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Crazy car crash

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Better Call Saul S06E11 - "Breaking Bad" - Post-Episode Discussion Thread

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  1. "I trusted you." really hit him in the feels because of the sandpiper stuff.

  2. What are your thoughts on words like crazy, stupid, idiotic, insane, dumb, and crippled/crippling? What about retard/retardant in an industrial context? (Fire retardant, retarded growth)

  3. I said what I said. Your comment is disingenuous but I’ll respond anyways.

  4. How is questioning someone’s moral character in this situation a bad thing? And what, exactly, is wrong with questioning someone who supports ableist rhetoric’s moral character a bad thing? Are you saying humans should rid themselves of emotions at your own behest?

  5. Nah it’s just better ways to make 2 way finishers

  6. Two way facilitating finisher is the best all around PG build.

  7. None of that explains why you ain't stick to your man and it's even worse that ya'll had a 5 on 4 and still left a man wide tf open in the corner.

  8. I heard they might be bringing back the Barkley era jerseys. Those are my favs. Hope they do 🤞

  9. Not using turn signals, especially when merging on a highway.

  10. Idk about merging on a highway being the worst since, you know, they HAVE to merge. If you’re in the right lane you should be expecting people to merge over. If you’re not, you’re no better than they are. I think people who use their turn signal and turn at the exact same time, into another lane, for no apparent reason are way worse.

  11. You should still use your turn signal before you merge.

  12. I didn’t say you shouldn’t. Just that I don’t think it’s the worst situation.

  13. Crazy, because if that silver car doesn’t turn into the gas station, they are likely alive today. Shit that that just completely blows my mind.

  14. Cancer guy is going to be dead or dying from the pills/liquor and he’s going to call 911 for help. Waterworks is not for tears. It’s going to mean the “water works” at incapacitating people. Or it’s going to be in reference the the sprinklers at Kim’s new job. Nothing to see here.

  15. All they have to do is boost the rep for assists vs scoring as a PG by like 10x.

  16. Hopefully it cost a lot of badge points. This will make you opponent weaker in another area.

  17. Yeah which will be finishing….the way it is now….so hopefully there is no badge for it.

  18. The main thing is not listening to bitchy youtubers. All they want is cheesy garbage to make themselves look better than an enjoyable and challenging basketball experience

  19. Sorry but ya’ll are insane if you think they aren’t going to cater to the vast majority of their income, VC. Patches and changes to player types/actions/etc post-release cause people to create new builds, which creates a higher tendency to purchase VC.

  20. Self defense for the driver. Don’t hit people with a weapon and you won’t have someone trying to run you over.

  21. You’re the type of moron who thinks murder is the solution to being touched in any way. You need to clean the cheeto dust off your keyboard and touch grass.

  22. I wonder if these possible relatives own the sprinkler store.

  23. What the hell is “down packed”? It’s “down pat”.

  24. I’d actually prefer people like this NOT touch grass and just rot away in their miserable hole.

  25. See and this is the only thing that bothered me about the post, OP didn’t say they were going afk. Even if someone puked you can type “sorry afk emergency” and go. It’s the silence that is sus

  26. I mean if someone is puking and they need my help I am not going to prioritize the feelings of people in a fucking MMO. I'm going to get up and go help them, lol. Don't really care what happens in the game.

  27. Spanky2kSaucy appears to be a very shitty 2K player I must avoid.

  28. I feel like he wants to get caught. He doesn’t want to turn himself in though, but he will risk it to get caught now, especially after the argument with Kim. I wonder if she was telling him to turn himself in.

  29. There isn’t one. They just slightly change the lighting to make it seem different. It’s the same engine, same graphics as last year and the year before, just minor adjustments.

  30. Literally could have done all of that with a patch.

  31. We still have Booker and Ayton, our two best players of the young core we have here.

  32. It depends on if you want to be contenders over the next 8 seasons or be a lock to win a championship in the next 4. Not saying this current Suns can't win one, but one with KD would definitely win one.

  33. Nah I've just literally never seen it spelled like that. I'm guessing that's why people are confused. Noob and newb both are common. Nub is a real word and it's definitely not pronounced the same as the others lol

  34. The cancer reference has two different purposes. One of manipulation and one of revenge. You can clearly see the concern about Walt’s cough and when the guy at the bar tells Jimmy he has cancer and throughout the rest of their interaction. However, the afterthought show two different stances.

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