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  1. Derry Girls it’s a short series but it’s so good and very funny.

  2. Why would a 70 year old enjoy a show about teenagers in the 90s

  3. I asked the Facebook community and they said her name is Claire stackable and she is worth $400-$500

  4. you’re kidding😭😭 i have the her too!!

  5. i’ve seen a lot at kroger recently!

  6. are we not going to talk about ash????

  7. i was so mad that whole scene like he really just hooked up with rues girlfriend now he’s serenading her???

  8. Second person to say there's blood on him but I don't see it after rewinding and slowing it down multiple times

  9. look the the envelope that was for lexi

  10. i feel like the scene was so bad and weird because we literally haven’t seen kat and ethan since like the bowling alley scene??? it felt like watching the end of a movie with no context of what just happened

  11. Can someone explain why Rue can’t go to rehab?

  12. there were scenes in past episodes where Leslie was having problems with their health insurance and I think inpatient rehabilitation was full

  13. Why couldn’t Rue go to rehab? that part confused me

  14. i remember scenes were Leslie was on the phone having problems with her insurance and i think inpatient rehabilitation was full

  15. why do they not understand capitalization lmao

  16. i’m sorry but no lol if she was one of their moms she’d have to be at least 26 but most likely in her 30s it doesn’t really make sense

  17. Fezco is sweet but most 19 year olds aren’t turning down cute girls trying to get with them. Ijs.

  18. yeah i just kinda want lexi and fez to work out lol

  19. yup i agree, they did so much in one episode. at least 5 crazy things happened so its like welp if they put all these things this early what are we gonna be seeing in the next couple of episodes

  20. i saw a post talking about how chaotic and out of place the show is because Rue is the narrator and she’s progressively getting worse and deeper into drugs and that’s why the eps are so crazy she also didn’t even narrate this episode

  21. genuinely why do you say that?

  22. yeah no i bought a 24 strawberry for $40

  23. i’m also not saying people don’t have critical thinking skills I just agreed with what she said about Cassie and how euphoria doesn’t necessarily have a villain stop getting so pressed😭😭

  24. This whole Cassie/Nate/Maddy storyline has everyone coming after Cassie in the love triangle and to be honest, can we just say everyone in that love triangle is toxic to begin with??

  25. yeah the thing i hate about this whole love triangle is that no has called out Nate for hooking up with his best friends girl like he did the same thing as Cassie and no one talks about it

  26. omg i saw so many people on tiktok saying kat had schizophrenia because of this scene like did they even watch the show??

  27. mine took a month to ship then got it in like 1-2 weeks i’m pretty sure everything is preorder then they only make that amount then ship everything

  28. no feminist qualities but she’s paying for the first date? be open minded but if she’s not hot enough he’s not interested okay oxymoron

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