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  1. US viewing lo interval break iyyaru ga

  2. istharu but only at cinemark chains and some select chains too

  3. actually this could work out i like the idea but at the same time i don’t think rajamouli is actually keen on making the sequel like yea they keep saying they have ideas and such but they ended the movie with no sequel in mind so it’s best to leave it like that

  4. who said we don’t care… removing post now 🫡

  5. nenu edho joke anukuna till i listened to the audio lmaoooooo

  6. no one uses the wikis as far as i know like we made an entire wiki for movie recs and no one has acknowledged it or anything

  7. huh it wasn’t made in hindi idk where you got that from just cuz it had alia and devgn mawa don’t mean it was shot in hindi

  8. like corridor crew has said we will never perfect cgi animals and this is as close to perfect we will get to especially with that budget

  9. This is real ahh? Mind dobbinattu undi ee post esinodiki. He is celebrating success of his son and RRR team. What was wrong with you?

  10. huh how is there anything wrong with the post at all he just posted chiru’s dp and said it’s real in a funny way stop taking every single thing out of context and then making it into an issue just grow tf up

  11. sln had more profits than avpl did as far as i remember

  12. Yeah but edi fun undi? I prefer original but Venky mama telugu lo boothulu vadthe kick untademo ani

  13. telugu is only good for the lead dubbings migitha motham waste

  14. elagelaga vaadu ekkuva cinemalu teeyatle kadha 2020 nunchi only 5 films ey teesadu which is the same as nani

  15. sukku and srv are true the sukku one actually went into pre production and then got dropped while the srv one was in heavy talks and then it fell through

  16. man kills all bad guys in rain and then comes to a realization he shouldn’t have killed and gets mad and then saves child

  17. bro’s wife dies in riots so he becomes a psychotic killer and kills everyone involved with the death and challenges a cop 🌚

  18. Yeah bro I don't understand this shit. I never saw a 4K Marvel trailer! Blu-ray matram 4k lo dinchutaru! A 4K trailer I remember is only The Flash recently! Even Avatar wasn't in 4K I guess

  19. try using the imax channel on youtube they have started to upload in 4K

  20. Mowa where's Post-3? ikkada kuda final post vesar ga motham story .

  21. vesam story and it got removed here to say the least but to sum it up it was her targeting us with other members after i apologized for the mistake and went on to target us on other social media platforms

  22. broooooooo enduku bro paatha gaayalu leputharu

  23. Hollywood and Bollywood (Christian Bale and Hrithik) bounce back ayyaru after heavy transformations to their bodies. Mana vallu endhuku ala avvatledhu? Even RC looks like he was juicing for Dhruva’s role. But somehow he looks stable after.

  24. he is stable because he was at least able to maintain the body since what magadheera time edho koncham dhruva role ki steroids teesukunnadu but since then he has been able to maintain it very well because he has that work ethic of consistently keeping his body in consistent shape that no actor other than sudheer babu has

  25. yes he did he had a kidney failure back in 2020 that gave him a high chance of suffering from a stroke or hemmorage he also lost a ton of weight that made him look super skinny

  26. Not that big of a hit. I think it’s breakeven or just average.

  27. idk why you got downvoted you are right the film wasn’t completely financially successful at the BO

  28. huh dhanush is an amazing actor with apt script selections in the last 10 years wdym another dhanush 😭

  29. aithe nuvvu definite ga cinema chudale the entire character for the hero is based on how much dookudu he has and stuff 😭

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