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  1. Although I don’t believe that your wife is a better shooter because she’s a woman, I did find that article interesting. Thanks.

  2. You said it was because of her anatomy.

  3. Word. The "while I'm in there" disease can get expensive.

  4. There's lots of lazy companies out there and SPF failures really increased with WFH.

  5. He doesn't even own his back catalog. The owner of his music will probably have words about this with him for damaging the value.

  6. The owner of Neil's catalog is gonna be pissed. Neil owns none of his own work.

  7. Yep. If your SPF and DMARC are all good, the receiving customer needs to bitch to the ISP. If said ISP is saying those IPs are on public blacklists, confirm that and pass the info to MS...then it's their job.

  8. Yea no luck. Guess its our turn to be lucky with Microsoft shit breaking.

  9. I also recommend the "Quick Repair" and/or "Online Repair" Also, what version of Office do these clients have installed?

  10. If that gets OP anywhere, it's pretty easy to do this from command line so you could make a script to dump to them.

  11. And we root against the bears because of chicago. on super bowl sunday we'll flip coins to see who to root against. Nobody cares. you play a game.

  12. Nothing happens here. It goes to committee and dies.

  13. If/when it fails in the rules committee he can submit an amended version later. They only nee 13 repub votes this may just be a tactic to see where everyone stands.

  14. And then what? There's no takebackskis. They submitted their electors and they were counted. End of story.

  15. As someone in the middle of a swap… i know this isn’t cheap, congrats on a project closer to completion.

  16. I wouldn't recommend exhaust wrap if you're daily driving the thing

  17. it's never seen rain since the swap. the wrap is critical for where it exists; the exhaust is tucked up tight.

  18. I’m on my 30th year of taking lessons. Always more to learn. Even if it’s just a couple hours it helps you from solidifying bad habits.

  19. Sounds like a pretty good org. You don't know any slackers there? Be honest :)

  20. None. Consequently when someone needs to be away everyone else covers with no problem because they know they get the same.

  21. You didn't even check your speed before rolling around that other vehicle. You're guessing he didn't slow down at all.

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