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  1. QOTD - what’s your current battery percentage on your phone/mobile device? I’m at 17% and borrowing the work charger real quick lol

  2. Has anyone ever flown Alaska Airlines? How was it? Just booked a couple flights, but I've never used them before.

  3. I fly it almost exclusively in the US now that they bought Virgin America. Virgin was better, but Alaska has still been very good. Planes are clean, policies are good, and employees have been great. Their lounges at SeaTac are particularly nice if you ever get a chance to use one.

  4. Trivia post to come later, but for now: I was tasked with getting my partner's hoodie string fixed. They had a new hoodie they were super happy about, but the little thingy on one end of the drawstring came off. They asked me to try to get it fixed. On my way home from work yesterday, I took it to two different alterations places, both of which referred me to a shoe guy. Took it to the shoe guy and asked if it was something he could take care of while making sure it looked the same as the other one (the piece was in perfect shape, it had just come off the string). "No problem," he responded. Took it to the back, mashed the shit out of it for 5 minutes, and came back to me with this bullshit:

  5. If all else completely fails, you can buy a variety of hoodie strings with metal ends on places like Etsy. I had to do that for one and it wasn’t exactly the same as it was originally, but it was close and the metal crimps looked pretty decent. Just search hoodie strings and there’s a bunch of options.

  6. I may try to get a few more, even though I own two. Want one for the couch, for the guest bed, for gifts...I wasn't expecting to love it as much as I do, but here we are.

  7. Based on the reviews I've read, you're in the minority. The reviews for products that people receive for free are overwhelmingly positive.

  8. I don't necessarily blame them, because even if I tried my damnedest to be objective, I would have a harder time knocking a $150 moisturizer that I got for free versus one I had bought myself. Spending your own money on something causes you to evaluate things a little different versus it just showing up on your doorstep. It's hard to overcome that sort of subconscious bias. I still read and consider what the influencster etc. reviews say, but I prefer the ones from verified purchasers.

  9. This is blowing my mind that some cars don't come with spares. Like I just found this out during this discussion. What is the expectation then, that when you get a flat you literally may need to have your car towed? I doubt any tow truck driver is going to take the liability on of plugging or repairing a tire in any way.

  10. My car doesn't have a spare or space for one. It came with run-flats, which I've come to hate, but that's an entirely different discussion. I know several manufacturers moved to the 'run-flats and no spare' model, although that seems to have fallen out of favor and they've backtracked. There's still a few out there though, mainly foreign luxury brands.

  11. I was gonna make a sassy comment about why your car doesn’t have room for a spare, but to be honest, your Mary Poppins-like trunk saved my arse during all that box packing 😂😂😂

  12. Uh oh, can expensive Jared Goff close the game out against Tom Brady?

  13. Haven't seen winds like this hitting the SGV since December 2011. A lot of historic trees in my neighborhood came down from that one.

  14. I will never forget that windstorm. Spent the night in my dog’s bed with him because he was so freaked out and refused to be moved into mine. Woke up sore and the entire outside had been blown to hell. We lost a few citrus trees, RIP.

  15. I remember that night vividly. Creepy as fuck howling and whistling wind noises, trash bins from five blocks down being thrown past my sidewalk, shingles flown off my roof, my neighborhood gas station's roof collapsed, I could not get to work the next morning because my neighbor's 100 foot century-old oak tree collapsed onto my driveway. It was amazing I still had power.

  16. Both our power and some of our plumbing lines got messed up for like…days. And since everyone here had damage, it took awhile for everything to get fully repaired. We had a 24h grocer nearby and we kept going there to use their restrooms. I was showering at 24 hour fitness. It was all just totally surreal. And also got me to get my ass in gear as far as an earthquake kit, so I guess some good came of it.

  17. Him being a nut job has kind of been there for awhile, we just didn't realize how bad it was until he started talking about his personal medical advisor Joe Rogan.

  18. I would have been if it was anyone other than the Niners. He does not have a good playoff track record against them, regardless of home field.

  19. can i ask what ppl like better about ulta rewards because i feel like i’m missing something that i cld b doing w my points. isn’t it only $3 off for every 100 you spend? there’s an Ulta right by my house so i only go there when i’m home but even spending $200 plus i’ve only saved like 6 dollars

  20. Keep an eye on the number of points you accrue, don't just use them as soon as you get enough to redeem for a low dollar amount. The more points, the higher the amount off. Point multiplier events and bonuses happen (i.e. 5x points on a salon service, 10x points on certain brands occasionally). If you find a stylist you like at the salon, even one or two haircuts a year can help add up for points. I actually do prefer the customer service and brands at Sephora, but if I can purchase it at Ulta, I will because of the points. Between a few Christmas gifts, a new hot air brush, and a haircut, I've managed to accrue 2500 points since December. That's more than I usually spend in a month, but it was stuff I was needing to buy anyway.

  21. My team was stolen by robber barons and no longer exists. RIP Supersonics.

  22. RIP Supersonics. I'm not a hockey fan at all but I feel like I should become one just to root for the Kraken and their cool name.

  23. Yes, wild. Whatever could have happened. It’s a mystery. Guess we’ll never know.

  24. It was okay, but not my favorite. I think it might work better for normal to oily skin, not dry like mine. It felt a bit...almost tight? when it dried and it wasn't my favorite feeling. The closest thing I could compare it to is the Kryolan aerosol, which is a pretty heavy duty setting spray, except the O/S one didn't prolong the wear of my makeup as well. I do like the fine mist applicators in general, just didn't think this product was great. The aerosol spray can take some getting used to, like you said, because the mist is much finer and if you're used to traditional spray bottles, it can feel like you're not spraying as much when you are.

  25. The ones I did last year took a good 4-6 weeks to ship out. I never got a tracking notification from the brand or Sephora, but I have UPS MyChoice and they alerted me once the tracking number was scanned for my address. It was some random company listed as the sender, too, not the brand itself or Sephora.

  26. Running an errand in Old Town Pasadena and was so confused before looking at news app notifications. There’s still news crews here…


  28. I am a Packers fan, but after AR showed his true colors I sooooo want them to lose to that other loser team!!! Aaaaaanyway, glad we have another short week.

  29. Ditto to all of this. I’m so conflicted because I want them to win as a fan but I wouldn’t mind if he just evaporated after the first snap. Even without this season’s BS, I’m so tired of the drama with him.

  30. QOTD - you’re at a party and you have three options for ~social lubricant: boozy drinks, non-boozy drinks, or weed. What’s your choice?

  31. Seeing this thread shut down that anti-tipper earlier today gave me life, y'all

  32. Look, let’s not beat around the bush… I was late to trivia last night and when I got there we were losing pretty bad… and then we ended up winning… so 1+1= you’re welcome team 😉

  33. There's been a couple questions about this is the last few days so see if they come up in a search if you want more opinions.

  34. I own quite a few from all three brands and no, I can't say the CT and PMG ones are that much better. I haven't been thrilled with recent MAC releases, but their lipsticks have remained great quality and come in a wide variety of shades. MAC Twig has been a personal favorite for like, almost two decades.

  35. Every now and then I get about halfway through typing a comment then I remember "oh yeah, my New Year's Resolution is to not argue with idiots online"

  36. SAME. I’ll type a few sentences and then close the window and get that “are you sure you want to exit?” prompt. Yes I am sure. Very much so.

  37. I've had (and loved) the Supersonic since it was released. If it were to break tomorrow, I'd replace it instantly. I'm not a big Airwrap fan and I use it very rarely. I have other tools that do everything it does, and much better. I flat out hated the Corrale and returned it after a couple weeks.

  38. It was really heavy, the battery charge didn't last even the claimed amount (and that defeated the purpose of having something cordless), it beeped incessantly as the battery was dying (so pretty much the whole time it was unplugged), and the plates kept snagging and pulling out my hair. Also it didn't curl well and I like being able to do that with a straightener, as I have for years with every other one I own. As just a straightener, it wasn't anything special. I've had $100 ones that outperform it in every way, and my go-to, the GHD platinum plus, is much better than it.

  39. What the fuck is the O-line and Stafford doing?

  40. This is the stafford I remember from watching a lot of NFC North games.

  41. My first in-person college classes in over a decade start next week and the anxiety dreams are already here in full force lol

  42. Sharing a friend's post who is currently also having issues with the company, TRR is a nightmare to deal with

  43. My consignment problem with them wasn't quite as egregious as that one, but it was still enough that I would never even consider consigning there again. Same old story, late and missing payments, items disappearing (as in, not sold but not listed but not returned), and the items I did end wanting to pull somehow never made it back to me. Throughout, poor or totally lacking communication. I was lucky I only sent in contemporary level clothing, not high ticket bags or shoes. I've had some issues with purchases too, with items being way more worn than described. I won't say I'll never shop with them again, because they do get some rare older items, but I wouldn't do anything final sale and I'd use a credit card with good consumer protection. Also, their photos and measurements are absurd most of the time. If fast fashion sites can provide good pictures and measurements, you can too TRR.

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