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  1. it's not just the older generation that was pissed off. my daughter is 11 and I raised her on classic PPG. when the 2016 reboot came out she was 6 years old. to this day, she still rants about it and how shitty it was.

  2. i'm a boy but i loved the og ppg , it was so fun and felt so refreshing to watch , jokes were great , characters were quirky but enjoyable

  3. I'm a grown ass man and I like the og PPG XD as a parent I had to pick out cartoons that didn't make me die inside while watching them with tiny people. PPG and Yo Gabba Gabba were my shit!

  4. PKD was a prophet. More people should pay attention to his work. even the Great Robert Heinlein, who didn't even know the man at the time and was vastly different from him politically and ideologically, recognized his greatness and even helped pay his taxes to keep him out of jail when he was down and out.

  5. you said people not friends so I'm imagining you had the audacity to rent that shoebox out on AirBnB or something?

  6. I've been PC gaming for 30+ years and using a mouse keyboard combo is way more effective for me than using a controller. I guess it's just what you're comfortable with that makes the difference. I don't want to have to hit different combinations of buttons to pull off a move when I can just bind that shit to one button. my dodge, roll, auto run, all that shit is bound to a mouse button and it makes it super simple. I have a 502, so even during FPS games it comes with a literal fire button right next to my thumb.

  7. Remember, remember! The fifth of November, The Gunpowder treason and plot; I know of no reason. Why the Gunpowder treason. Should ever be forgot.

  8. I bet he goes home at night and dresses up like Brett Cooper.

  9. I often get flamed for calling out these predatory prices, a hater, a nerd, that I should just let merchers do their thing. Whats your opinion?

  10. part of the blame lies with eso's shitty market system. why the hell there isn't a universal trading market like every single other MMO in existence has is beyond me.

  11. nah, every time I go out somewhere I'm prepared for bullshit. that's just life.

  12. she's lucky a punch in the face is all she got. she should have hoofed her in the front butt.

  13. 10,000 it'll reset because there's not enough space

  14. usually I hand them a $5 bill and they give me back the remainder of money.

  15. competition for Dad of the year! I need to step my game up.

  16. snow cones are gross. if you don't eat it under 2 minutes it's just watered down kool-aid.

  17. Same can be said for icecream, gotta eat it quickly or you end in a puddle and with a soggy cone.

  18. soft serve maybe. but a real scoop, hell naw.

  19. Very true. In the end it's all about expectations and if they aren't met...

  20. exactly. part of me will always be a bit annoyed that we didn't get Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford, while they were still relatively young, continuing the Star Wars saga. but it is what it is. it doesn't mean that the prequels weren't good, just not what I wanted. that's life though.

  21. yeah I've seen both the Ewok movies and the holiday special. 100% cash grab. but the clear things up, I meant in lieu of the prequels having the sequels during that time in the late 90s early 2000s. surely would have been middle-aged, but we could have gotten some really good movies based off of some of the Legends stuff. Leia still would have been a Jedi, everybody would have gotten their fill of Luke beating the shit out of things instead of being all Zen in his old age, and Han still would have been on his bullshit. I think it would have been really dope.

  22. I'm new to box mods, this is Mt first one it's the drag 3 but I assume it is a sub ohm coil.

  23. probably yeah. just go on the web and look up salt Nic tanks. there's a ton of them.

  24. Would I need to switch to a lower MG juice as well?

  25. if you have a sub ohm tank you're going to want a juice that's 3/6/9/12 mg nicotine. even 18 is okay. but the stuff like that that's 50, needs to be on a low watt MTL tank with a special coil. you'll be perfectly fine using your drag 3 just probably not the tank that comes with it for salt Nic.

  26. the only reason they invited you to be a firefighter is you're naturally a wet blanket.

  27. she's going to come home one day and Megan is going to walk out of her bathroom.

  28. then Megan peels off her face and it's actually TOM CRUISE!

  29. yeah you do that. you just keep waiting.

  30. understandable. I'm in my 40s and there was such a stigma attached to any kind of mental issues that we were told and forced to shove our real selves way down deep inside and deny it even existed.

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