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  1. The first time we were introduced to Scarlett Johansson. An instant star.

  2. This was her breakout, but she was already a great actress.. Check her out in the horse whisperer. I think she's 12 in that one

  3. I had never seen that movie, but heard of it. I'll definitely add it to my watch-soon list, thanks!

  4. I've had it. They wouldn't even disclose the freaking genre. It was like wtf? Okay, don't tell me who wrote it but the script could literally be drama and comedy.

  5. I really wanted to do the Stella Adler one. If you hear good things, let me know!

  6. As always, it depends what you compare it to... I'm based in Spain ATM and I think Madrid offers great opportunities - if you get an agent and if you have a neutral Spanish accent. If not, get ready to be typecasted easily, I'd say, or go full with it.

  7. Shiiit I don’t want to get typecasted haha, I’m Latina and my accent couldn’t be more noticeable, but well I prefer to own it and work with it! Maybe on the future I’ll learn the typical Spanish accent

  8. I think you should own it tbh sometimes you are typecasted but actually get more roles that way hahah so best of luck. If you do end up coming to Spain you can hit me up, I'll give you all the advice I can if you want!

  9. Yes. A good strategy for getting an interview that has worked for me - you see a job and apply for it, then, reach out via DM on LinkedIn to someone that works for that company, in that department, in that region

  10. “Hey i just applied to the (name of role & job ID CODE). I was hoping you could connect me with someone who is on that team so I could discuss more details about the role.”

  11. Off topic, but do you like your camera? Thinking of buying precisely that one for street photography and auditions

  12. Yeah it’s pretty good. Better than my iPhone 12

  13. I'd say just start off with asking him if he'd be willing to refer you, and then ask him what he'd be comfortable doing. If he says yes and you feel like you don't want to ask for too much, just put his name in the email header. For example "Actor Introduction Ref: "

  14. That's how I was thinking of approaching it, but didn't know how far to ask and stuff. Thanks!

  15. I would recommend not doing it. Best action would be to invite him to coffee with the clearly stated intent that you would like to pick his brain about his career path. He’s at a place you want to be, so it’s not unheard of to ask for advice or inquire about how he got there. You can mention you really like his agency, ask how he got signed, but I would not ask for a referral.

  16. He told me he got into his agency through a referral, and he was super open and grateful when talking about it, so I felt like it could be worth a shot, but I get what you mean

  17. Go to acting classes. You expose yourself but there's nothing goes wrong if you don't do it "right".

  18. Ugh this happened to me. My photos were almost three years old and I didn't see myself in them. Spent a lot on new headshots and my agent didn't put them up, despite me telling them a couple times. A while later I got an audition for a commercial where I selfsubmitted using those pictures, and told my agent. They had submitted me with the old ones and didn't get me an audition. They hanged them asap lol.

  19. This is the year I got the least auditions, less than ten. It was exceptionally slow. While they were big projects, and received good feedback and even got a call-back from one, I didn't book any of them. I'm changing agents in hope something might change next year

  20. I'm doing Helena and Demetrius first scene in Midnight's Summer Dream and could really use some references. Does anyone know where I could look it up? It would mean a lot

  21. Lol it's obviously not the majority, why you wanna pinpoint that

  22. I get what you mean. I sometimes feel that way too. But then I think to myself everything fame entails, and honestly i don't envy much about it.

  23. Imo acting coaches are really great, especially to prepare roles that go beyond you. I used to prepare auditions with my coach all the time when I was starting out, and she gave me some of the ground for camera acting that I never learned in any school. However, each has their methods and usually i have found that they have a very strong personality, so not all of them can fit with what you need. Give it a shot, if you ave some money to spare, you got nothing to lose.

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