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  1. Yes I am familiar with the problem! I made a long post about it a while ago.

  2. Ok now it's described in the elden ring wiki that arcane scales with poisen and bleed build up. I still think it's strange that this effect is not described somewhere in the game but the case is now closed I guess.

  3. Cus now they patched it so arc weapons scale right. Before it was all wrong. So the new beast is going to be rivers and that estelles polearm

  4. But the patch didn't change the scaling of my rivers of blood: it has C for dex and D for arc so it's still better to go for dex when you do a bleed build with rivers of blood right?

  5. Yeah it's wierd. I checked the sorceries and they just list the minimum stat requirement but no information about the scaling.

  6. Yes I figured out that the best way to handle the glitches is to just let them happen. The thing that you really try to imagine is never truely lost or broken it is just not in the foreground of your imagination while the glitches happen. By accepting that you can't control the foreground of your mind you stop focusing so hard on the glitches and you get higher chances of bringing back the background back in the focus.

  7. Since I treat the glitches like that I got back my ability to fantasize.

  8. I have the exact same problem. I came so far that it isn't a problem for me to not do obvious compulsions but when it comes to mindfulness there is no clear sign that you did it right.

  9. If you're still feeling like a slight thing can set you off easily I don't think you went far enough with erp. Ocd is very nuanced, and maybe you have a lot of mental compulsions you aren't aware. It seems like you're trying to find some perfect way of managing ocd and never have anxiety, and searching for a perfect solution (this new type of therapy). Maybe that therapy will work, who knows? But I'd suggest to not try to find answers, not analyze your ocd, maybe it will bother you forever, maybe not. Sitting with this uncertainty and doing nothing about it could be helpful. :)

  10. I see where you are coming from and it also crossed my mind that finding a perfect therapy could just be a new ocdway for me to "handle" uncertainty. On the other hand it made a lot of sense for me what the guy wrote in his book. For now I chose to continue ERP and try meditation but I still think it would be stupid to ignore other concepts than ERP. Just don't use other therapyconcepts to avoid ERP because facing fear is at the core of every succesful treatment for anxiety as far as I know. Even the therapymethod I linked has facing your fears as one of it's core principles but in a bigger context than just facing the concrete obsessions.

  11. Yes I started diving in all the Eckhart Tolle stuff lately :D

  12. Alright, well this is a completely subjective take but id say around top 300 is considered high, but if your in top 1k thats something to be happy with imo

  13. ok no my highest was barely over 4k but i have a new goal to shoot for now :D

  14. Tony (London Elektricity) got really sick and it was some kind of life changing experience. He and Chris Goss decided to call the new label Hospital because of it.

  15. I have it i just made a long post about it :D i'm so glad that i am not the only person in the world! I have the problem that i get glitches in my visual imagination when i try to fantasize about something...

  16. What helped me is that i found out that some part of your mind shows you the images that you don't want to see but the concept of what you want to see doesn't get lost. So if you pay close attention to your thoughts you notice that the "right" way of imagining a thing is still there it's just not in the foreground.

  17. can someone please explain a noob what "on this item" exactly means? i mean all effects in general only apply when you wear an item in my understanding...

  18. your skin doesnt age from it - it is just water retention that can give you wrinkles (people falsly attribute it to collagen in my oppinion) but everything went back to normal for me after just 2 days of stopping minoxidil.

  19. Do you use nivesoft? I had the same spots also exactly at the same place as you. I just noticed i dont get them when i don't use nivea.

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