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  1. It's not a law but it may be required by your rental/lease agreement. Nobody on here can tell you, you'd have to check what you agreed to.

  2. Yes however they have never actually gotten a copy of the policy/certificate, and it's 2.5 years later and they've never asked for proof, even though I was required to have it upon initially signing the lease.

  3. It doesn't matter if they ask for proof, if you agreed to have insurance and you don't have it you're the one that's violating the agreement and it could be grounds for eviction. Check your requirements under the contract that you signed.

  4. They are probably sweating from the worry about their wheel flying off so they need to fix the A/C.

  5. And to add to this - it'll make your car run poorly and inefficiently as it tries to correct - which will probably ruin the other catalytic converter ( most modern vehicles have 2 or more) it's crappy but you really shouldn't leave it too long. It's not going to blow up your engine or anything but it's not great.

  6. *catalytic converter. Cadillac is a car brand. And yes it will


  8. Looks like Mike to me...or it could be Steve, it's hard to tell from that picture




  12. It's two separate boxes that just happen to be pushed together - not a DDOI.

  13. Wait, if you can. Cars are way over priced right now and the cars that are out there have too many kms. I've been looking for 3 mths and as soon as I find something promising it's already sold. I'm looking at buying the same car I bought 6 years ago because it has low kms and they're asking $3000 more than I payed 6 years ago. I'm seriously thinking of just patching up my current vehicle to make it last another year.

  14. I'm waiting for a new car and I'll be scrapping my old car - I hope I run into one of these idiots when it's finally time to get rid of the old dash cam will prove I'm not at fault and hopefully they write off the old shitbox.

  15. I think a lot of adult things should be taught in schools - banking, managing money and budgeting, mental health management, basic car care etc...many things we have to figure out as adults

  16. So if you park your car, you just hope it won't roll away?

  17. Putting the car in park means it won't roll away


  19. *180. A 360 would be all the way around and facing forward again

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