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  1. I've only just now discovered the artist residency! I think programs like that are amazing for bringing varied community interest into the space. Can't believe I didn't know about it before!

  2. Needs two more small footprint grocery stores further north. Something like a Trader Joe’s or Kowalski’s. The density is absolutely there to sustain them.

  3. This is something I really wanted/missed when we moved back home from NYC. It seems like the perfect place to have a grocery store you can walk to.

  4. Red Hog for dinner. Cannot recommend enough. Beautiful outdoor space and exceptional food.

  5. I would email the New York Academy of Art. It's a graduate school in tribeca with a focus on figurative painting. They often have students or alumni painting and drawing live at their fundraisers. The exhibitions department could absolutely connect you to some prospective artists!!

  6. Just did my first one! Everyone was so friendly and supportive - will definitely be going again!

  7. This whole enterprise has a creepy Victorian cosplay element to it and I wonder how much she marks up those antiques she finds.

  8. I popped in recently and there were these little wooden blocks a couple inches big that were painted like houses and, shit you not, they were priced between $50-80.

  9. I near exclusively emerge in the comments to shill for Sheertex. Game changing.

  10. Check out Laguna College of Art and Design. Amazing program and exceptional faculty. Willing to bet they have a certificate or CE program.

  11. That seems to be a big takeaway for me from this drawing! They're my favorite band - everyone should give 'em a listen again!

  12. This is so great! I love how loose the treatment of the gesture is - gives them so much personality!

  13. Bro I might be stupid but I thought it was gonna be like a really cool art gallery type thing but from ads that shit is just projections of his art on white walls. ☹️ I thought we were gonna have like cool surreal art not a cheap projector and a google image.

  14. This is my entire gripe with the whole affair and everyone I know is so excited to go.

  15. Catbird is basic and overpriced. There are plenty of local, one of a kind and more unique places available.

  16. I think being "basic" is a big part of their appeal! Their in-house line is absolutely tailored to people who want simple, minimal jewelry. YMMV, but they also carry other jewelers that are more ornate in style if that's more your bag.

  17. Right? They are emotionally punishing their daughter for not involving them in HER wedding. Ugh.

  18. I guess I perceived this more as being upset to find out on Facebook, not that they were upset about not being involved.

  19. I would think that parents would be happy for their children's joy.

  20. Seems to me that there's something in the middle! You can be happy for your child but sad about the revelation that the daughter you thought you had a great relationship with doesn't care enough to let you know she's gotten married.

  21. I like all those too, but I’ve been told that although they are good by nyc standards they are nothing compared to the south. Is that true/untrue?

  22. As a Kentuckian in New York, I disagree with the assertion that bbq is no good in the city! But maybe nobody likes KY bbq either lmao

  23. The niche music dirt I would give anything for is why Jade left Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, and what she's doing now.

  24. Omg I remember I went to their first show after they publicly parted ways with her. Pretty sure they announced it literally hours before the show and it was so disappointing. “Two” was one of my favorite songs of theirs, so then I was like welppp guess I won’t be hearing that one tonight 😒

  25. Big same! Her voice on "Home" holds a special place in my heart. Every three years I kind of remember her and try to see if she's got any new projects going but I can never find anything.

  26. My fiance and I decided,planned, and was married within two months for this exact reason of needing my mom to be there with me. She has cancer and may live another 5 plus years but it wasnt something i was willing to risk. I would have been devastated if I couldnt have had her there with me. The extra stress (wasnt too much as I'm very organized) was 1000% worth it to see my mom there dancing with my dad and being in pictures.

  27. This is something I am actually thinking a lot about. My mom is a few years into a terminal diagnosis and it's been sitting heavy with me that if my partner and I don't act soon, she may not be able to be there for the things that matter to me.

  28. Came here to say this! Looooove the masa at For All Things Good.

  29. Nicolas Uribe, Jerome Witkin, Maud Madsen, Lujan Pérez, and Chloe Chiasson!

  30. For Saville fans, strongly recommend checking out Colleen Barry.

  31. I've been practicing for well over a decade now and I'm still far from mastering it! It is truly and honestly a lifelong journey.

  32. I asume this is done in front of a mirror and not copying a photo. Congratulations

  33. Much better than copying photo! Nice drawing!

  34. Thank you!!! I'm kind of an asshole about photo copying. Obviously it has it's uses, but I was taught from observation and I always thought it made a more natural looking image.

  35. And the alternatives, Sunergos and Quill's, are part of that uber religious homophobic church cult

  36. No way! Bummer. What keywords can you recommend for me to read more about this? I had no idea.

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