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  1. You have to be nice to women in modern society. You can berate, shame, and embarrass men all you want and there's no repercussions. But if you take the cute young girl and eliminate her over the better 40 year old man, there'll be backlash.

  2. I can see that, he reminds me so much of Andy Bernard from the Office. It's hard to take him seriously.

  3. lol that was my first though. I was waiting for him to drop a "Nard dog"

  4. Sounds like you’ve got some childhood trauma to unpack

  5. Lol what a perfect response. I think it was when you went bowling with the girls one of them specifically said, "And Alex is just so fun and has the ULTIMATE dad vibes". Alex might just be the most well liked chef across all seasons for a high percentage of people watching. Great attitude the whole time. Straight forward but not mean to anyone. Never buckled under pressure. Definitely in my top 5. Declan and Motto are two more I really liked.

  6. Nothing during the season or any of the crazy shit after the season surprises me at all. Honestly I'm not the first to get along with morbidly obese women, "Hood" style people, women who can't resist the urge to call themselves some sort of bitch every time they talk about themselves, and the list goes on. But for some reason, towards the end I found myself hating her less and kind of respecting how unapologetically stupid she was. I wish I could be like that sometimes. Just no shame, no awareness of the world around her. lmao she's competing to lead a restaurant for one of the most famous chefs in the world and she thought she had a chance after opening her mouth. I mean come on. Act professional, that has to be on the mind doesn't it?

  7. This guy really said he’d take Fields over Lamar and Kyler

  8. Probably going to hell anyway if their god is so spiteful to smite them to hell for unknowingly eating something that 80% of the rest of the world eats

  9. lmao just thinking about this... you are barking down a rabbit hole of sneakily slipping an arab some bacon to be on par and arguably far worse than murder

  10. $55 was for an entirely different country. Big Mac is one of the value choices now, any of the other options are around $12-$15 each. Closer to $30 my apologies lol Still fucked to be paying $15 for one McDicks meal. I can go to a Thai place a block away and get better and fresher food there for the same amount.

  11. Those fries fresh out of the fryer man, god damn. Sometimes McDs after a long day just hits the spot lol. They gotta be putting something in them. Never heard of JL Beers but that's a hell of a drive for a burger so it must be good lol

  12. But how do you know that the women you're interested in were born female?

  13. Real vaginas? Narrow shoulders? Smaller frame, rounder head, feminine aura?

  14. I've literally done it all from barbacking, all the way to managing a bar. Bartending is where the best money for least work is. Literally stand there and make drinks and small talk and get tipped fat. And before anyone says anything I'm not saying bartending can't be stressful or busy. Barbacking is what you want to do if you want to make tips while not having to talk to customers.

  15. Most places a personable barback, or an entertaining one at least (Not the talkative type but something about them is interesting or funny) is preferable though because drunk people at the bar will talk to them just as much as the bartender if they are the person in front of them. Hell half the people assume that they are Bartender Jr with a drawer and everything.

  16. cause I have an abrasive personality and a bad fake smile?

  17. As a bartender, I rarely smile right away and if I ask what you want to drink when we aren't even busy, and you say "...ummmm" I ask the person next to you, go make the drink, print the ticket, wait for that person to give me their card, close the ticket, go grab a pen from the other basket, bring it to the customer, wait for them to sign, grab it, go enter my tip, then go back and ask if they figured out what they want yet. I'm 35 and look either angry or jovial (Big smile when actually smiling), not a small man. I swear the more of a grumpy angry bartender I am the more people tip me.

  18. Doesn't have to be fancy. I probably bought over $10k in one particular shot in my 20s that some bartender was fucking around and she asked me at 22 years old what I thought of her newest creation.

  19. I’ll bet that person worked at a 5 star Michelin place with Kobe beef and pithless lime wedges.


  21. My bar doesn’t carry Patron, we have 10 other kinds of tequila (were a dive). The long sighs and exaggerated eye rolls I get when people order Patron and I tell them we don’t have it…

  22. Tell them to do so. Easiest money any bar ever makes is shots of Patron

  23. Reminds me how I recently started a new job and practically all of my coworkers were sick when I came in to train. I get it. It probably wasn't their choice to come in, but I'm disgusted by a work culture that encourages their sick employees to come in and serve food. Now I'm sick with COVID from that place and I'm starting a different job as soon my quarantine ends.

  24. Last night a customer walked in with a packaged covid test. I assumed he was taking it home to a family member and stopped in for a pint. He bought a beer, sat at a table, did the test and finished the beer while waiting for the result and then left a positive test on the table. Top bloke.

  25. They basically didn’t believe anything I said and treated me Like I was the problem. The past four months I’ve constantly had some kind of ailment and I just think they started to think I was a POS, although it was all real.

  26. Tbh it's hard to blame them though. Most service industry folks, once they start showing patterns of "Slowing down" or "Not caring", etc... They are usually spiraling out of control at that point.

  27. In a snotty tone, the server said, "So do you want this fixed, or would you like another whole steak cooked which is going to take a while?"

  28. You sound like you need to have a moment like that Christmas movie where you can view yourself from above, watch yourself interact with others, etc. I'd imagine something in your tone changed your server's vibes a bit, and how they said what they said, and how you perceived it... They meant well and asked an honest question.

  29. why did you get a new steak instead of just having them toss it back on the grill for 4 minutes?

  30. Carbonara with cubed up bits, maybe pan fry up some slices like a pork belly? and have a sandwich with fresh tomatoes, put it on pizza, wrap slices around cheese sticks and make garlicky cheesy bread.

  31. I prefer to flip the ass cheek of both men and women, so long as they are in shape. I flip the one on the side I'm trying to get around them on.

  32. Ok. Pause. Ain’t no one been in a car wreck where they totaled their car and air bags were deployed and made it to work on time. That’s bullshit.

  33. Totaled two cars at right $100k msrp in my days as a sales manager. both leased with built in gap insurance, both not driven by me.

  34. Because in perpetuity... If I keep letting sober women drive my cars and total them vs me driving drunk and arriving home safely, I'm going to run out of insurance companies to choose from and will be forced to use ride share

  35. This is reddit. You're going to a gulag for posting a pic of 6 men, and 4-5 being White.

  36. Last night just as I was hitting 15 hour work day we sat a 7, three 6 tops, two 5 tops, and another 6 tried to turn into a 30 but we ended up getting rid of them so we could sit a 15. And then filled every other available seat with 2 and 3 tops. All that was 15 minutes before close.

  37. I fucking hate expos/ conventions/ shit like that in small cities that absolutely fuck everything up for us. I get it , its good, literally what you'd want to see economically in any given area. But tough to get used to as you grow. I'm happy as all hell walking into a shit storm and staying in the weeds all night. But I hate nothing more than when it's a boring slow night and then something ends at 700 and from 8-9 you get in the weeds. I mentally checked out at 5:30 and was psyched to be off by 830. Will pay $100 to anyone to pick up the rest of my shift

  38. This doesn't solve the problem of having your top 20% of servers making 80% of the money while half the servers don't do a fucking thing because they don't have to. If it is all pooled, you're paying for people who don't do anything with the people who work really hards money. I get your point. Even thinking of that, there's always that loud obnoxious retard QB who just can't shut the fuck up, ever. She may be working along the guy who cooked 200 steaks one night because we were short staffed, and had ONE OD on a kids steak of all fucking things. He'd deserve 90% of BOH "Tipshare" that night. The whole rest of the BOH that night the rest of the 10 % leftover

  39. You can even get your point across by making them bartender for the evening. Not as dramatically different, but they relate to 90% of the job so it might hit them harder than placing them in an entirely alien environment where they laugh at their mistakes throughout the night as they fuck everything up as a line cook or break dozens of dishes and don't actually clean any of them.

  40. I work at a country club and am literally asking people before they sit down what they want. The members are used to it, but guests get really bothered by it. I, for the record, always feel weird about it.

  41. I've always been asked and always have asked anyone within eye contact+loud voice= perfect communication if I can get them something to drink. Even if a server had high tops I'd just catch her as she greets them with 3 full beers

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