting ghosted. And simply it’s just cuz things just don’t click and I don’t feel like explaining myself. Usually I do it around the talking stage. But I’ve been ghosted while being together for months. I agree that communication is key. Sometimes things are better left unsaid

  16. Jesus. This woman got attacked over calling her nails short? What the fuck kind of sick humans act like that? Who cares? Short to the person posting, who is that angry about someone’s use of completely inoffensive language and subject..? Sad.

  17. that’s what I’ve been saying. Every comment is about the length can y’all just say whether the ugly or cute and move on

  18. Omg! Love! Thought me and my SIL were the only ones on Hot Girl Fall hype! Let's get it beautiful. Loving the beads!

  19. Not at all to the right individual. Some people need to be downtown for work, and like being in a new and modern secure building with other amenities like workout studios

  20. the Standard in downtown is around $1,000 but I’d aim for the 401 Lofts or the Depot which are 700-800

  21. The Sunken Place? I think I get what you are trying to describe. You mean like, a girl (or woman) who seemed uncomfortable with her Blackness. Certainly I've seen it. I fought every day to find something I loved about my Black skin and features, even if it was the smallest tidbit of something to appreciate. You brought up middle school so you reminded me of middle school, where I had two other black girls in my class. They kind of glommed on to each other and were like working in tandem of the Sunken Place.

  22. no thank you for talking about it. Yeah it happens too many times where I think the people like Girl 1 you described are sometimes just looking for direction and people just overlook it as “oh well she wants to be white” . I went to a suburban middle school so I’ve seen it and lived it. And I learned how to be who I wanted to be through watching people via YouTube. But I definitely think being black can be expressed in various ways since we’ve dipped our feet in pretty much everything.

  23. I think of the sunken place as a complete disconect from realities of blackness, and consistently acting against their own self interest/sectionality. I think of people like Candace Owens, Clarence Thomas or even Tony Sotomayor and Fresh and Fit as being from the sunken place.

  24. I’m so happy you found self love. My mom forced me to get silk presses because my hair was too much to deal with. When all along I just wanted to have afro textured hair but she made believe it wasn’t achievable and going to predominantly white school’s definitely can weaken your sense of mind. Also love your example of Candace Owens probably the best sort of example for this prompt.

  25. I feel like it’s definitely a 50/50. My friends and i are interested in all races however I’ve only been with some white guys and Hispanic men. It’s a preference but I’m always open. I keep my standards high because I know what I’m worth. I’ve come across black men who don’t want a black girl like me all natural,smart,knows what she deserves. And to me I say “so be it”. But they’re are definitely people who do let it slide and get openly fetishized and i feel like that’s a deep insecurity.

  26. this is so my manger and I work in a warehouse where we make kombucha and sourdough and mann she eats terrible for someone being vegan

  27. so many people are defending her on Twitter too saying she’s valid to her emotions just because she said she was raped. Like okay cool, but what’s the need to scream for?!

  28. that’s what im sayin, there’s literally walmart delivery and you over her trauma dumping for attention babes go home.

  29. When I used to straighten my hair i had to use plastic wrap and then blow dry or sit under the dryer. To achieve the silky look. Heat doesn’t really matter, just make sure you’re not burning your hair and have heat protectant

  30. She only tortured them if you read the books she mentions it made her sick to have their blood in her

  31. there’s tons of those by me but the Planemo artworks are all over Goodyear and downtown it’s so fun finding them

  32. Curls are shapopping. ❤️❤️❤️ I haven't used clay the mask in a while, because I started using the Bask and Bloom shampoo bar that had bentonite and rhasoul clay.

  33. o.O hold up is that better than the Aztec clay mask cuz even tho I love this mask it is very messy. let me know!!♡

  34. I’m glad I wasn’t seeing things. I had seen one fly by my window and saw another lol that’s crazy

  35. it’s kinda hard to tell from these photos, but do you wear your hair up a lot or put it in tight hairstyles. If not then you’re probably fine but if you’re still worried get some castor oil or blue magic grease and rub that into your scalp

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