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  1. Nara park/Lennox gardens is perfect! Trees at close and further distance, nice grass to land on. Enjoy!

  2. The first time I realised that my little sister would be the person to find me, and I couldnt do that to her. The second time I got a phone call that my other sister was pregnant, and I knew she would need me to be there for her and the baby.

  3. That is definitely my husband. For most of his adult life he’s always had a major “vice”. When he finally kicks one another one promptly replaces it. For years it was alcohol, then it was cigarettes, and then it was porn. Now that he’s dropped all those, he’s drinking way more caffeine and eating like crazy. I can’t say what you should do, but he’s just began therapy and is now under the care of a psychiatrist- to help get to the root of the issue instead of just treating the symptoms.

  4. Thats not a bad idea, thank you

  5. Well, take my opinion for what it's worth (and I'd argue not much - but at least I can be used as a bad example...) those are the traits of an addict. I know, because I'm an addict, not just an alcoholic. See, when I went to rehab they labeled me a "trash can" user. Didn't feel great but I understand.

  6. Thank you, I definitely have noticed addict behaviour in my life recently. Thankfully I have caught it fairly early and so I am in the best place to start to combat those impulses

  7. What do vegans have against backyard chicken eggs and local honey?

  8. Thats a great question, Id love an answer as well

  9. I got a part in a short film!

  10. Ahhh no way, that’s great!! Well done you. What is the short film about?

  11. Thank you! About a young adult struggling to find their place in the world

  12. Still waiting results from Wednesday’s PCR at Nicholls. Anyone else in the same boat?

  13. Got mine back today from Tuesday, so hopefully that means yours will come in tomorrow

  14. Been waiting for PCR results since Tuesday, over a week since initial close contact and zero symptoms 😩 So frustrating

  15. Im in the same boat. Starting to go crazy but theres not much we can do hey

  16. Isn’t that more to do with lack of RATs available and testing centres being closed, taking 6 days to process tests etc

  17. That might have something to do with it, but its nice to see smaller numbers on there anyway. Gives me some hope

  18. Anyone calling Capital Pathology even though it says not to? Kinda sick of waiting for a result (as we all are!)

  19. How long have you been waiting for results?

  20. Wow yeah thats crazy. There seems to be a lot of confusion about what happens after 7 days and no result as well. I hope you find out today!

  21. That carpet looks like rice

  22. I guess there is always that chance, but you did the right thing by getting a test and you did your best to keep every one safe while you were there, so please dont feel bad. Unfortunately there is a risk of getting it anywhere at the moment, including at the testing sites. I hope you feel better soon

  23. Just got tested at Gold Creek, the line is short and moving quickly

  24. anyone know the current turn around time for PCR tests?

  25. I got mine back in around 55 hours and my partner in 60 hours. We were tested at the same time in Mitchell. But Ive heard a lot of people are waiting 72+ hours

  26. Feel better! I have Covid currently and am busying myself with Italian lessons mostly. I’m not too sick but am not feeling well. I hope all goes well and you can reschedule your trip soon!

  27. Thanks! Maybe I will get back into Swedish lessons to keep me busy.

  28. If you're not opposed to it, there are AA meetings online all over the world right now. Even if you just want to listen, you will find some great people with the same goal. You can do this!

  29. Does anyone know the ETA for the covid-test outcome? When I got tested 5 days ago it took under 24hrs, but now has been over 48 hrs for my latest one. I know there is a huge strain on the system at the moment, so am not complaining, just enquiring. Currently in a queue (I suppose) for the call line.

  30. Im at 48 hours now and just got off the phone with the results hotline and they said I need to wait at least 72 hours atm

  31. Which site where you tested at? Looks like there’s 2 phone lines, one for Mitchell/Garran and another for Holt/Nicholls/Kambah. I got tested at Nicholls about 45 hours ago and still waiting for results but I expect it’ll take a while longer

  32. Mitchell, so I called the Mitchell/Garan line

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