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  1. As a kid I never even registered Felix liter as an ongoing character. Because of changing actors every film (almost) and not really having much of an active role in any of the films, maybe aside from licence to kill in a sense.

  2. LTK actually brought back the Leiter from LALD so that audiences would have more of an attachment to Felix and more empathy for his plight.

  3. I don't think so. I think the RTD era in general looks pretty much the same and is pretty consistent across the board...only the Doctor changed (and even the transition from Nine to Ten feels like character progression).

  4. One of my headcanons is to explain the ''UNIT Dating Controversy'' - the Doctor's repeated trips to earth's past keep changing the history of UNIT, specifically the years in which UNIT was founded and in which the Doctor worked with UNIT. Sometimes its the 70's, sometimes its the 80's, and as of Flux, its now the late 60's. The existence of UNIT, and the Doctor's involvement with it, is a fixed point in time, but a lot of other things are malleable.

  5. My main headcanon is that the Fugitive Doctor is the one right before the first Doctor, apparently some expanded media has made her confirmed pre-hartnell instead of Series 6B, and so being right before Hartnell means we still get a clear progression of the on screen Doctors and there isnt like, a hundred other Doctors between The Fugitive and the ones we know (I feel this is largely implied anyways). Also Gallifrey is still fine.

  6. The problem everyone has with unifying Classic with NuWho is that the 6th Doctor claimed to be 900, and the 7th 953 in "Time and the Rani." The 8th Doctor in the novels started over from 1. Then the 9th Doctor comes along saying he's 900... is that 900 based on 8's reset, or some feature from the Time War? I personally dislike the theory of crunching the Doctor's age via Time War shenanigans and like to think that what they call their current age is based on the reset. Then again, I have a whole different theory as to how the Doctor both became the most important being in the universe and also the Timeless Child...

  7. RTD's short story Doctor Who and the Time War, released during the lockdown, kinda addresses the Doctor's age in NuWho. In the story, the newly regenerated Nine realizes he has no idea exactly how old he he given all the timey-wimeyness of the Time War, but thinks that 900 sounds around right.

  8. Yeah, the Doctor's age was actually pretty consistent from Series 1 to Series 6 of NuWho. Nine claimed to be around 900 years old. Ten was 906 when he regenerated. Eleven was 909 for most of Series 6 (until he went on his 200 year sojourn to avoid Lake Silencio). So basically, between the time that Nine was with Rose and Eleven left Amy and Rory in London, about 8-9 years had passed for him.

  9. I don't necessarily disagree with the substance of the OP's, though I think ''steamrolling'' TOS canon is a very poor choice of words.

  10. I wouldn’t be surprised if a later season of SNW shows that Chekov served on the Enterprise as a cadet.

  11. Makes sense on the age bit. Bond in the novels has typically been in his thirties and its a bit crazy that the vast majority of the films feature actors in their forties (if not fifties!)...the Connery/Lazenby films and Casino Royale being the only real exceptions. And an under-40 Bond makes even more sense if they're going back to a Bond who's relatively early in his career as 007.

  12. Can tell a lot about each of the Bonds and their trajectories from these two pics.

  13. It was a gradual process. I think One slowly becomes more compassionate and more willing to intervene to help people, but he didn't consider it his responsibility as such. Two was definitely more proactively willing to help (remember his famous speech in The Moonbase - ''There are corners of the universe that have bred the most terrible things...'') and I think it was in The War Games that he pretty much made his statement of intent during his trial.

  14. Gene therapy with Federation technology and assistance from a marine biologist specialized in that specific species.

  15. Yeah. Clearing the crew of all charges and rewarding them with a new Enterprise is the least that Starfleet could do for them!

  16. On a related note, it does raise the question of whether there are other criteria for initiating contact with a warp-capable civilization beyond simply their ability to achieve warp.

  17. So here's the way I see the Bond timeline. I always go back to the chronology (such as it was) that Fleming established in the novels. Now, as per the Fleming novels, Bond was born in 1924 (since he enlisted in the Royal Navy at 17 in 1941)...yes I know that birth year is itself a retcon (Moonraker suggests he was born sometime in the mid-1910's and there's a 1920 birth year also floating around) but biography given in YOLT is to my mind Fleming's final word on the subject.

  18. Its not so much about the age as much as it is about making sense of the floating timeline.

  19. I really think it should happen more, it really feels more fluid when characters remain, I don't like showrunners' obsession with starting completely fresh, it feels like the universe that was set up previously just stops and another one starts. The incarnations of the Doctor might end at regeneration, that doesn't mean the characters around them need to as well.

  20. Moffat was willing to continue with Tennant and apparently Chibnall was ready to continue with Capaldi. In both cases, the Doctors decided to move on along with their showrunners. Whittaker and Chibnall even made a pact to leave together.

  21. I get that when it comes to Doctors and companions, but surely the same doesn't apply to side characters who've only appeared once or twice as they don't have a particular "team" that they're familiar with.

  22. How often do such side characters appear anyway? To the extent that they do, they have straddled showrunners' eras.

  23. I don't think there's anything that's been confirmed in the show itself about Time Lords taking a title at the Academy. The Doctor or the Master may have given themselves those names, but it has nothing to do with any kind of Time Lord convention.

  24. Barry continued to operate as the Flash. He just didn't work much with the team anymore. So its entirely possible he'd already had a few encounters with Cicada by 2024 in that timeline.

  25. Oh definitely! It's one of the top items in my Doctor Who wishlist! And its the closest we're ever going to get to the great Jon Pertwee himself reprising the role.

  26. I'd argue McCoy was always one of the three main characters, even if he wasn't in the opening credits!

  27. Agreed. I guess that happened more by chance than by choice. But once it happened, they acknowledged in the Season 2 credits.

  28. Yeah, I grew up wearing the magnetic tape out on my VHS copies of the TOS films, but barely watched any of the actual original series because it was no longer syndicated on my local broadcast channels when I was growing up. I went back to TOS as an adult and discovered, "Huh..."

  29. I believe the comics have done something similar, with Moneypenny and Felix Leiter spin-offs. And there's a new novel series coming out which focuses on other 00's.

  30. I guess our opinions might differ. But the way I see it at least, Arrow Season 7 was pretty good. 7A was great, and some of the momentum was lost in 7B but overall it was a solid season. Arrow Season 6 wasn't very good, and was frankly a bit of a mess, but I'd say it wasn't a total dumpster fire either. Season 5 was of the best seasons of the show.

  31. I'm perfectly fine with this. Much like Arrow, the show's gotten rather long in the tooth and at least they're getting to end it on their own terms rather than being unceremoniously cancelled right after adding a new character.

  32. Arrow kind of had its ups and downs though, but eventually ended in a good place. Flash has been in steady decline for the last 2.5 seasons.

  33. Ooh, cool to hear that the novelisation fleshes out stuff like that. Does the novelisation add anything to the story otherwise?

  34. I don't buy the whole Moore was too light hearted. What makes Moonraker more outlandish than YOLT or Dr No?

  35. Moonraker is way more outlandish that Dr No or even YOLT. You can't get more outlandish than Bond in space! (Though DAD certainly tried with its invisible cars and gene therapy).

  36. Honestly, at this point, the only story I feel they really need to tell to bring the show to a satisfying conclusion is the Reverse-Flash origin. The Arrowverse is well-known for its origin stories and its kinda insane that Thawne, one of its most iconic villains, still hasn't had his told yet.

  37. I just finished reading With a Mind to Kill and it might be recency bias talking but I think it'd make for a great film. And ironically enough, while the book is written as a coda to Fleming's Bond, a reworked version of it could serve as a great introduction to a new Bond on-screen!

  38. Adam and Eva's worlds are intertwined. It was alt-Martha who gave adult Jonas the means to create the time portal in 1888, another alt-Martha kills Jonas, and at some point finds Eva's dead body, killed by Adam. There can be no one world without the other, so one cannot be created "later", if that even made sense.

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