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  1. Was this a one off comment or does he not realize how much money good cocktails and a great bartender adds to the bottom line?

  2. >Ive had to ask people to rearrange meetings/phonecalls becuase no, I cannot do them at 9 in the morning.

  3. lmao 19 seething whiners. I promise you will be totally fine if the one day per year or three you have a phone meeting with someone at 9am, you WILL live if you set your alarm to buzz after 3 hours of sleep, then go to sleep after. Or even if you stay awake. Holy shit people, quit being so pathetic. God damn half of you probably stay awake until 10am, up to all sorts of shenanigans, a couple times a month anyway

  4. For years.... YEARS my family loved to do Sunday dinner. It was awesome, but I always had to annihilate my food and get on my way for my night shift. I begged and begged for an occasional Sunday Brunch so I could digest some food and stay around for some conversation.

  5. Sad because I've worked both schedules and Brunch is king either way. I capitalized it because I truly believe Sunday Brunch is the best fucking meal of the week, no matter how you shuffle the cards.

  6. Did you ever figure this out? Went to cut a cross section off the bottom of my porter house yesterday and ended the cut where the bone should be. Ate that, did it again, and then went to slide the knife down the bone itself and cut the little strip I had left that I thought was bone. Just went to pull the meat off with my teeth and the whole thing broke off. I cautiously chewed and the whole bit was just tender beef. The only bone on the whole thing was the very top

  7. To start, there are WAY better rums than what you listed, even at that price point. Malibu is just an abomination, and basically a lateral move from Boone's Farm but with slightly higher alcohol content.

  8. That’s funny because it took me 7 months to find a new bar to work at in Florida and then I was let go four weeks after starting because the guy who was sexually harassing me made a bunch of shit up and now nobody wants to hire me because it looks like I start places and then get fired every time I find a new job 😊 Fuck

  9. What next? The attack on the Capitol was actually antifa in yeehaw cosplay?

  10. Call me mean or whatever, but serving/waiting/bartending is demanding enough work, but its easy. I'm a bartender, I don't smile at anyone for 70% of some shifts, and make more than 20% every single night I work. I do try to make sure they get what they need for a good night.

  11. Everybody has different skill sets and different levels of tolerance for bullshit and abuse from guests. Also, every restaurant is different. Every management team is different. The fact that your gig feels easy, doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone else’s gig is also easy and they just can’t handle it.

  12. Sure they are not all the same, I grant you that. But I'm saying that literally your only job is to make people drinks or bring them food, and try to look happy while you do it. Sure there's sidework or whatever but you get what I mean. You get asshole management in any field, you get different clientele / customer bases in any field, some worse than others. That's all universal.

  13. I work at a LH and our dishwasher has his ear buds in and loudly screams songs he's listening to but replaces the words with something like "SCRUBBIN FUCKIN' DISSSSHHHESSS, YEAAAAHHH"

  14. me telling my tables it’s last call 30 min before actual last call

  15. Me telling servers 86 salt and sugar rims, it expired after millions of years of shelf life. Also 86 fruit/garnishes, and sadly the blender broke so no blended drinks. Now fuck off I'm washing bar glasses and cleaning this bitch

  16. I bartend at a LH. If I work open to close on a weekday I'll make between $350-$450. Lunch is just glorified serving while making a few drinks. As far as servers go, we have one guy who closes every T/F/S and once ever month or two he'll leave with $500+. The difference between him and other servers, though, is that I appreciate working with him as a bartender who has to wash all the bar glasses and clean/shut down the bar . The reason for this is because he is ALWAYS willing to talk that late straggler table, and will even take them in my section if I'm trying to get caught up. He will often make $150 on those 2 tables that walk in with 15 min til closing. I've never been a server but judging from the mumblings as they check out it sounds like they make $80-$200 per night

  17. So I wonder if that's something that for people less multiculturally experienced is a phenomenon of racism too? Like, literally just a basic instinct gone haywire of 'that human does not look like anything I currently actively associate with me oh god' and then leads to the basis of racial bias in a similar mechanic to the uncanny valley?

  18. I don't get uncanny vibes from blacks because they don't even look similar to me. Darker skin, entirely different facial features, different smell, different sound, everything.

  19. Because bartenders treat servers like second class citizens and if you dare correct them or say anything when you fucking know better they can have your ass in some places.... I'm a server and I have to bring people.drinks I know are wrong bartenders fuck up and cost me tons of tips all the time and I can't do shit about it.

  20. Granted I live my life by the principle of arguing only when I'm sure I'm 100% sure... I can't imagine a bartender who would just dismiss what others say while being wrong. The reason I say that is because if you aren't 100% sure, you know it. You'd probably take into consideration when someone pipes in with some advice even though they usually don't talk at all. I feel like you're being hyperbolic here

  21. Yeah I bartend at a chain place. They clearly don't test at all when it comes to knowledge on selling alcohol. Or like anything about it. At all.

  22. I bought my college gf some brand of shoes that nurses in general absolutely loved for Christmas. She was so happy. I can't remember the brand though. They were like $150 and every nurse knows them and swears by them. I think that's what you want

  23. You want to make an influence? Work on your draw. When folks go there to specifically see you over other bartenders or the club, that's influence. And it's influence you can bring to the next bar you work at as it's YOUR draw, not the clubs.

  24. Based. This man is correct. And if you learn basic flair, nothing special just shit like thumb rolls that you can turn into second nature, and you also learn how to provide the best service to the best customers on a consistent basis, you'll be formidable. I always recommend being "The guy" to that mid to late 20's single guy with lots of money and who has a new girl every other night. That was me a few years ago. I literally just gave the bartender my card after a while because I was addicted to the Irish good bye and had to go figure it out on sunday mornings. But I did that because they let me bring a new girl in every couple days and were able to not fuck it up for me by asking stupid questions, while simultaneously helping me enjoy my date by letting us get drinks the second we walked into an overpacked bar on a saturday night.

  25. If you can, just figure out if 50% of the staff has been there for a couple years or more. If they all know each other and are all still there, then it is likely a solid place to work. It won't be perfect, people will still btich and drama will happen, but it's got to have pretty solid people for them to work together for so long

  26. Thing is tho... and I think I speak for some of us... I'm a much better bartender than server.

  27. I should try serving for a night just to see how I do. I'm a solid bartender (Many are probably better but it's always been a second job for me), and I generally like being able to talk my shit to the adults that are at the bar and occasionally give the kid who has cool parents that let him sit at the bar his chocolate milk in a moscow mule cup. Never actually tried serving. I think I'd hate it tbh.

  28. Short answer is yes. However, do not write Cash in the tip line.

  29. I think another thing worth saying is, WE know what a good tip is. Because a good tip isn’t just purely on the % relative to the drink. But I genuinely think some customers are convinced what they are giving is a good tip, but because people are so awkward s about this stuff, they’ve never realized what standard tips are. So they don’t know that everyone around them tips just as well or better. That and many customers don’t realize tips can add up quickly and we can make bank.

  30. We had a wedding party where the bride's father had to have Black Velvet. Almost no one on our staff knew what it was. One of our stock guys managed to find a single bottle and get it up to the bar. It had become kind of a deal at this point because of how insistent the guy was. People wanted to know if it was some really nice top shelf whiskey or something. The answer they got was, "Well, the handle is plastic..."

  31. I had a cowboy/rancher older dude sit down at the bar and order a BV & Coke. I said we didn't have that but we do have Pendleton, CC, Seagrams, and Crown.

  32. And like that, someone forgot to order limes yesterday. I shouldn't have tempted fate.

  33. I fucking hate this commie website and the people and bots on it but you are real and I really love this. I treat the kids with the balls to come up to the bar better than anyone else at the bar at that time. I address them as Sir and Ma'am. I run to the back to get ice cream if I think they will enjoy their experience more for it. All for no tips if they come from a table in the dining area. Just appreciating the small percentage of people who have their kids interact with people, and the kids who do.

  34. you are retarded for being so excited about finding out how the logistics of a ticket works

  35. What in the god damned fuck, I haven't laughed at anything on this commie website in years. I chuckled heartily and will be ordering one tomorrow

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