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  1. I forgot about Comicon. Haven't been since 2013. How do they exclude the tent people lined up on sidewalks? We never had any encounters there, but there are a lot more homeless people downtown than there used to be.

  2. I moved away from San Diego too but visit often and last time I went the homeless problem was not as bad as what this map shows. But whenever Im in San Diego now and I visit downtown, I don't really have a reason to go past Broadway I usually stick with the gas lamp district. They've always had a pretty good control of that area. You don't see tents in that area. They get moved along pretty quick if they try to set up there. I'd say most of the visitors of downtown probably stick within that area too. Gas lamp and the bayfront area. I still can't imagine it being this bad with tents on the way up to Balboa park but idk...

  3. Yeah, I was downtown last month, and the Gaslamp was fairly clear. Still saw a few tents on the outskirts, clustered at the edges of the parking lots. Outside the Gaslamp, it's Cluster Central. B st. had tents blocking the sidewalks outside my credit union, which surprised me.

  4. Heh... when uncle goes to visit the gold he will be in for a big surprise.

  5. the "tremendous anger" is fueled by the nonstop misinformation, half-truths and downright lies by rw media, politicians and 'influencers' online. Feeble minded people are whipped into fury and don't even bother to put any effort into finding out what is true.

  6. Never have I ever made friends with co-workers or discussed my weekend plans over lunch with them. They're just randos I happen to work with; not friends, not family.

  7. Heh... I have sent in Free Personality Tests in the names of mine enemies.

  8. Got me tubes tied at age 30. Had to talk with a psychologist and delivered a lecture on overpopulation and impending resource scarcity. She couldn't argue with the reality of that, and then I was good to go.

  9. Correct. Specifically, the reaction is caused by the urushiol in plants like poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, etc. Some people experience little or no reaction - poison ivy immunity is a genetic trait in my family.

  10. Oh it is. One of the talks a member of the Governing body calls a baby a "little enemy of Jehovah"

  11. I guess babies are the "enemy" because they're all atheists until the brainwashing starts.

  12. Seems polite enough. I mean how much nicer could they have been? They have to recruit one way or another. I'd rather have this than some jerk at my door at 8 am. Just throw it away and move on. They aren't forcing you to watch.

  13. I've never had doorknocking JWs try to recruit me. They just want to talk about sin and point at bible verses, but I've never been invited to their church.

  14. If you have kids, go to a kid-friendly restaurant or leave your larvae at home. What a horrible skank.

  15. They're more like nymphs than larva, as they don't metamorphize into a different form. But, larvae sounds funnier.

  16. What kind of fucktard drags their loinfruit to an inappropriate restaurant and then whines about it?

  17. “queen romana fled the scene, pursued by an unusually persistent black woman riding a scooter.”

  18. Now you're gonna be stuck with a baby and a grown toddler? I gotta ask, how in the name of all that's rational could you think bringing a baby into this situation was a good idea?

  19. That's heartbreaking, that means between them and yourself those poor children haven't a friend in the world. Poor babies.

  20. How is it an excuse? An excuse for what?Do you know the difference between an excuse and a fact?

  21. LOL Chic tracts left on the little shelf in phone booths... ah, joys of living in the 80s, lol.

  22. From what I’ve seen, they want us to all gas up our cars and go buy Starbucks and lunch. No thanks

  23. I think yes, he would. Because G earned his respect by kicking his ass, and Nandor now sees him as worthy.

  24. I'd hate to think of the sort of nonsense your dad would put into his grandchild's head if given the opportunity.

  25. You could be a Yeti Mummy... or Venturion... or a Red-Throated Loon...

  26. There are plenty of women who have careers, who are with men because THEY LIKE THE PERSON. Not based on some stupid laws written by men 2000 years ago, not based on the sense of "duty" to give up their independence to serve as a house servant with benefits for some man who needs someone to care for him and drop crotch goblins.

  27. Eh, "grace" doesn't even have to be religious. It can just be a moment of collective gratitude or appreciation for the food and the resources that are keeping you alive. Kind of like a mini-Thanksgiving.

  28. My gratitude and appreciation involves savoring the food placed before me.

  29. Yes. I blame the monsoon conditions. It's like Alabama only 30 degrees cooler. Their state bird is a mosquito.

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