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  1. It makes me cry every time. It has such a heavy im memoriam feel to it

  2. Female: Catherine becaus I feel like it’s a strong name

  3. I named my daughter Catherine for the same reason and my admiration for Catherine Willows from CSI

  4. 5150 is a medical term in California for a 24hr psychiatric hold. 52 is just further play on the title/chorus.

  5. I read the 52 as a call back to the deck of cards lyric. Meaning he’s all in

  6. Since he put why are you here on there I would’ve liked I think I’m ok to be on there too

  7. I specifically loved her banter with Regina during this era.

  8. Pole will do anything not to get a job. Guess people got tired of seeing him awkwardly fuck his wife and had to resort to selling socks.

  9. 8 16 1 20. Basically Regina in crimson is my weakness. ❤️‍🔥

  10. I’d take it to be honest. Even though it’s the next day you’re only a couple hours late.

  11. Ay! Is different too. I’m surprised no one has brought this up yet.

  12. The intro is different and there’s no piano in the outro

  13. A&E said the story was always about Emma meets mayor mills. I’m a total Regina and SQ fan but the story was about them from beginning to end. Down to the “she’ll always be madame mayor to me” as Regina gets her happy ending.

  14. Hey y’all! I’m Sasha. I’m transmasc non-binary and starting T in 13 days. Im thankful that I’ve been blessed with a gender neutral name but I’m curious what masculine names would fit me. Sorry about the tiktok screenshot I was just feeling the presentation.

  15. Where did you listen to this? I’d love to hear it!

  16. If this really is goodbye then let’s set the city on fire

  17. I wrote a letter to myself In the form of a song I can play when the sun shines

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